Hello Mr. or Mrs. Reader,
I'm not good at poetry.
All I know is how to rhyme
and make a beat at the right time.
Please forgive me as you read
because I'm not good at poetry.

I could write an essay
if you give me a few years.
I could write a novel
that could bring you to tears.
I could write a haiku
or a limerick or a song,
but only cause there is a formula
I could go along.
I could write a paper
about a famous star.
But I can't write a poem—
it's not successful so far.

I'm sorry Mr. or Mrs. Reader
for being bad at poetry.
All I know is how to use
the English language the way I choose.
Please forgive me as you read
because I'm not good at poetry.

I could make a simile
like comparisons on the loose.
I could be creative
like the author Dr. Seuss.
I can make alliterations
that twist tongues to tight ties,
along with assonances
with words like "flies".
I could be silly
like the man from Peru,
all the things in the English language
I could do.
But, alas, a poem is something
I cannot stew.

If you're wondering why I stink at poems
even to save my life,
it all began in the 8th grade
when I was in a poetry hype.
I wrote poetry like it was my career
and do it every day.
I wrote songs, spoke in rhymes,
and was part of multiple musical plays.

Then, in one dark morning,
my skills were put to the test,
and when I got the results back
it didn't look the best.
There was a big fat D on my paper!
My heart was broken in two.
My skills were a big lie
and I didn't know what to do.
You can blame that D
or my teacher Mr. C
or even me,
but after that day I gave up on poetry.

I thank you Mr. or Mrs. Reader
for reading my bad poetry.
You took the time to see it,
dissect it, and read it,
and as you can see
no matter how much you read,
you will forever see
how bad I was, am, and will be
at poetry!