He whispers words of encouragement under his breath as I carry the computer to the family room. It was time. After months of talking, and being friends, then falling for each other, it was time to introduce my family to Elliot. The boy from Florida, who followed me on Tumblr, then became my love.

"I know, I'm just scared of how they'll react. My parents haven't exactly been happy about our relationship. They don't think it was a good idea for us to do this over the internet." I shakily reply as I stop right outside of the living room.

"I am too, sweetheart. My parents weren't exactly happy either." He chuckled. "But here we are, introducing each other before I come over to stay for the summer."

Right, we got permission from both sets of parents for him to visit this summer. This gives me the confidence to take the last step into the living room to face my parents.

"Is he there, Kami?" My mom asks.

"Yeah. Mom, Dad, this is Elliot, my boyfriend." I turn the laptop around and show them the screen.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Fitch! It's great to meet you." He smiles and waves, acting like a perfect gentleman, which gains approving looks from my parents as they greet him and introduce themselves.

"So, Elliot, you're Kami's age. 17, correct?" My dad asks.

"Yes sir, I just turned 17 a week or so ago." He politely replies.

My parents ask him questions for another 15 minutes until his parents get home. Then it's his turn to be nervous.

"Umm… Kami? I should tell you that my parents are really religious and also I-I… haven'ttoldthemaboutyou." He rushes through the end of his sentence, but I can hear every word he said.

"Oh." I reply. "Am I not meeting them, then?"

"Of course you are, sweetheart! I just wanted to give you a warning, in case of any issues that may come up…" He trails off, a worried look on his face.

"Hey, babe. It'll be okay. Let's go talk to your parents, okay?" I smile encouragingly, just like he did for me earlier. "It's time to take a risk, sweetheart."

Through the speakers, I hear him talking to his parents.

"Hello mom, dad. You know that friend I asked you about a few weeks ago? The one in Atlanta?"

"Yes." It was obviously his mother who replied.

"Well, the friends is a she, and she happens to be" He pauses to take in a breath for courage. "My girlfriend."

I hear silence for only a second before Elliot rushes on speaking.

"I know, you probably don't approve but she's really sweet and nice and funny and I really like her. Also, we already paid for the plane ticket there, and she'd really like to meet you, she's on video chat right now." He lifts the laptop and I am staring at two stern, yet surprised faces.

"H-hello Mr. and Mrs. Petersen. It's nice to meet you. I'm Kami. Elliot's girlfriend." I use his terminology to help back him up.

"Hello Kami. We don't approve of the nature of your relationship with our son." His father speaks in a deep, intimidating tone.

"I do apologize for that, and for keeping it a secret."

"Elliot's mother and I will need to talk this over with him in private. Goodbye Kalli."

"It's Kam-" Click.

Elliot was speaking up to correct his father when the screen goes blank, and I am left to wait and see what would happen with this.