Hey there. x3 How completely WEIRD was the last chapter? :D So here I am with chapter two, the last chapter. I hope you enjoy! :)

We stared at each other for a while, studying each other's faces and all our facial features. I eventually broke the silence by coughing and she looked away, a sudden hunger filling her eyes. It almost scared me. She turned, moved the plywood, and leaped out the window. I was a little sad to see her go, but only because I knew that now I would probably just go back to watching her. That was the first actual contact we've made since I knew she existed. I exited the shack as well, relieved to find that the two men were gone.

Angel was stabbing some random rabbit she had found as I watched in disgust. Shaking my head, I realized that there really wasn't anything I could do to help her. If I even tried, my plan would probably backfire on me and I'd end up dead; I won't try anything. Maybe I should just leave her and never come back...The sun was setting, and it was almost time for me to go home and rest for the night. I always wondered what Angel looked like as she slept...

When I woke up the next morning, I hurriedly went to the junkyard to try to seek out Angel, but all I found was a bunch of rubbish. I searched in the shack, in the rusted car she sometimes hid in, and even in that big pile of leaves that always seemed to get bigger each day. She was nowhere to be found...Sighing, I slumped on one of the giant rocks that inhabit the junkyard and peered around at everything. It just seemed so much emptier now that Angel wasn't there to set the bunnies on fire. I bet that bunnies would overrun the human race because she was gone.

When I heard a rustle of leaves, I whipped my head in that direction, only to find that there was a fox trying to eat the berries. Sighing, I stood up and tried to find some other means of entertainment. My mother would always tell me that normal boys do not stalk sadists until they befriend them. Then I'd always say that we weren't friends. My sister would then accuse me of having a crush on her, I'd blush, and then I would walk away, feeling like my whole family just didn't get it.

Mama would try to convince me to stop seeing her every once in awhile, but it never did work. I just always felt too loyal to Angel to ever even think of leaving her behind. It even kind of hurt to think that she would leave me behind. I know it sounds crazy, and it is, but I just never could dream of ever leaving that girl to fend for herself. All she had was a lighter and a machete. I'm fairly sure she only fed off of berries and bunnies. Gross.

Angel was officially gone from the junkyard, and I needed to find something else to do with my life. I later found out that she was indeed caught by the police and put into an insane asylum, which made me kind of sad. I could just picture her, all wrapped up in a straight jacket and screaming...It made shivers run down my spine. The rest of my life was fairly normal, and I eventually married a woman named Fay. She was no Angel, but she did the trick. All in all, my life turned out pretty okay. And even though I still visited Angel in the insane asylum through a window made of Plexiglass, it just wasn't enough for me...

Then again, it nothing was probably enough for her.

THE END! Hope you enjoyed. :3