Honestly, Miko wasn't even sure why and how she landed herself in such a... predicament. Well, yeah, she'd lied to Kira, but well, it wasn't anything big, right? Just a casual white lie, a little slip of tongue (?), which didn't really do much harm other than the fact that those girls wasted their energy climbing to the roof (they deserved it, Miko added after thinking).

So why was she stuck in this stinky room, preparing for her big duel or-whatever-the-shit-it-was-called? Ah wells, let's not think about that. Now. I feel like kicking those guys out of the room. Which of course, includes Mio. "...And try not to kill her, or get killed. It wouldn't do us any good, attracting attention. Are you listening to me, Miko Kasumi?" Mio's words snapped her back into reality, and the girl nodded sheepishly, tugging at one of her ponytails, even though she had completely no idea what her friend was talking about.

"You guys are already attracting attention, yeah? What with all your elements and stuff," S..suzuki something-or-whatever-his-name-was muttered, and Mio shot him a sharp look, in which he returned with a blush (covered up by his hand, ofcourse, but Miko could still se it). How weird. People are all weird, I suppose. Mio is weird, Haruto-kun (yes, that was his name) is also weird, Kira is weird, Grandma is weird...and am I forgetting someone here?

"Oh, both of you just shut up already." Ruka yawned, faking a look of boredness, even though on the inside, he was freaking out. He couldn't really understand why, though. It wasn't as if he was the one going to duel; it was Kasumi Miko. "So uh...Kasumi-san?"

"Miko." The black-haired girl cut across, her eyes lighting up for whatever weird reason. (Ah yes, it was...Ruka-kun!) Ruka fidgeted, looking uncomfortable when he was told to call her by her first name. "Uh...Mi...Miko? Well, I guess, do your best? And ah, don't...let what Haruto say get to you. He's an idiot."

Haruto protested violently to that ("I'm not an idiot!" "Oi, don't ignore me!"), while Mio simply hmphed and rolled her eyes.

And Miko grinned at the boy, feeling somehow glad that at least someone wished her luck, for that had never happened to her before.

Ah...yes, Ruka is weird, too. In good way, I guess.

Kira smirked, drowning herself in the crowd's cheers as she stepped out. Dueling was always so exciting - it brought a certain thrill, and her blood rushed faster than before, as if trembling in excitement. Her attention was attracted to the other end of the fighting grounds, where a petite black-haired girl appeared along with the 'boo's of the crowd.

How exciting. How simply thrilling. I would love to see her blood stain the grounds. Perhaps I shall play with her for a while? Even though I have heard rumors that she controls many elements, she must still be new at this. Easy win for me. Kira shivered in enjoyment, simply drooling at the thought of destroying the girl.

"That girl kind of...disgusts me for no reason." Mio commented from the stands, sipping a cup of green tea. She watched the liquid swirl around in the cup, and sighed. Haruto looked over in confusion, unable to go near her due to the massive crowd of fangirls.

"Someone's blood shall be spilt today." The girl commented, her gold eyes dark, before continuing her drink calmly, as if nothing had happened.

The umpire's whistle blew, and the two girls bowed to each other. Useless. That's girl's gonna be dead at the end of the day; at the very least, half-dead. Kira grinned darkly, and her dark aura seeped out and swirled around her, frightening all who could see it. Miko showed no reaction, and the brunette sniggered. Newbie indeed, unable to even see my aura. How useless. Let's play, shall we?

She waved her hands, and a small gust of wind blew towards Miko, but the girl showed no sign of dodging and took the attack head-on. A cloud of dust blew up, obstructing people's view; and Kira frowned, as the dust dispersed, showing no sign of the black-haired teen at all. Not there, nor there. Where could she be?

A sudden heat shocked her, and some of her (beautiful) hair burnt off as the brunette dodged the attack from air just in time. She growled up at Miko, who was floating and sighing, "Darn, I missed." H-how did she control two elements at the same time?! That's challenging, even for me... Shocked as she was, the brunette was still relentless in her attacks, blowing up another gust of wind at her while she floated up herself, concentrating to control the air. Miko twisted her body and easily avoided the straightforward attack, and let out a sigh of relief.

"Phew, that was close, ne!" She smiled cheerily and wiped some invisible sweat off her brow.

It was anything but close, however. Is she mocking me? How...dare...she! Kira gritted her teeth in anger and tried to calm down. Nothing good was going to come out of being riled up, she'd learnt. The brunette let herself down to the ground, and aimed a bolt of lightning at the girl. As the last time, Miko avoided the bolt, and stared down at Kira, confused about why the girl was throwing at her such futile attacks, and saw that her face had twisted into a dark smile. Suddenly realizing what was going on, Miko threw herself to the left, and the returning bolt scratched her thigh, leaving behind a dark red streak of blood and burnt flesh.

The crowd cheered for the first hit of the match that drew blood.

"I'm surprised you even figured what was going on, with that empty head of yours," Kira commented snidely, as she caught her lightning bolt and let it disperse into yellow sparks. Miko ignored the wound on her thigh and grinned. "Well, at least my head isn't as empty as yours. After all, an empty vessel sounds louder than a full one." She winked.

"Why you -" Kira's red eyes flashed at the tease, and she drew a symbol in the air. Miko watched in curiosity, still floating about. Dark energy released itself from the complicated symbol and curled around Kira like a snake. Kira stroked the darkness, even though her hand would pass through the matter. The dark energy seemed to hiss in satisfaction, and wispy strands of darkness escaped, heading for the audience, who shielded themselves with their powers, afraid of the darkness and Kira's anger, that was clearly visible now. After all, she never resorted to using this elemental power of hers, unless she was really angry. And no one had ever came out alive.

Miko only cocked her head in wonder.

Kira snarled at the girl's ignorance. "Kill her!" She commanded, and the darkness whooshed through the air, like an arrow, heading for the girl.

Ruka gulped, his heart in his throat. If the darkness caught her, she would be...

Much to everyone's surprise, the dark energy stopped inches away from Miko, and then vanished into nothingness, leaving behind only a single black scale that dropped harmlessly to the ground. In her hands was a pair of pitch-black blades that seemed to emit pure evilness. Students, and even teachers, couldn't help but move backwards, and only Mio, Haruto and Ruka were left watching at the front stands, them wanting to catch every single detail of the match. Everyone was crowding at the back, and even Kira couldn't resist backing away, but she quickly caught herself, stopping before she took another step backwards.

She sent a hurricane of water towards Miko in a last, futile attempt. The blades cut through the water, and Kira was left defenseless. In the blink of an eye, Miko was in front of the brunette and dust was flying behind her, and Kira could've sworn that the girl's eyes were swimming with madness and her smile was dark and crooked, before she felt a huge pain in her legs and blacked out.

When the thick cloud of dust finally cleared relatively, a fainted Kira greeted sights first. There appeared to be no wounds, but as the audience looked further, there were large purple bruises on the girl's legs. Just the look of them seemed to be too painful to bear, and some students looked away.

"Ehe, now that was fun, ne?" Miko's voice rang throughout the silent fighting ground. The girl grinned, tilting her head to the side, and turned her back to leave for the preparation room. As she left, the crowd erupted into cheers, people excitedly waving their hands about.

"Ah...glad that my premonition didn't come true – well, it was still half-true. I should go find that idiot." Mio sighed, and stood to leave, throwing her empty plastic cup into the bin on the way out.

In the bin, a figure caught the cup and stared at her for a good while before pressing his earphone to his ear. "I've found them."

"Baka." Mio smacked the top of her friend's head with a thick stack of papers. Miko glared back indignantly from where she was sitting, petting the bump on her head. "You nearly killed her, didn't you?" As Miko prepared to argue, Mio cut across her. "Don't bother, I could see signs of your healing power on her legs. Plus, you failed at cleaning up the blood. There were still splotches."

"Well I didn't kill her, did I?!" The raven-haired girl glowered, but looked away when the pinkette sent her a warning look. They remained silent for a while, before Miko spoke up again. "What's on your mind? I'm pretty sure that you didn't call me out here just to berate me."

Mio looked at her friend in shock, but the girl wasn't looking back up at her. Instead, she had a dreamy look on her face. Probably thinking about candy again. A small smile tugged at the ends of Mio's lips. "No, it's nothing," the pinkette unfolded her arms and pushed herself up from the wall she was leaning against. "I'm going back first."

I better not worry her about that stalker. It's been a while since I've seen her having so much fun, anyway.

"Sigh...Mio's such an idiot. As well as a bad liar. Still, I wonder who that stalker dude is...?" The raven-haired girl leant back against the wall, frowning. A list of suspects quickly turned up in her head, and she smiled darkly. If it's them... Miko popped a piece of bubblegum into her mouth and blew out a bubble, scratching her head. We'll see what happens then. No point worrying over the future.

Because it's already decided for us.