Wow. It has been a LONG time. I guess I should apologise to those who were waiting for an update. The update: I just deleted the stories you were waiting for. Sorry. Actually, maybe I should explain myself.

You see, I was writing a LOT. I was really getting into my characters and everything. Then I realised that right at the start of my story, the timeline was off. Crap. So... I scrapped Run. I scrapped Regret. Then I thought 'What the hell?' and scrapped The Falcon too.

Let me guess? 'WHY?! WHY?!' The answer? I decided that I didn't like my writing style. But don't worry; I very much became in love with the character's and their stories. The stories aren't 'gone for good'. I have re-written them all. In fact, they're much bigger now. MUCH bigger. The writing is better too.

Because I love my fans, I'm going to summarise the 'New and Improved'. First of all, I've turned them into a series. 'Limits of Life.' There are currently 8 books to my series, but I DON'T want to trick myself into starting another. Just to be nice, I'll give a list of the character's that get their stories told. You will not know a lot of them.

Sammy Hawk - Run

Harrison Samuels - Regret

Perry Green (Falcon) - The Falcon

Zahkane John (Zah) - Living a Lie

Leo Samuels - Son of a Hired Gun

Kim Samuels - Lost in Lies

Aaron Mathews (Detective) - The Shadow Hunter

Damon James - Coveted Blade of Envy

Yep, I'm way over my head with these. But I don't know if I'm going to post them...? Maybe I won't publish Leo or Kim's stories. So there's a chance that they'll show up on here... But I don't know. Please, let me know if you want more of my writing. I really want people to read these books, but I just don't know what to do.

PLEASE, don't give me 'Hater' comments because this isn't a story. I'm posting it as a story so that the message gets to my subscribers. Not that there are many.

And who knows? If you ask really nicely, you might get some of Limits of Life. We'll see.