I'm half-awake and this is probably a bad idea.

Here's a short story for you to read. Enjoy~

Once upon a time, there was a prince who doesn't want to marry, but his parents want him to marry anyways. Oh, did I mention, this prince is 5 years old, and his parents have mental issues- I mean...err...uh…

Anyways, the parents want him to be married to someone 15 years older than him. The princess of this farther land is 10 times richer than the prince's parents. But, it turns out that the princess likes cross-dressing and is actually a male in disguise. So, obviously the princess turned down the request.

The prince's father upon meeting the princess the first time fell in love with her...err...him. And the father ended up divorcing. But, that was a really bad idea; the mother threw him on the streets for rabid dogs to eat. The mother then cried over his death and re-married like nothing happened. The 5 years old prince was puzzled at the situation.

The new father was a poor man the mother found on the streets while throwing her previous husband on the streets. The new father was raised by rabid dogs. But it turns out that the new father was the old father, and he is seeking revenge by secretly disguising himself using a modern mechanism from the future. The mother was asleep and didn't see through his poor disguise. The father then threw the mother on the streets like how she threw him previously. God then descended from heaven and told him that he'll have 7 years of bad karma. The mother survived and ended marrying the princess...err...prince. The father thought that now his wife is out of the way, he can marry the princess...err...prince. When he got to her...his castle, he found his wife. His previous wife threw him out the window. And this time the devil descended...ascended from Hell and told her she did the right thing. Meanwhile, the 5 year old prince died of starvation. Anyways, the father didn't survive the fall, and the mother and the princess/prince lived happily ever after. The End.