Maria has always been a child who admires people from behind. She would never talk to the people who she admires. Likewise, she would never face things directly. Her whole life is full of avoidance. She would hide in her bedroom all day and stare at the wall wondering if her dreams would come true.

Obviously it won't, because she didn't put effort in making it come true.

Maria's parents became worried about their daughter's introverted personality. They sent her to the country-side alone, to a very closely-knit community in hopes that she'll change.

Maria rode on the train to this place. She didn't know what to expect. She stared out the window looking at a violet butterfly that was leading the train. Not long, this one butterfly was followed by a dozen more and a dozen more. The empty landscape turned into houses built closely together. She walked out of the train. There was no fence to separate land; everyone was outside laughing and greeting each other. The sun rose and the beautifully lit scenery cast away the butterflies.

Maria looked at the paper her mother gave her for an address. She soon arrived at an abandoned house. It was full of loneliness, despite being well-kept by its neighbours. She entered the house. "So, this place is where I'll be living" she sighed.

A figure knocked on the door slightly carrying a pumpkin cake. "Welcome to our village, neighbour!" the figure said cheerfully.

Maria panicked. She went to the door, and replied quickly, "…t-thank you…"

The figure smiled, "here's some cake for you~ enjoy your stay here; I hope we can become good friends!" The figure grabbed her hand and shook it.

Maria flushed at such affection. She took the cake and muttered "t-thank you…" once again.

The figure entered her house uninvited and sat on the wooden chair, "so…what's your name?"

Maria, now nervous, stuttered, "W-Who are you…?"

The figure grinned, "I asked you first. But since you seem like a shy person, I'll tell you my name. It's Gabriel."

"An angel…?"

"I wish. But if you really want me to be one, I can be yours….just kidding. Tell me your name now."


"Don't lie to me now" as he read her mind.

She paused for a moment then said "Maria."

"Nice to meet you, Maria" he replied as he walked out of her house.

Maria didn't answer back. She went to shut the door, but realized that there was no lock. Being resourceful, she placed chairs and tables in front of the door to block intruders from entering.

She sat on the floor and began to eat the cake. But before she did, she saw that there were words written with bright orange icing on the cake – "Welcome to our family, Maria!"