This is Elizabeth "Lizard" Williams. The "love of her life", or so she claims, is a prince who goes to her prestigious school. However, Elizabeth wasn't the prettiest among her classmates who also shares the same desire. Because of this, feelings are one-sided...or at least she thinks so.

It was Valentine's Day today and Elizabeth wanted to make her feelings requited. She went to her school's guidance counselor and begged for a love potion. In turn, the drunken counselor gave her a bottle of wine instead. She took it happily since she was unaware of this mistake.

Elizabeth went and bought a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. She was hungry so she ate them all. Not the "love potion" though; it was too precious to be eaten...or 'drunk' for that matter.

Having skipped half of the school day (oh oops, I forgot to mention that...), she found her prince at the cafeteria (or how I like to call it, "Cafetorium"). The prince was dramatically rejecting every female and possibly every male in his presence. Elizabeth was thrilled that he hasn't 'directly' decline her affectionate offer. She closed her eyes, waiting for the prince to sweep her off her feet.


um...*cough*...SWEEP HER OFF HER FEET...


Elizabeth opened her eyes in annoyance and saw the most horrible sight imagined.

The "love of her life" was caressing another woman - Rosalina von Octopus, to be exact, half-octopus, half-human. She wrapped her tentacles around the prince's waist.

The air filled with love as the rejected bystanders adored the couple. The prince was hopelessly in love with that octopus and Elizabeth was puzzled as to why he chose Rosalina.

After all, "Love is blind", right?


Oh wait...the love potion!

Elizabeth quickly grabbed the bottle and discarded the liquid down the Prince's throat. The prince flushed and fainted gracefully. Thinking that the Prince is dead, Rosalina choked Elizabeth with her tentacles, "YOU LIZARD, YOU KILLED MY ONLY CHANCE OF BECOMING FAMOUS! MY BEAU IS GONE NOW AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" Rosalina's rage was clearly uncontrollable.

Elizabeth, unable to fight back Rosalina's abnormal strength, muttered "...p- prince..." and died.

Remembering that he has a tolerance for alcohol, he woke up. He saw Elizabeth lying at his side. Rosalina, realizing what she has done, grabbed the prince's arm gently, whispering "I love-" The Prince whacked her face away and hugged Elizabeth, "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE? ALL I WANTED WAS TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU LOVED ME THROUGH JEALOUSLY!" He applied eye drops to both of his eyes and started weeping.

Rosalina thought, 'it can't be, it can't be...'

Rosalina hugged the prince from behind and said, "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to do that...I- I..." The Prince smashed her face through the floor.


The prince gasped, troubled by 2 different decisions on a forked road. He grabbed her tentacles gently, he replied, "Let's get married."

She eagerly kissed him, "say you love me". He answered obediently, "say you love me".

His eyes are filled with hollow emotions wondering what exactly he gotten himself into.


Possibly, to be continued...

"Love is a blessing, love is a curse, love is a complex human emotion, love hurts~"

Guidance counselor: see, I told you the love potion works!

Stop it. = _ = You're drunk.

Guidance counselor: Am not!

Don't deny it.


*Elizabeth is sometimes called "Lizzie". "Lizzie" sounds like "Lizard", so that's how she got that nickname.

**Before this lovely story, Rosalina was a very nice person and she wasn't pretending. After having a sneaking suspicion that the Prince actually likes Elizabeth, she became evil

***The Prince is a stupid character. okay...sorry, that was an opinion...