Once upon a time, there was a princess, a prince, a king, and a queen. Now, you're probably wondering why the characters in my stories are all nobility. Well, that's because it's fun to re-use characters. Besides, making new characters would annoy the publishers (not that I have one) and it would cost an extra fee for the whole brainstorming session with Mr/Ms. I don't have a face (not that I do that.)

Anyways..."H-Help!" cried the prince as a group of illegal and illegally-armed immigrants surrounded him in the alley. He desperately hoped that his faith in God would now save him. Hearing his call, a "Deus ex Machina" figure arriv-...just kidding, that's too cliché. The prince died a slow and painful death from a bomb. Now, you're probably wondering why an explosion might be slow and painful, well, that's because the wait for the detonation is horrifyingly excruciating to the mind psychologically.

So half-heartedly continuing with the story, the immigrants decided that they will all pretend to be the prince, since they can't choose 1 person to do it. They all march towards the empire!

To be continued.

Continuing off from last time (which was 5 minutes ago)…The immigrants marched towards the empire.

oh, lunch break. Be right back

To be continued.

Continuing off from last time, the immigrants walked towards the empire! Suddenly a figure in a cloak screamed "HOW DARE YOU KILL SOMEONE!? YOU'LL HAVE 7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK!" One of the immigrants stopped the cloak figure, "...but we killed the prince."

The cloak figure then replied, "oh...is that so...nevermind then, be on your merry way~", as he walked out of the alley. The figure wasn't looking when crossing the street, and he got killed in a horse carriage accident. Blood spilled from the cloak but not the figure itself. The man on the horse carriage cried, "Watch where you're going, you're getting blood on my horse." Then, the horse went mad because it thought that there was ketchup on it. To calm the horse down, the man shoved Mustard down the horse's throat. It did not stop the horse from being wild, in fact, it made it worse. The horse rammed into a nearby tomato shop and the tomatoes flew to the cloaked figure making it look like a murder crime scene.

Anyways, the immigrants walked towards the castle from the alley way each dressed with one article of clothing from the prince on top of their ragged clothing from their home country. The medieval police came and stopped the immigrants, "did you see what happened in the accident?" One immigrant nodded and thus got beat up by the rest of the immigrants. The rest of the immigrants replied, "no." The medieval police, ignoring the violence in front of him, said, "well, the situation is, Jesus, or so we think the figure is, accidentally got killed in a horse carriage accident..." The figure stood up and began to walk away. The police continued, "...now we- HEY! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!" The police, now transformed into an army with tanks, captured the figure, "come with us obediently; you need to be crucified." The figure panicked and the army realized that the figure isn't Jesus. Using fridge logic, they have come to this conclusion, "if the cloaked figure isn't Jesus, then it should be...a witch!" wait a minute...didn't you say the figure was killed in that last paragraph. Oh right I did. He was killed and then revived in a mere 3 seconds. So continuing on, the cloaked figure was still crucified as a punishment. And the immigrants continued on their journey to the castle. Why was the prince so far from the castle in an alley? ...If I answered every question, this story won't be able to move on. Just think of this, everything defies logic here. Okay? okay.

Continuing on for the second time, or was it the third time...

The immigrants finally arrived at the castle! The king walked on the heads of the alligators, "my son, why you split into 7?" The immigrants replied at the same time, as trained, "I don't know what you're talking about, my father" The king then beckoned the immigrants inside. The immigrants cannot because there was water barrier with alligators. The king stared, "what are you doing, my son! Come inside!" The queen threw a watermelon at her husband, "Let bridge fall, so son can come." The princess repeated the actions of her mother, but this time the watermelon hit the king's stomach and he fell backwards towards the alligators he forgot to feed this morning. The queen then beckoned the immigrants to come in. The immigrants stood there with shock, the queen has slowly become an alligator and the princess became a pig. One of the immigrants in panic threw one of the other immigrants towards the princess. In retaliation, one of the immigrants threw that immigrant towards the pig. This continued until there was only one left. The last person threw himself- actually no, he fainted. The actual prince emerged from the castle listening to anime openings; it turns out that he's still alive. The 6 immigrants who got threw were fed to the queen and the princess for dinner. The last immigrant woke up. He found out that his fellow immigrants got eaten by looking at the sky. He calls it 'Sky Divination'. He cuddled himself as he cried out that he'll seek revenge!

To be continued….