Author's Note: I am not really one for romance poetry as it can become a little dull. But I ended up writing one anyway. It is a mixture of romance and religious themes so I hope that works out well for you!

Abide In Me

Soul of virtue, truth, and light,

Condemned by this; my sinful plight.

Pure thy heart, like virgin snow,

Dressed in black so long ago.

Thy lips of rose, a face of bliss,

My fingers wish could not amiss.

And yet you speak with voice of care,

My thoughts do wander, and to dare,

To want, nay, desire to taste,

Thy lips so soft, so do not waste.

But bring I you great toil and pain,

And wish your service not in vain.

You've followed me with ev'ry breath,

A youth so tainted; curse of death.

I've marred you your chance for sweet release,

In heaven where you were to sleep.

Instead I've dragged thee down to hell,

Where faith hath told our souls to dwell.

But in this life, my heart you own,

And one day hope I shall atone,

For all the grief you have endured,

And at last, forever cured,

Of misfortune placed on thee,

By me; of me.


Until that I time I ask thee, please,

Abide with me,

Abide in me.