Chocolate milk. My night would consist of chocolate milk and horror movies, my favorite cure for a broken heart. It's worked three times, let's see if it'll work a fourth.

I thought I would be going to the spring dance with Theo, but he decided that a text just before we were meeting up for lunch the day of the dance was the best time to break up with me. I didn't go. I'm also not going tonight. I knew why he texted me. Kari keeps posting all over the internet about her "Theo-boo."

I may or may not have hurled the stuffed "Teddy" he got me for Valentine's Day across the room in a tearful rage. I mean, I kept most of my dignity, at least as much as I could.

Of course, I left the house. I drove to the nearest grocery store to get pre-made chocolate milk and the best horror movies I could think of.

Now it's six o' clock, the sun is just going down, and it's almost dark enough to pop in Friday the 13th. I set up the DVD player as my parents head out. They had planned a date night for while I was at the dance, but now I was staying home. It took a good amount of convincing to get them to still go, but they were going. They gave me the usual "call if you need anything, sweetie" before leaving. Their usual line for break-ups.

By the time they finally got out the door, it was dark enough for my first movie. I grab the jug of milk from the fridge, and the now hotly popped popcorn from the microwave and settle down on the couch with a mug and a large bowl. I fill the mug with milk, the bowl with popcorn and grab the remote. Just as I'm about to hit play, the doorbell rings.

I sigh heavily and get up, setting the dishes on the table next to the jug and larger bowl to answer the door.

When I open it I'm surprised to see my best friend Charlie standing there. He had decided to go solo and maybe steal me for a dance, but there he was at my front door, dressed in sweats and a T-shirt with a gallon of chocolate milk in his hand. Definitely not spring dance attire.

"I thought you were going to the dance." I let him in and close the door as I speak, knowing my parents wouldn't care. He had been coming over since we were 6 and my parents trusted him.

"Well, I heard about Theo and if my best friend wasn't going to be there, what fun would it be?" He said casually walking through to the kitchen and grabbing another mug. "So, knowing you as well as I do, I dressed comfortably, and picked up what I now see is a second gallon of chocolate milk. I figured you had the movies already. Unless you want to heart break alone." He looked at me for permission, obviously not having taken that into consideration.

"You're good. I think I need someone anyways. Jason always freaks me out." I reply quietly as I cross the room and sit next to him.

He laughs and sits down, pouring his mug of milk and opening his arms inviting me to lay on him like I usually do during movie marathons. I grab my mug and accept his invitation. I lay my head on his chest and he presses play.

We watch the movie quietly, only moving to get more milk and refill the popcorn bowl. The movie would have scared me, but the entire time I heard Charlie's heartbeat. Steady and reliable just like him. I was safe, lying there in my best friend's arms.

"Hey, Ginny?" Charlie hesitantly asks.

"Yeah, Charlie?" It's the credits, so I don't mind talking.

"This is probably a bad time to tell you, but I've been trying to figure out how to tell you for a few years now." He stops to take a deep breath, I can tell he's nervous and stay silent. "I-I-I love you. Like, not in a brotherly way. As I said I know the timing's terrible, and you'll probably want to wait if you even want to try anything at all, but I needed to tell you. I always chicken out when you're single, and I just couldn't do that if you were in a relationship. That would be terrible. Just-"

"Charlie." I cut him off. "You're right, your timing sucks. It's terrible, really, but you do realize I still want to be your friend. For now that's all. Maybe we can revisit this later, but for now, let's finish this movie marathon, and the last gallon of chocolate milk. Okay? We'll talk about this again later."

"Okay. The Shining next?"

"Goodness, yes. Let's do this." I say before putting in the movie, resuming our position and continuing our marathon.

Two months later, we talked again. One week after that, he kissed me for the first time. Exactly six years after the night of that dance, he proposed.

I said yes.