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Hopefully what I have here is original, if not then I tried but I loved the idea so much that I stepped out of my horror genre to write it. That says something about me.

I was going to originally call this piece "Life with Leo" and it was going to be a slice of life story but I stepped into fantasy elements and Leo's name changed. Please enjoy my little prologue.

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Title: Defy and Comply

By: Revamp

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Friendship/Psychological/Action/Fantasy/Drama/Hurt/Comfort/Mystery

Pairings: For now, they are all straight pairings. I'm unsure if yuri or yaoi will come up and if it does it's short notice or something a fan suggests that I like.

Warnings: language, sexual situations, drug use, violence, death and that's all I can think of. Kind of standard anime stuff here.

Summary: I can't believe this crack head just saved my life. It's bad enough that we come from different worlds, I'm the most popular girl in school. He doesn't even GO to school and now he feels like I owe him something. Doesn't he know our status quos just don't mix? And that's not my only problem.

Chapter Estimation: 25


Defy and Comply


By: Revamp


A lone figure walked down a silent street as the rain poured down around them. The figure was that of a girl, and a very unlucky girl at that. She had forgotten her umbrella on her walk home from school and as a result the clothes that she was wearing were drenched. Her black and white lolita dress hung at her knees and her white shirt and black vest were soaked through and clung to her body like spandex. It was very uncomfortable.

Her long hair that was black on top and sky blue underneath stuck to her form and her straight, even cut bangs were plastered to her forehead as mature-looking, ice blue eyes tried to peer through the downpour as she clung to her satchel and made her way across the street. As she was walking, her body was bathed with a luminescent, yellow glow. The drenched lolita turned and her pupils widened, like a deer in the headlights her body froze up and she couldn't will herself to move. Her heart beat quickly in her chest as she saw the impending doom inch closer and closer, promising her paralysis or death.

Suddenly, she felt weightless as her body was propelled through the air. Strong arms wrapped around her tiny form and a pungent smell of weed filled her senses before she landed on the pavement nearby. She scraped her elbow as she landed and jarred her shoulder as she heard the honk of a car zooming by. This was a small price to pay for what was about to happen to her.

"Ugh…" The girl groaned and she slowly moved her injured elbow back to prop herself up from the inflexible surface. The arms still lingered around her neck and on the left hand of this figure, an onyx and gold ring was present, the object glimmered under the flickering street lamp.

Taking a good look at her savior, she noticed his young appearance. Older than her but not by much, and his body was lean and lanky. Atop of his head was hair as green as pine and spiked back like a flame with three different lengths two on each side of his head and one longer than the others in the middle. He had green eyebrows as well, a sign that his hair had been dyed and a pointy little goatee that jutted from his chin and came to a straight point, looking pointed enough to stab someone with.

Who was this guy? She had never seen him before.

"If you're going to try to kill yourself, you should do it when I'm not around," the male's raspy voice intoned, breaking her cognitive process.

"I wasn't committing suicide. I was trying to cross the street." How dare he think that he knew her enough to assume that she'd want to kill herself. How rude!

"You're pretty lucky I wasn't hitting the good stuff or I would have been too dazed out and in the zone to realize you were about to die there." The green-haired man sat up, running his hands through his tresses of spikes and wiping the mud from his khaki cargo pants.

The lolita glared at him and didn't move from her position. Just great. This guy was some sort of drug addict. She frowned sternly at her own misfortune. On any other day, she wouldn't dare get caught interacting with such street filth, and here she was playing damsel in distress to this crack head.

"Well…What's your name?" He asked as he remained in his sitting position and stared at the girl's form.

Ice blue eyes turned from his form and a pouty frown adorned her porcelain face before she forced the words out. "I'm Sunoma Fujisaka, and thanks," she muttered as she slowly picked herself off of the ground and gathered her satchel.

"The name's Lamar Oosawa," the green-haired man stood up and crossed his arms, leveling her with a goofy smile.

Sunoma squinted. She couldn't tell if he was actually high or just that friendly. "I'm glad that you saved me…even if you are a crack head. Now, I'm going to be on my way home. I need to get these soaking wet clothes off of my body. They're annoying."

"Hey, wait a minute," Lamar got in front of the girl and spread his arms out, which didn't do anything really. She could have easily walked under them or around them with no problem.

Sunoma sighed and face palmed. "What do you want? I thanked you for your services so there shouldn't be a problem with parting on good terms." All she wanted to do was get out of the rain. She was tired, and she already had enough stress from school and now some crack head was holding her hostage at random. Could this day get any worse?

Well, she could be dead…and at this moment in time she would have rather taken the car on.

"You're in debt to me now. You know what they say about saving someone." Lamar brought up the subject with a sly smile.

If Sunoma could squint any harder in accusation, she would. What was he implying?

"If you want money I can give you some-" She was cut off.

"Nothing like that."

"If you're implying that I sleep with you then I refuse to degrade myself in such a manner. If you try to take my clothes off, I will make sure that your kind cannot reproduce…ever." Sunoma's words were as icy as the depths of her pupils, which were intimidating due to the lack of light reflected in them. Lamar couldn't tell if it was the overcast day or she was just that cold.

He definitely felt an inward crack from the brutal backlash. Did she honestly think he was just some perverted sicko who wanted to have fun with a little school girl? He liked younger women but it was nothing like that. Lamar just wanted a favor, and this prissy little rich girl was perfect to fulfill the job he wanted her to fulfill.

"I don't want that. I just want your cooperation. They say if you save someone, then they have to do whatever you ask because they altered your fate. So, little lady, you owe me one for saving your life." Lamar's words struck her right in the heart. Sunoma felt herself shatter into a million pieces at his request.

"I can't do that!" She wanted out of this sick pact. There was no way that she was going to be caught dead with this guy. Not only did they differ in social class and status quo, but also in age and looks. This guy looked like he belonged in a group of yakuza, rather than someone who belonged in her presence. He also did drugs, a habit most disgusting. His only good feature was that he had the most beautiful face. It was that perfect bad boy visage that none of the socialite upper crust of her academy had. It was alluring in contrast to the rest of the package.

"All I want is a favor, and then we never have to see each other again," Lamar sounded a little agitated that she wasn't complying to his request, especially after he saved her life. What an ungrateful priss!

"Why are you doing this? What do you want from me?" Sunoma asked, her eyebrows furrowing as the rain continued to fall around them.

Lamar turned, his back facing her as he smiled with his eyes closed. "You shall see. Meet me here tomorrow and I'll tell you."

"I have school tomorrow."

"Then meet me after school. This time is good with you, right?"

Sunoma turned her head reluctantly to the side and huffed a 'fine' to herself. 'I really don't want to do this. I don't even like this guy or know him, but I have to take precautions. He could be a yakuza for all I know or some huge drug dealer. If he's not, then I'm going to show him whose top dog around here. I'm not below some crack head!'

Lamar's fading footsteps as he walked away from her snapped her out of her thought process. He disappeared down the concrete walkway as she sighed to herself. "Why does he want me of all people? I think he wants to torture me. Today was just a bad day in general. I hate everything right now. I might as well go home. It's going to be a long day being Lamar's slave tomorrow."

Sunoma sighed again and headed to her mansion home. Today was eventful and she was happy just to live though it, but something told her that she was going to be in for another round of hell in the morning.

The only thing she had to worry about now was making it home before she caught a cold…and getting rid of the smell of weed on her dress before someone noticed and decided to ask questions. The stench was so strong that she couldn't stand herself, and the rain didn't help either.

Seriously, fuck her life.

To Be Continued

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