Chapter 3- Misunderstandings, Shiny Blonde Hair, and Parties

It was free period. I was sitting on the grass, reading a book.

And I was hating every second of it.

Why?, you might ask. Why? Why? Because every single person excluding Ivy were giving me nasty looks.

And I didn't even have Alyssa to comfort me. No offense to Ivy, but she wasn't that good at comforting and now certainly wasn't such a time she started improving.


My head snapped to look at... Oh. Well, wonders of wonders, miracles of miracles, idiosyncrasies of idiosyncrasies, James, aka. Jake, Miller was talking to me!

"What?" I snapped. "Are you here to reprimand me on my 'home-wrecking ways'?"

Jake shifted. "I actually have to reprimand you about something else."

I set my book down. "Fine." Gesturing for Ivy to guard my book, I stood up. Ivy shot me an anxious look, and I sent a telepathic message of It's fine. to her.

He led me around the school. As he slowly relaxed, I noticed that we were walking towards my dorm. The white door seemed looming now; maybe Nina was waiting behind it, ready to pounce on me... which was impossible since I saw her on the lawn a few minutes ago.

He opened the door. I scowled, because Alyssa had forgotten to lock it, entered, shouldering the door open when Jake didn't make any motion to hold it open for me.

He went straight over to my nightstand, and picked up the photo of Victor and I. "Why were you flirting with me when you have a boyfriend?"

Wow, he certainly didn't beat around the bush. Maybe-


He thought Victor and I were a couple.

Well, after all, we didn't look like family; different hair color and all.

But that's no excuse for his stupidity!

"How did you see that picture?" I asked, a grin stretching in my face.

"Nina showed me." His face was hard, but I could tell from his eyes that he didn't expect me to start smiling.

I burst out laughing.

I laughed for two minutes straight, and eventually I ended up on the floor.

I take the phrase 'rolling on the floor laughing' to a whole new level, don't I? After all, I've done it dozens of times before in my life.

"Why... are you laughing?" Jake's voice was cold, but I could hear an edge of curious in it.

"He... is not my boyfriend," I gasped between peals of laughter. Finally, it stopped and I lay still on the floor.

"If he isn't your boyfriend, why is he hugging you from behind?"

"Jake." I stood up. "Except for boyfriends and dads, what other males express affection to females?"


"Yes, and?" I made a motion with my hands for him to continue.


"You're missing an obvious one here."

"What is it?" Jake's voice was impatient.

"Brothers." I drawled, walking slowly over to the picture in Jake's hand, and plucked them from his. "Victor here, is my brother."

"He's Victor Smith? He's really famous around campus for his football skills."

"Yes, the classic jock. He's my brother."


"You what?" I taunted, smiling.

Jake stormed out of the dorm. I could see his red cheeks.

I snorted, disgusted at the thought of Victor and I as a couple. Incest. Repulsing.

And yet so believable, apparently, from that picture.

A name floated into my brain, suddenly.

Nina freaking Levesque.

I need to go kill her. Now.

Actually, somewhere public will be good. Maybe at the cafeteria, then.

The... whispers... were getting extremely, extremely annoying.

Very irritating, in fact.

Bah. Perfect Victoria Smith. I'll shoot them all.

Grinning to myself at the thought of it, I shifted myself back to reality. Ivy and Alyssa were in some deep discussion about shoes-fascinating, I know! ...That was sarcasm.- and I felt annoyance rising in me yet again when the whispers bobbed into my line of thoughts yet again.

Nina's blonde hair was shining a few meters away, and she was sitting with her best friend Courtney and a few other to-be-cheerleader airheads. I stood up, and felt the air grow with animosity when the cafeteria fell silent. Walking rigidly, I reached Nina's table after a few moments of unbearable silence.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled, slamming my hands down on her table. Nina jumped, and turned around swiftly.

"What?" she smiled innocently, when she saw me.

I took a deep breath. "Spreading rumors about me? Just because you're jealous that I was popular? I never thought you were that petty, even though you were extremely stupid! You are insufferable and frivolous and even more petty than I thought! You know full well that the rumor isn't true since I don't freaking recall any event similar to that!"

A few seconds of silence.

Nina laughed.

She laughed.

She laughed.

Her entire posse stood up with their trays and left the table, ignoring me.

Ooh, those biscuits.

In fact, I'm going to pull out the swearing big guns.

Those motherheckers! Ugh! Unbelievable.

I stiffened, and walked back rigidly in silence to my table. The cafeteria was silent too, watching me.

Such vultures. Hunting for any scrap information that might put a stain on my pristine reputation.

Well, not so pristine now.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nina had put them all on cue; imagine it.

"All right, people. When she, aka Victoria Smith, stands up to confront me, which she probably will, go silent. Not a squeak out of you. When she walks back, silence. Then start talking about whatever you losers talk about when she sits down. And if she does anything embarrassing like spill milk on herself or if someone dumps their tray of food on her, laugh really hard. Do your best to unnerve her." Pause. "All right. Assembly done."

The very thought of it was ridiculous.

And probably insane.

Alyssa and Ivy were watching me, worried.

I felt my eye twitch.

Alyssa burst out laughing, and Ivy snorted.

Gah! Stop laughing! I yelled mentally, trusting that Alyssa and Ivy would get it from best-friend-telepathic-connections.

Your-your eye twitched! Alyssa replied mentally.

You looked so ridiculous, Ivy commented.

Oh my god! Even telepathically they were so annoying.

Or maybe I was just making it up since Alyssa was still laughing and Ivy was attacking her lunch.

I shrugged, and began to devour my own-grey- food.

"Nina?" My voice sounded so loud in the night. I shifted over in my bed, trying to see Nina.

"What?" she snapped. Crabby as ever.

"It's on."

It's funny how social hierarchy worked. One second you could be popular as ever, and the next you could be everyone's sworn enemy because of a measly rumor.

A measly, powerful rumor, that is.

I held my head high and walked through the corridors, ignoring people's stares. It's just a rumor! Why are they being so... so insufferable?

Suddenly, a clamor from the front of the hall pulled me out of my thoughts. Apparently, it was the same for the others and we all looked forward, trying to get a glimpse at the commotion.

A blonde girl was holding a stack of papers and everyone was trying to grab one. She was shouting something. Frankly, the scene looked like a bunch of flamingoes trying to get some food. Plus, some guy was wearing a pink shirt, and a girl was wearing a skin-tight pink leotard (I have no explanation for that), which added to the effect.

Ha, I was a writer and didn't know it.

"Hey! Hey! It's invitation only, and all the invitations have different people's names on them! Not yours! So you won't friggin' be able to get in!" she yelled, trying to avoid their hands.

Seeing that she needed help, I strode forward and stopped when I was by her side. Everyone immediately pulled back, glowering at me, and the girl grinned with relief.


"You're welcome," I replied, glancing at the stack of papers. They were the creamy white type, the ones hotels use. We started walking.

"I'm Kimberly," she said, smiling. "I would shake your hand, but..." she shrugged helplessly.

I laughed. "No worries. I'm Victori-"

"I know," she said. She gave me an easy smile, surprisingly.

I raised my eyebrows. "Aren't you worried you'll get shunned since you're with me?"

Kimberly snorted. "Nah. I don't care. I have my real friends with me. And besides, I firmly believe that the rumor is false and made up by some jealous girl."

I pressed my lips into a thin line, trying not to laugh. "Actually, you got it spot on. She was jealous that I was showing signs of being popular, so..." I shrugged.

Kimberly laughed. "Well, huh." She held up the invitation she was holding in her other hand.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here," Kimberly said in a deep voice. I giggled, and peered at the envelope.

In dark, bold letters, it said, 'Victoria Smith'. Kimberly handed me the envelope, watching for my reaction.

Which was: What the fork!

I ripped open the envelope viciously. Inside, clearly marked, was Jake's name, his address, and the time and date of the party.

"Huh, that's weird," I remarked. "I didn't think Jake would invite me to the party."

Kimberly grinned. "Maybe this is Fate calling!"

I sighed. "Fate it is, then."

As Kimberly walked away, she yelled, "Dress nicely for Fate!"

I snorted.

My ears hurt. A lot. And I can still hear screams resounding in my ears.

No, no one invaded our school and shot everyone down. But, to me, what was happening was almost as bad as that.

Guess why?

Ivy and Alyssa got an invitation to Jake's party too.

That resulted in tons of screaming and discussions of what to wear.

Currently, my two best friends were sitting on my bed and comparing shoes. Again. As they had been doing for the past few hours, while I sat here and read a book. Unfortunately, their babbling still reached my ears and I failed to read more than a page at a time.

Think I'm being too harsh in describing their actions?

No. I am not.

I put down my book gingerly, and stood up. I have got to go get them something to wear... anything to stop that babbling. Anything.

"I'm so nervous, An," I whined into the phone. Nina shot me a look. She then resumed checking her nails and her dress for the party.

Anthony laughed. "You're Victoria Smith! Why are you nervous?"

I made a sound of annoyance. "I told you, this annoying girl spread a rumor about me and now everyone detests me."

"I haven't known you for nine years to know that no one can hate you." See? Anthony was so much better than Ivy at comforting.

"Psh. You're wrong. Said annoying girl does."

Nina shot me another look, knowing that the 'annoying girl' was her.

"She's just jealous!"

"She isn't!" I said with a laugh. "She's the stereotype popular girl..."

Nina growled. I ignored her.

"Yeah, but... ugh! You're so hard to comfort!" Anthony exclaimed.

"Shut up, An."

"I told you not to call me that, Tori! An sounds like the girl name Anne! Call me Tony, like everyone else does!"

I pouted, even though I knew he couldn't see me. "I told you, I don't like the name Tony, so I refuse to call you that."

"An sounds bad."

"So does Tony."

Anthony hmphed, much to my dismay.

"Just accept it..."

"Gah! Fine! Call me An!"

I smiled. "Thank you."

"Your deceiving tricks are horrifying."

"Hardly. They're useful."

Anthony exhaled. "Fine..." I heard some shuffling. "God, I really miss you."

"I miss you too, of course, but you just had to move to California."

"I told you, my dad had to, because of his stupid work."

"I know, right! It's too bad a lot of people don't remember you."

"Well, I did leave six years ago."

The door slammed open. Ivy and Alyssa bounded in, yelling, "It's time to go!"

"What's that?" Anthony asked.

"Ivy and Alyssa."

I could practically feel him smiling.

"I gotta go, sorry, An!" I heard him try to get in a 'bye' before I hung up.

Sighing, I swung my feet off my bed. "Time to go to the party?"

Nina sneered. "I can't believe you losers were invited."

"Shut up, Levesque." I turned back to Ivy and Alyssa. "Let's go."

And that, we set off.

Fate, here I come.