The little girl stared at her parents wistfully, her eyes clouded with unknown things. She remembered that when she had something appear out of her palm, her parents screamed and dragged her away from the sharp weapon, claiming it dangerous. She, however, felt a sense of familiarity, a sense of safety radiating from it; she felt drawn into the bladed weapon.

Now, her parents were discussing about sending her away.

The child looked in wonder at the variety of swords and such, but he didn't feel anything with them, unlike what he had felt with the rapier, which had appeared from air. He felt a strand of connection with it, as if the rapier wasn't just a scrap of pretty metal, but a long-lost friend. The rapier itself wasn't anything special, but it seemed to emit a light green aura, if the boy looked hard enough.

She smiled, dimples showing. The pinkette waved at her parents excitedly, showing off what she had just conjured out of nowhere. It was a metal fan, its edges sharp. It had patterns of sakura blossoms on it, and a string dangled from the handle of the fan.

They smiled, appreciating it, but deep inside, they knew that trouble was going to brew.

The boy stared at the glowing katana. His cerulean eyes followed the sharp blade, onto the hilt. There was a glowing red sphere embedded on it, seemingly pulsing and glowing with life. His parents looked over, confused by which he had suddenly stopped walking.

They gasped in shock and horror at what they saw.