The Story will be written in "Story format" (not like a play) in chapter 3... read on and enjoy :)!

The Tales Of A Forbidden Kingdom

[Chapter 1]

"Long Live The Queen"

Once upon a time, there was a place as far as anyone can see, a very small village just outside of the greatest kingdom to ever exist, Helmulet

Narrator- The sun has risen to start a beautiful day. You can hear the laughter of the children of Helmulet. You can hear the birds singing, almost sounding like they're humming "Our Greatest Day", Helmulet's most beautiful song. You can see the shiny glow reflecting off the grass from the sun. This is one of Helmulet most beautiful days

Narrator- A elderly blacksmith standing outside of his Stockpile

Blacksmith- (Yawns and wipe his face) what a beautiful day, and a long one ahead of me (he says to himself)

Narrator- The Blacksmith looks forward, and see a Figure of a warrior, an average size guy, who looks like he has a nice set of skills. The warrior was dressed in poorly clothes, The Blacksmith smiles as he watch because he knows a warrior when he see one, and this guy was special

Blacksmith- (Grabs the warrior arm before he passes him by) Excuse me Sir?

Narrator- The warrior stop walking, waiting to hear what The Blacksmith has to say

Blacksmith- What is your name Sir?

Warrior- I am Mathieu, Mathieu Pharos (Stares directly into The Blacksmith eyes) is there something you want with me?

Blacksmith- Yes Mathieu, I'll like to inform you on information, but can you tell me about yourself and where you came from?

Mathieu Pharos- I come from a small village just outside of here, of no more than 30 people. I'm a low class citizen just trying to make a better life for myself

Blacksmith- (Nods his head and smile) You are very special Mathieu, you may not know it yet but you'll soon find out

Narrator- Mathieu just stares at The Blacksmith trying to put everything together

Blacksmith- Mathieu, there's a Tournament starting in a week, the winner is to receive 100k Gold Pieces, and is promised to be granted any wish he'll request, I believe in you Mathieu, I'll give you spare Armor and a sword to use, but make sure you watch out for…

Narrator- Before The Blacksmith can continue what he was saying, he was interrupted by the sounds of the Kingdom's Loud Unexpected Heart Shaking Thunder-Like Alarms, something very terrible has happened

Narrator- A Woman run pass The Blacksmith and Mathieu screaming and crying out, "Please everyone leave, there's blood everywhere"

Mathieu looks at the Woman and quickly follow the trail of blood. Because of the brave instincts of Mathieu the Blacksmith grabs a sword and quickly follows him

Blacksmith- Hey take this sword!

Narrator- Mathieu grabs the sword and charge to the scene, There was a man lying in a pool of his own blood with his head decapitated from his body

Blacksmith- Hey do you see this Mathieu its very strange, this guy head wasn't removed by a weapon

Mathieu- How can you tell?

Blacksmith- If you look closely you'll see a burn marking circling around the ending of the wound

Narrator- As the Blacksmith try to make since of this brutal murder two Guards approached the scene

1st Guard- Can you explain why you two are on the murder scene?

Blacksmith- We heard the commotion and quickly came to see what has happen

2nd Guard- It's our job to do so, none of your concern (Shoving the Blacksmith by his shoulder, almost knocking him to the ground)

Mathieu- (Steps in front the Guard and draws his sword) Coward!, how about you push me like that!

Narrator- Before the Guards can react, A man just above the tower cries out, "Guards Guards!", the guards quickly forget Mathieu's bravely assault and rushes to the panicking man

Blacksmith- Mathieu you didn't have to do what you did, you could've gotten into serious trouble

Mathieu- I feel it was the right choice, and I was willing to teach him a lesson, I wouldn't just stand there and turn a blind eye

Blacksmith- I appreciate your bravery and loyalty, my name is Kevlar The Blacksmith, anything you need I am at your company

Mathieu- I appreciate your help also Kevlar, anything you need I am at your service

Narrator- While Kevlar and Mathieu was chanting once again the Kingdom alarms ring

Kevlar- Mathieu I'll stay here you go and see what happened!

Narrator- Mathieu ran up to the tower, The two Guards and the man was massacred by magic, he runs along the side of the used to be blue river, dead bodies are everywhere. Mathieu turns his head from the horrible sight leaving a twisted bitter feeling cycling throughout his throat, coursing through his chest circling around his heart and stomach at the same time. Mathieu sees a man dressed in black running to the castle, Mathieu quickly follows him.

Mathieu- Hey stop right there, stop!

Narrator- Somehow the man disappeared right before Mathieu's eyes.

Because of the killings, the King selected Knights surrounding the castle. the Knights formed in a perfect pyramid-like shape.
The Knights see Mathieu charging towards them with a sword in his hand, so they quickly form formation.

Leader Of The Knights- Hey stop right there!, if you don't I swear I'll kill you

Mathieu- There was a man running towards this direction, he must be responsible for all the killings

Leader Of The Knights- Only man we saw running this way is you, who are you?

Mathieu- I'm not from here, I'm Math…

Narrator- The Leader of the Knights rudely cuts Mathieu off from finishing what he was saying

Leader Of The Knights- You are under arrest, you're responsible for the killings

Mathieu- Liar!, this is Outrageous!

Narrator- The leader of the Knights give Mathieu a powerful blow to the back of his head with the end of his sword knocking him unconscious, The Knights dragged Mathieu's unconscious body into the castle doors. The leader of the knights looked forward and saw a man sprinting up the stairway.

Leader Of The Knights- Cowardly Bastard you stop right there now!

Narrator- The Leader and all the knights quickly follow the man, leaving Mathieu's body behind. The leader sees the man running towards The King Watch Tower

Narrator- Mathieu regain consciousness, gets up leave, slowly walking to Kevlar's Stockpile holding his head

Kevlar- Mathieu what happened to you?

Mathieu- I came across the person who's responsible for all this, he was heading towards the castle, I chased him and he just disappeared in front me, leaving me alone to be accused by The Knights, to them it seemed I charged to attack. I got struck in the head by one of the asses of the knights, and when I regained consciousness I was alone.

Kevlar- For a brave warrior you're always bury in trouble

Mathieu- Haha yea because there's nothing but assholes running this place, but what do you think of this insane murderer?

Kevlar- Well there's no question this guy is a sorcerer, to disappear before anyone eyes, Mathieu we have a huge problem on our hands

Mathieu- I fear we do, we must do something about this

Kevlar- I'm sorry Mathieu from the looks of everything, this guy is already at his destination, everything is now in his favor, he'll receive what he wants

Narrator- Just after the wise Kevlar predicted Helmulet's Fate The Kingdom's alarms rung again, And this time the alarms sounded different, they rung almost as if it was a cry, to the citizens of Helmulet it seemed their kingdom has come to a end. The Queen is dead...