A/N: as promised to a couple of people a Ket/Thirsk one-shot. Sorry it's taken a while, I love these guys (they were my first foray into slash after all), but I was stressing out over trying to find a good balance of interesting story versus, well smut, and then I remembered how ridiculous the storyline in Cherry Blossoms was anyway, so I gave up. So without further ado, here is the very unbalanced result.


Golden sunlight poured through the gaps in the blinds casting Ket's apartment in a warm glow. A low noise like a growl went up from the back of his throat as he arched up off the bed stretching the kinks out of his body.

'Mmmm, goood morning,' he practically purred when he rolled over and was met with Thirsk doing much the same as he just had; the guy arched his spine off the bed, taught with tension as a yawn rippled through his body. Ket's hand skimmed across the smooth skin of Thirsk's chest, brushing lightly over the broad patch of dark hairs below his belly button before catching on the far side of his waist.

With a grin firmly in place he rolled Thirsk towards him, bringing their bodied together hip to hip chest to chest. The blond punk chewed on his lip ring before he reached forwards and pressed his lips against Thirsk's.

The simple kiss quickly got out of hand. Thirsk's hand slipped around his spine, pulling them together, his grip seeking Ket's ass for more leverage as they ground against each other. Ket' could feel himself getting hard as they rocked, their hips driving to find the friction necessary to turn lust into something more.

Groaning, and with his hips still rolling against Ket's, it was Thirsk who pulled away.

'Nnn, I was late again yesterday, Ket, I need to go,' Thirsk's words were a husky breath against Ket's lips and the reluctance in his tone sent shivers to all the right place's in Ket's body. He grinned against the kiss, gave Thirsk's ass one last squeeze and rolled away from the big dark haired guy.

'You want feeding tonight?' Thirsk's voice called through from the "bedroom" part of the open plan apartment as Ket flicked the shower on. He stuck his head back around the partition, just to get a final look at Thirsk's lovely back before the other guy pulled his shirt on. He'd finished the other apartment a month ago, and technically Thirsk lived over there, although he spent about equal evenings here, maybe more this past week. But even though the only person likely to see him was Mera he still got dressed for the short walk between their front doors.

On paper they were unsuited for each other, not least of the reasons being Ket was a manual worker, whereas Thirsk wore a suit every day. And of course, the fact that they weren't each other's type; Ket liked pretty boys, and Thirsk liked girls. Although it hadn't seemed to make much of a different in the bedroom.

'Do I ever say no to yer cooking?' Ket called through to the bedroom and was met with a low rumbling chuckle. 'Yer coming out tonight? Just a couple, nothing big.'

'Not tonight; I told Mera I'd help her in the garden tomorrow,'

'Yer going out wi her or me?' Ket called and was met with another laugh and a brief 'see you later' as Thirsk went back to his own apartment.

Thirsk rolled his spine again as he went through to his own place, and headed straight upstairs and through to the bathroom. This apartment was sometimes confusingly similar to Ket's. A couple of times Thirsk woke up in the morning in the mirror image apartment and he'd panicked. Then he'd noticed the walls – or at least the pretence of walls; most of them slid or folded back – and the fact that the sun was pouring through different windows, and he'd remember that this was his place now.

He got into the shower to remove the dregs of last night's antics with Ket. He had enough sense of self-awareness left to laugh at the complete one-eighty his life had taken over the past few months. Stella was now his friend instead of his girlfriend, he had a bloody big tattoo down one of his arms, he was living in a minimalist apartment that even toned down from Ket's extreme version could only be described as a bachelor pad, oh yeah, and he was having sex with a guy – and not just that, it was Thirsk who was generally on the receiving end of things.

Sometimes life threw you curve balls, eh?

He dressed in his lycra, grabbed a bit of breakfast and headed downstairs for his bike to make the long cycle into work. The fact that his ass didn't ache as he rode out towards the business part where his office was based was both a relief and yet another sign that he had definitely moved into a different phase of his life.

'You ready to spill the beans yet?' Steve grinned as he came into their shared office with a paper tray of take-out coffees, he dropped one in front of Thirsk and the other in front of Mike's still empty space and went to his own desk.

'There's nothing to spill.'

'Rubbish. Bella saw you at the supermarket the other day; she said you were definitely shopping for two. Come on, man, you're the excitement in all our lives, so share the love.'

'Your life is not that boring, and yes I was shopping for two, I have done for two months because my landlord can't cook; food equals cheaper rent.' Which was stretching the truth a little, but Ket did give him cheaper rent, just not for the reasons Steve expected.

'Is it because you're worried about Stella knowing? I can ask Bella not to,' Steve trailed off as he saw Thirsk laughing as he shook his head.

'Stella knows. Look I am seeing someone, it's not that I'm bothered about telling you that, it's just… not that simple,' which was surely the understatement of the century.

'Not your usual type?' Thirsk laughed because that was definitely one way to put it. 'What, so you're dating a blond, big deal.'

'Blond… punk… tattoos… facial piercings...' Thirsk listed off and watched Steve's eyebrows rise a little higher up his forehead with each word.

'Bloody hell,' he muttered then his eyes darted to where Thirsk's new tattoo was hidden beneath his shirt. 'Guessing it's someone you met through your new landlord?'

'Something like that. Look, if it's still going well in a month I'll think about telling you more. Until then you'll have to get Stella drunk or learn water torture.'

'Recon you can buy a book on Amazon?' he chuckled and Thirsk was glad when Mike came in and the conversation switched to more mundane topics.

The subject of his now dubious sexuality was something Thirsk found himself thinking about quite a lot lately. Steve and Mike took the piss out of gay guys like any regular heterosexual male felt the need to do. Thirsk imagined that he had done it himself back when he had been dating Stella and been certain that it was only women he fancied. He knew that his friends insensitive joking did not mean that they were going to turn around and beat him up for dating a guy. But there were two reasons he hadn't told them: one, how the hell did you start that conversation? After they'd worked together for almost three years, he didn't feel like he could just announce it out of the blue, and even just dropping it into a conversation like the one they'd just had seemed amusingly ridiculous. The other reason, was that if Ket was going to get bored of him anytime soon he did not want to have to deal with his friends pointing out every guy and woman who looked at him on a night out.


Only Ket didn't get bored of him. Ket was as insatiable as Thirsk was, and another two months passed and Thirsk's apartment was more of an oversized walk in wardrobe than a place he really lived. Steve and Mike's pestering for information was getting more and more frequent and Thirsk still had no idea how to just drop into conversation that he was now more or less gay – because to even label himself as bisexual would imply that he was still interested in women, and right now he was only interested in Ket. He'd stopped going out as much with the two guys from work because fielding their endless questions was kind of exhausting.

Ket's friends took a bit of getting used to, but beneath the metal and ink they were good people. Plus they knew Ket was gay and with Thirsk, so it was nice to be able to not worry about getting in each other's personal space.

Somehow though he had run out of excuses not to go out. So it was a Friday and he was out with Steve, Mike and Bella. They'd been to a pub for a couple and now they were in a bar. Thirsk knew he had probably drunk too quickly, but that was to drown out the endless questions. He got enough of it in their breaks and lunch hour and he was seriously thinking about excuses to leave early.

His eyes caught on a blond at the bar as he drowned out the latest of Mike's attempts to get him to talk. Thirsk still didn't find guys attractive per-say, rather he now appreciated the male form a lot more, and this guy had a really nice back.

He turned around, caught Thirsk staring, and grinned.

Thirsk chuckled at himself as he realised he'd been checking out Ket without realising it. The guys was stood at the bar, leaning against it in a way that stretched out his spine and tensed his broadly muscled shoulders. He was stood on one foot, the other tucked weightlessly behind the first, and the stance made his ass look great in his straight cut Levi's.

'Back in a sec guys,' Thirsk called to the others without waiting for an answer, then he crossed the bar and leant over to give Mera a hug and a brief kiss on the cheek. The others he nodded at and/or shook hands with. Then he leant into Ket, letting his body just touch the blonde's and enjoying the thrill it still sent him being near this guy.

'Can I borrow you for a min?' he whispered against Ket's ear.

Ket turned and their faces were definitely too close, 'can't wait until we get home? Didn't know yer were into the exhibitionist shit, eh Thirsk?'

He just grinned, the thought of having sex with Ket anywhere was enough to dilate his pupils slightly and he took a deep breath to calm the faint rise in his blood pressure. He wrapped his hand around Ket's wrist, and urged him away from the others with an apologetic smile.

'Guys this is Ket, the guy that owns my apartment,' Thirsk made the introductions to his friends with a faint smile, but he could see Ket shooting him a more than slightly irritated look at the words he'd chosen.

'Ket, can you tell us about this mystery girl Thirsk's seeing? It's driving us nuts,' said Mike.

Ket did not look amused, the faint smile he'd been holding onto dropped into a frown and he turned and shot Thirsk a droll look.

'Seriously? They don't know? It's been three months.'

Thirsk gave a guilty look, but Steve was already talking, 'I know right, it's been three months and all we know is she's blond, with facial piercings and tatt…' Steve trailed off and looked at Ket a little more seriously. His eyes ran down the guy's clearly tattoo covered body and up to his dirty blond hair and lip ring. Then his gaze darted to Thirsk who was stood next to him, and he was definitely closer than necessary given that the bar wasn't that busy. Thirsk raised a single eyebrow, and he watched shocked realisation wash over Steve's face.

'You're gay!' Steve exploded, and about half of the bar turned around in confusion to stare at the outburst. 'Shit. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout,' Steve flushed bright red, doing a great impression of a mortified teenager as his eyes widened in shock, embarrassment, and concern as he glanced nervously from Ket to Thirsk, checking their reaction. They both gave a small shrug.

'What the hell are you talking about, Steve? Thirsk isn't gay, he was dating Stella for six years,' it was Bella that spoke up, as she looked between Thirsk, Ket and Steve with confusion.

'I am gay, or at least I'm seeing a guy,' Thirsk said with a shrug and stepped in closer to Ket, whose look of irritation had softened into a faint smirk of amusement. 'And don't worry Bella, Stella knows.'

'Woah, definitely did not see that one coming,' said Mike with a chuckle. 'So he really did save your ass to get into it, eh?' Mike snorted, Ket chuckled and despite himself Thirsk felt himself blush even though these guys had no way to know that most of the time he was the bottom of his and Ket's relationship.

'Thirsk's ass may be hot, but there ain't no one who's sexy covered in puke, blood and piss,' Ket chuckled and leant over to press his lips against the corner of Thirsk's lips, sucking slightly. 'I need to go,' he said and then leant round to whisper against Thirsk's ear, his hand skipped down Thirsk's spine. 'I want yer to fuck me later, so don't drink too much, eh?'

Then with a last wave around the table he went back to the bar and his group of friends. Thirsk sat down quickly to hide his sudden school boy rush of blood.

Thirsk's friends' eyes drifted from Ket's retreating form and back to Thirsk one by one, and their looks of incredulity were turned surprisingly comical by enough lager.

'So,' it was Bella who broke the silence. And then suddenly she was laughing, 'oh god, no wonder Stella's been getting that weird look every time I mention you. She's been laughing at me this whole time,' Bella whipped out her phone and her fingers started sliding between the keys as she sent a text to Thirsk's ex-girlfriend.

Mike and Steve were staring at him with entirely different looks on their face.

'So,' Steve was clearly fighting down the need to laugh, or say something stupid as he pressed his fingers together in front of his chest in some kind of mock imitation of curiosity, or a cartoon villain, one or the other. 'Anal, hey?'

That was enough to pull Bella's attention away from her phone, and she thwacked Steve across the arm, 'don't you go getting any funny ideas, Steven Manscott!'

'It's not funny, Thirsk apparently partakes in it, and he's fine,' Steve said with his grin still firmly in place.

'I don't care what Thirsk "partakes in", if you want to "partake in anal" then how about I shove something up your ass,' she snipped back.

'To be fair,' Thirsk spoke quietly despite the general hubbub of the bar they were in, but everyone's attention flicked to him in an instant and he raised a wry eyebrow as he paused. 'Steve would probably get more out of it than you anyway, Stella.'

Stella chortled, Steve shot Thirsk a less than impressed look and Thirsk just hitched his shoulders as he took another sip of his lager, 'just saying. I believe you brought it up, Steve.'

Mike was laughing silently and he caught Thirsk's eye over the top of the now bickering couple. 'Happy for you, man,' he mouthed and raised his glass in a silent cheers.

Thirsk was content to drink to that, although he made a mental not to slow down so that he could live up to Ket's expectations later. The thoughts sent a pulse of adrenaline down his spine, and he glanced at his watch despite himself; his friends might not be pestering him for details over his new relationship anymore, but he still found himself wondering how long he had to stay.

It turned out that after making the rather large revelation that he was in fact seeing a guy, and now technically bisexual if nothing else, that escaping his friends quickly was a no go. Even turning down drinks was difficult as his three friends tried to get him drunk so he would part with more details about how exactly he had discovered he was happy to sleep with a man. So it was gone midnight when he eventually escaped and started to text Ket to let him know he was heading home and find out where he was at.

Ket text back almost instantly – I'll be through the door 5 mins after you, your place? I'm out of clean sheets.

Thirsk had absolutely no qualms with his and Ket's sex life. The blond punk generally liked to be on top, and Thirsk had no problem with that, in fact it was definitely the opposite of a problem. That didn't mean that Ket's words from earlier weren't playing in a loop in his brain as he made it through his front door. He busied himself opening a beer and flicking through the nineties film reruns that dominated the late night telly.

His head darted round as he heard the tell-tale click and slide of his front door, and then Ket was stepping through in all of his glory. He looked slightly more dishevelled than he had done when they'd bumped into each other earlier. Then again dishevelled more than suited Ket, his tongue darted out over his lip as he crossed the room. He kicked his shoes off and draped himself over the back of the sofa, leaning down to graze his teeth down Thirsk's neck.

Ket made a low growl of appreciation in the back of his throat that was echoed by Thirsk as his hand came over the sofa to grate up Thirsk's stomach, dragging his shirt upwards.

'They made me drink shots,' Ket managed to make the admission sound like dirty talk as he growled it into Thirsk's ear. 'Apparently I looked too soppy when I came back from our conversation, means it's yer fault, bastard.'

'Oh yeah?' Thirsk mumbled back, his brain definitely not troubling itself to worry over fault as Ket's hands found his nipples. He tipped a last mouthful of beer to the back of his throat and dropped the bottle to the floor by the edge of the sofa as he twisted round onto his knees. 'Something you want me to do about that?' Thirsk muttered as his hand found the back of Ket's half shorn head and pulled their lips together.

'Nothing that a straight guy like ye could help me wi',' Ket mocked into the kiss. Thirsk chuckled and dropped his lips from Ket's running them across the faint stubble of his cheek and down his neck towards the defined ridges of his collar bones and the solid muscles of his pecs.

'I've not been feeling very straight at all recently,' said Thirsk, and then he decided that the back of the sofa was definitely in the way. He hooked his arm beneath Ket's and his other hand against his ass and he rolled them both back onto the sofa.

There was a time when Ket probably would have been able to resist that, but Thirsk had been spending a lot more time at the gym lately and his bulk wasn't just natural muscle anymore. That combined with the alcohol had Ket tumbling forwards with breathless laughter as they both thudded onto the sofa, Thirsk on the bottom and Ket half slumped over his chest and his legs still caught against the back rest.

The laughter quickly descended into heavy breathing as Thirsk's mouth found Ket's and his hands found more effective purchases. Clothes were discarded layer by layer, Thirsk's half-finished beer clattered to its side and a pool of larger spread out across the wooden flooring and was ignored.

Hands were everywhere, Ket was straddling Thirsk's lap, ass split and inviting to the hard length of Thirsk's cock that bobbed between them. Thirsk's fingers tugged at the decorated flesh of Ket's torso and worried the darkened flesh of his nipples. But after three months together he knew that as much as Thirsk loved to touch Ket, the petting didn't do much for the punk. So he ceased his exploration and let his hands skim down the blond's spine and then into the dark valley that concealed the ridged hole of his ass. He slid a first spit stained finger inside of Ket, and Ket groaned and arched his spine as he pressed down onto it. The sight of him on Thirsk's lap, his cock dancing so close to the inviting hole made Thirsk's mouth water. And then Thirsk grazed his finger over Ket's prostate, rubbing it how he knew Ket liked it, and the blond dissolved into panting moans as he thrust down, fucking himself on Thirsk's fingers.

Thirsk leant forwards and took Ket's mouth in his, and Ket nipped at his lips and panted into the kiss as Thirsk slid in another finger.

'I've been thinking of this all night,' Thirsk muttered breathlessly when Ket actually shouted out as Thirsk's fingers grazed his prostate again.

'Nnn, fucking… me too, shit. I dun know which I love more anymore, fucking yer is so dam good, but this…' Ket groaned, and stopped his thrusting, his hand slipped from where he'd been bracing himself against Thirsk's shoulder. He gripped Thirsk's dick and slid forwards to line himself up. Ket groaned wordlessly as he pressed himself down and the head of Thirsk's dick breached him. Thirsk held still, drinking in the sight of Ket impaling himself on his cock, and the languid swelling of desire and lust that was a burning pressure in his hips.

'Oh fuck, Thirsk,' Ket panted as he finally brought their hips flush.

Thirsk rolled beneath him, and Ket groaned at the friction inside of him. 'Move for me,' Thirsk whispered against Ket's ear. 'Fuck yourself on me.'

There was no chance in hell Thirsk would have ever have asked Stella to do something like that, even drunk. Then again, there was no way he would have fucked Stella on the couch either, definitely not with all the blinds open and the lights on.

Ket just gave a breathless laugh, braced his hands against Thirsk's shoulders and lifted himself up the length of Thirsk's erection. He slid back down at languid pace. Thirsk busied himself: his tongue worried the cords of Ket's neck, one hand indulged himself and slid over defined muscle, the other he dropped between them and wrapped around Ket's shaft. He palmed him in time with Ket's rising and fall, a pace which Thirsk knew was maddeningly slow, and yet he didn't mind at all as his body was overwrought with pleasure.

'Nnn, oh fuck, Thirsk, please…' Ket's plea was a breathless whisper, and Thirsk would have laughed at the loss of the guy's usual smug tone. But he was too far gone to care about anything other than coming now. He groaned and lifted them both from the couch in a juddering step.

Ket gasped as gravity and his own weight drove Thirsk even deeper inside him.

'Oh fuck,' Ket cursed and wrapped his legs around Thirsk's hips as each step jarred them closer together.

Thirsk released Ket over the arm of the sofa, with a dark chuckle, and Ket sprawled backwards, his ass way up above his head. He groaned as Thirsk pulled out and the strange angle put pressure against his prostate, then Thirsk drove back in, agonisingly deep and Ket panted as he lifted arched his hips farther up to meet him. And then Thirsk's hand was round his cock. Even drunk they both tumbled over the last edge, control dissolving into nothing as Ket's ass contracted around Thirsk and dragged Thirsk through into his own maddening release.

Ket let out a satisfied groan as Thirsk pulled out of him.

'Yer may want t' try that angle out yourself,' Ket was still breathless as he shimmied backwards so his knees were hooked over the side rather than his hips. Thirsk chuckled as he folded himself over to pull Ket's lips between his.

'Oh yeah?'

'And the lifting… fuck yer were so deep,' Ket stirred and picked himself up, he pushed Thirsk back to a standing position as he nipped at the bigger guy's lips, his smirk finally returned. 'Nnn, the idea of yer feeling me in yer stomach makes me hot,' Ket growled and he was clambering over the edge of the sofa now, teeth pressing against Thirsk's neck hard enough to leave a mark, and despite himself Thirsk felt a deep shimmer of rekindled pressure in the base of his spine.

Then all thoughts of round two were destroyed as Ket slipped on a highly un-sexy smear of cum on the arm of the battered leather sofa. Thirsk caught him, but Ket burst into fits of laughter as the bigger guy helped him clamber down from the edge and back onto his feet.

'Okay, so maybe in the morning,' Ket slurred when his laughter had faded.

'When you said you had shots, I guess you meant a few?' Thirsk was fairly drunk himself, but suddenly he was worried because he'd been pretty rough and that was never a good idea when Ket was too drunk to know his own limits.

'Like… five, chasers,' Ket waved his fingers between them and Thirsk winced, because for starters he should have realised that the only time the blond ever took direction during sex – at least the only time when he would without some kind of smug comeback – was when he was wasted. Ket hadn't seemed that bad when he got in, then again Thirsk realised his beer and lust addled mind had probably seen whatever the hell it wanted.

'Let's get cleaned up and go to bed,' Thirsk said with a weary sigh, because if nothing else there was no blood on his now definitely flaccid penis, and he'd just have to wait for the complaints tomorrow morning.

Ket was surprisingly compliant and affectionate though as they had a brief shower and fell into bed together.

'Nnn, don't yer think yer should just move back into my place,' Ket muttered as he draped himself across Thirsk's chest. 'Seems daft to pay two sets of bills.'

Thirsk laughed, 'have I mentioned that you say and do stupid things when you're drunk.'

'Hey, why's it stupid?'

'If you want me to move back in with you, just ask, don't tell me it's because of bills.'

'Stupid, open-minded, straight men dun get to make the rules,' Ket grumbled back.

'Hung up on that this evening aren't we?' Thirsk chuckled. 'Even after you were there while my friends found out about us.'

'Took yer long enough,' Ket was pouting and Thirsk just chuckled again and twisted round to press a kiss against his forehead.

'Whatever, Ket, let's talk about this in the morning, 'kay?'

Ket let out a sleep sigh as he nodded, then he turned over against Thirsk's arm and was asleep in moment.


'Ohmy-fucking-god, Thirsk, what the fuck did yer do to me?'

Thirsk groaned and rolled away from the far too loud growl of his boyfriend. He cracked an eyelid and too late remembered that they hadn't shut the blinds last night, the midsummer morning sunlight streamed through the numerous floor to ceiling windows and straight into his tender eyes.

This was why he didn't have sex with Ket when he was drunk, because the guy had no pain threshold when he'd had one too many. And Thirsk got the brunt of it the next day.

'I didn't realise how drunk you were, sorry,' Thirsk muttered as he pulled a pillow over his head.

Ket was having none of that, and he shuffled across the bed and pressed himself up against Thirsk. He tugged the pillow from over his head with nothing to soften the blow than his hangover haggard face.

'Oi,' Ket purred, his voice changed to a low rumbling. 'Yer know the rules, big guy.'

Thirsk cracked an eyelid and stared at Ket through one dark eye. He did indeed recall the so called "rules" Ket was talking about, what he didn't remember was agreeing to abide by them.

But that was beside the point. Because Ket's memory was crap when he was drunk, so there was no way in hell Ket remembered what had happened. He said as much to Ket.

'You fell down the stairs for all you know.'

Ket chuckled, 'down the stairs and onto yer dick, by the feel of ma ass right now.'

Thirsk stared into blue eyes, and really he didn't know why was objecting. For one the idea of switching for payback wasn't something he was against, and really, now he was a little more awake the thought of riding Ket like he'd been ridden was enough to make his breathing quicken. Ket's face, still distractingly close to his, twisted in Thirsk's imagination so that the blond's features were contorted in frustration as Thirsk rode him.

Then of course, there was the fact that there was no way Ket would be able to pick him up if he was actually feeling as bad as he was implying.

Thirsk suddenly wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed at that.

'Nnn,' Ket muttered and pressed himself closer, and now the look on his face wasn't mocking, but full of dark desire. 'Tell me what put that look on yer face, Thirsk. Fuck my sodding memory.'

Thirsk was damming Ket's memory too.

But talking him through it might not be so bad either.

He wrapped a palm against Ket's hip and pulled the blond over him.

'First of all I pulled you on top of me,' he whispered against Ket's ear despite the blond's bleated complaints at the sudden movement of his tender back. 'You rode my fingers like a greedy little bottom, as you told me how much you loved being fucked by me.' Thirsk's hands drifted down Ket's spine his fingers soothing the damaged muscles and skimming over his tender ass cheeks. 'You were so fucking desperate, and I loved it as you slid down over me…' Thirsk nibbled at Ket's neck, the blond's breathing was heavy in his ear, and the pressure nudging at his groin matched his own. 'I told you to fuck yourself on me, and you were so very obedient, Ket… until you begged me to fuck you harder.' Thirsk's fingers were ten points of pressure in Ket's ass. 'I picked you up, and you seemed to like it.'

'Oh fuck,' Ket groaned and his fingers tightened against Thirsk's ass as he slid his hands beneath them both. 'I remember that… I could feel yer so fucking deep,' Ket growled right back, his teeth grazing down Thirsk's neck. 'I want to fuck yer like that…' Ket rasped against Thirsk's skin. 'I want yer to feel me in every nerve, I want yer back to ache as I drive into yer, and I want yer to want more anyway.'

'I always want more,' Thirsk growled, and suddenly hangovers and aching limbs and backs were forgotten completely. There was only removing clothes and grinding against one another and working out how to get back down to the sofa as quickly as possible.

Then there was the sound of the door unlocking.

Meera stepped through the doorway, and her eyes were full of wry amusement as she looked everywhere but at the couch and the two naked men pawing each other against it.

'Erm, morning guys,' Mera chuckled.

'Since when does she have yer key? Why the fuck did yer give her yer key,' Ket bleated, scrabbling away from Thirsk and dropping to his knees on the far side of the sofa, despite the fact that his 'modesty' was mostly concealed by Thirsk and the back of the sofa anyway.

'Erm, I figured it was a good idea,' Thirsk mumbled back, still breathless and with his head and nerves still very much geared into 'sex' mode rather than talking to his boyfriend's cousin mode.

'Yeah, you figured right, exactly for mornings like this, when I'm pretty sure you've both forgotten that Gretchen and Mark are coming, in… oh fifteen minutes.'

Thirsk stared, because he recognised those names, he just couldn't quite work out…

'Fuck,' Ket swore and his nakedness was forgotten as he abandoned Thirsk on the sofa and sprinted up the stairs only to stop half way and fall to his knees with a groan and his hands pressed to the base of his spine.

Thirsk looked at Mera for clarification. And as Mera answered, he almost wished he'd remained in the dark, 'Ket's mum and dad?'

Suddenly Thirsk wasn't so bothered about his nakedness either.

'Oh fuck, how the hell did I forget?' Ket bemoaned as he scrabbled back into his clothes for the short dash back to his own flat.

'I have no fucking idea, but you can use your own dam shower,' Thirsk said as he pushed passed Ket.

Mera watched the whole thing from the doorway.

'Can yer run interference?' Ket asked as he brushed by her.

'Definitely a good plan,' Thirsk shouted down from his bathroom, glad for once about the lack of walls. Thirsk heard Ket running out as he jumped into the shower, set low to counter any none-parent worthy thoughts he'd may have recently been experiencing. Downstairs he heard Mera setting his coffee pot going like the angel she was.

'Shit Thirsk, that's nasty,' Mera's voice floated from upstairs. 'The coffee's on but you can clean your own sofa, see you in a minute.'

Thirsk shouted an absent apology-come-thank you, as he finished the year's shortest shower and hopped into some clean underwear.

He did vaguely recall some conversation about Ket's parents coming to visit. What he did not recall was any actual dates being clarified. The other problem Thirsk had as he stopped in front of his wardrobe and tried to work out what the hell to wear, was that now he stopped to think, he had no idea what he was dressing for.

Thirsk and Ket had never really clarified what exactly was going on between them. Sure there had been a three months of next times and Thirsk was also pretty certain Ket was treating the relationship as exclusive. Then there had been a few drunken comments, but nothing concrete in the sober light of day.

So was he supposed to be meeting Ket's parents as the punk's boyfriend, or his tenant? Thirsk tugged on the only already ironed shit in his wardrobe and a pair of clean jeans. The fact that Ket hadn't mentioned anything about today didn't even necessarily mean anything either way, because he'd clearly just forgotten about it, rather than necessarily not telling Thirsk.

He went down to the kitchen and poured himself a mug of coffee as he found something to clean the sofa with and opened a few windows to air the place. He popped a couple of pain killers just to take the edge of the pressure in his head that had decided to make itself known. With a last look towards the front door he decided that either way he probably didn't have to turn up right away, and he more than likely had time to make a bacon sandwich.

He was halfway through said sandwich when the thunk of a cursory knock momentarily preceded the sound of his front door opening.

'Yer died in the shower, Thirsk?' Ket called as he stepped through the front door. His look of wry amusement turned to mocking outrage as he saw the half-finished sandwich in Thirsk's hand. 'Why yer sneaky little bitch,' he growled as he stalked across to the kitchen, he grabbed Thirsk's wrist and tugged the sandwich down so he could eat about a quarter of the dam thing in one bite.

'Hungry are we?' Thirsk grumbled with a faint smile, and then he noticed the other people that had followed Ket into his flat. They were staring at them with blatant disapproval.

'Oh sorry, I didn't realise you'd arrived, I'm Thirsk,' Thirsk said with a slightly disapproving look in Ket's direction as he shoved the remainder of his breakfast into the blond's hand, wiped bacon residue from his fingers and crossed the room to shake hands with Ket's parents.

Mark and Gretchen Madison-Kettleness were not at all what Thirsk had expected. He wasn't really sure why, because with a surname like theirs they were almost guaranteed to be upper-middle class office workers, it was just… well Ket was not like that at all.

'So you're Henry's new tenant,' said Mark in perfect Queen's English as he released Thirsk's hand. The statement wasn't really a question, and the tone wasn't really approving, Mark's eyes caught on the edge of Thirsk's tattoo, just exposed by the shirt cuffs he'd pushed back to protect from bacon grease. Thirsk didn't quite dare risk a glance at Ket for clarification about how exactly he was supposed to answer that.

'I don't suppose Henry asked you for a reference, or a guarantee, or even a deposit,' Samantha sighed as she stepped away from the door to cast disapproving gaze over the rest of the flat. Her eyes were the same startling blue colour as Ket's, and Thirsk supposed she might have been pretty if she hadn't looked like her head was so far up her own ass.

Thirsk finally turned back to Ket. The blond was leaning against the breakfast counter as he polished off the last of the sandwich. He had a look on his face which Thirsk recognised all too well; a kind of expectant smirk. Thirsk rolled his eyes at the guy and turned back to the parents.

'Actually, I'd say the seven thousand pounds I put up towards renovating this place more than covers a deposit,' Thirsk said with the same patient smile and tone of voice he reserved for the most troublesome clients at work. 'I had someone at work draw up a contract for to cover any legalities. And if Henry wanted to see my accounts all he had to do was ask.'

'Yeah because I've seen yer ridiculous spreadsheets and they make so much sense,' Ket chuckled under his breath as he helped himself to the ready brewed coffee. 'Mum, dad, yer want some? It's pretty fresh.'

'I could've made you a version for the numerically illiterate, I designed it for work, it has colour codes and everything,' Thirsk shot back as he held out his mug for a refill.

'I'll take a tea if you have it, what is it you do Thirsk?' asked Gretchen. The utter contempt in her tone had softened marginally to something like mild distaste.

'I'm regional head of accounting for Marius, Morel and Sons.'

Ket had never loved Thirsk quite as much as he did right then. If he'd planned this he didn't actually think it could have gone any better. Because even Ket had heard of Marius, Morel and Sons, and Thirsk had never really looked like an accountant, even before he'd got himself a tattoo, brought himself some clothes that actually suited him, and spent four nights a week in the gym. The matching looks of incredulity on his parents' faces were priceless.

Almost as good as when Thirsk leant in to press a kiss against Ket's cheek as he took his refilled coffee mug.

'So, would you like a tour?' Thirsk said brightly as he turned back to Ket's parents.

'Yer know, I don't think I've ever had a boyfriend they actually approved of,' Ket said as he came back into Thirsk's flat when he'd finally waved his parents off a couple of hours later.

Thirsk was lying lengthways across the couch, and Ket propped himself on the back to stare down at the guy. An eye appeared from under the arm cast across Thirsk's face.

'Is that what we are then? Boyfriend's?' Thirsk asked, and the label felt ridiculous, yet there was nothing else really appropriate.

Ket chuckled and dropped a hand down to dust across the slice of abdomen that had been exposed by Thirsk's shirt.

'Of course, what did yer think this was?'

'I don't know, we never really said.'

Ket dropped his head to one side, and considered Thirsk for a moment. Then with a grin he clambered over the back of the sofa and lay along Thirsk.

'I thought you didn't remember last night?' Thirsk asked when Ket was stretched out against him.

'Bit's o' it've come back to me,' Ket muttered. 'Dun worry, I remember the important parts,' Ket smirked, and then laughed softly again and lowered his head to take Thirsk's lips between his teeth. 'Seriously though, Thirsk, what did yer think was going on here?'

'Erm, I…' Thirsk trailed off because what he'd been going to say was suddenly ridiculous, and having Ket stretched out on top of him was actually pretty distracting.

'Did yer really forget?' Ket breathed into Thirsk's ear and the tips of his fingers were back at the flesh at his waist, only they were drifting upwards now.

'Forget what?'

'Yer did… yer memory is worse than mine, bastard,' Ket growled, his fingers tightening as he rolled his hips to build pressure between them. 'I told yer I loved yer, and yer went and forgot, didn't yer?'

'Oh,' Thirsk mumbled, because he definitely hadn't forgotten that conversation; he'd just thought it had been a dream.

'Yeah: oh,' Ket purred in Thirsk's ear. 'So yer my boyfriend, and if yer have some kind of problem with that, then yer can take it up with me after I've given you yer punishment for forgetting.'

'Punishment?' Thirsk breathed.

Ket lifted his weight from Thirsk with a smug grin, 'yeah, now turn over.' Hand were at his hips and Thirsk flipped over to lie on his stomach across the cramped confines of the sofa.

'I thought you were still recovering from last night?' Thirsk said between anticipatory breaths as Ket tugged up his hips and reached beneath him to release his jeans.

'Ever heard of ibuprofen?' Ket's words whispered against the now exposed flesh of Thirsk's ass cheeks. 'Now shut up and let me remind yer how ace it is being loved by a guy.'

And with that Ket's tongue slid down the valley of Thirsk's as and his hand wrapped around his already half hard cock, and by the end of the afternoon, Thirsk was thoroughly convinced.

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