Drakaina Girls Camp, Team Helod Tent 2:00 pm

An african-american and an hispanic girl were playing inside the tent. They were wearing the normal Drakaina Girls outfit, a shirt with a matching skirt, black shoes and a pink beret with two wings, although they were different. The hispanic girls outfit was blue and didn't have sleeves, while the african-american girl's outfit was red, had goggles and had longer sleeves.

Just then, their leader arrived. She was an european 9 year old with the normal Drakaina Girl outfit, though hers was green.

"Hi Samantha, Hi Radar." greeted the european girl.

"Hi Jenny." greeted Samantha, the hispanic girl.

"Who's ready to earn their first patch?" asked Jenny.

"I thought our first patch was the "Welcome to the Camp" Patch." said Radar, the african-american girl.

"That was the first we got automatically." clarified Jenny. "This is the first one we'll have to work for to get it. Now I'll ask again, who's ready?"

"I am!" shouted Radar, getting up.

"Me too." said Samantha, also getting up.

"Then let's go!" cheered Jenny.

At the Camp

The trio left their tent and went to the line formed by the rest of the scouts in the camp. An 13 year old girl arrived in front of the line accompanied by another 13 year old girl holding some papers.

"Attention!" yelled the 13 year old japanese-american.

"And what is it Leader Ayaka?" asked a random Drakaina.

"I'm getting to that part." answered Ayaka, the japanese-american girl, before resuming. "The patch you'll be learning today, will be the "Herb Retrieval" patch. As the name implies to get the patch you need to retrieve an specific herb from the Herb Woods over there."

Ayaka pointed at an entrance of a forest, with a sign saying "Entering the Herb Woods" at Its side. At the other side was a dark forest with a sign saying "Somber Forest, get out" at Its side.

"And what about the other forest?" asked Radar, pointing at the Somber Forest.

The japanese-american girl went towards Radar.

"The Somber Woods is a place no Drakaina Girl should go to. It's prohibited to even try to reach it." told the japanese-american girl to Radar. "Unless you're specifically told to go there, which hasn't happened in years for rather obvious reasons, you can go. But otherwise It's completely prohibited. Understood?"

"Y-Yes?" stuttered Radar.

"Good." said Ayaka.

Ayaka returned to her partner as Radar hugged Samantha.

"My partner here, Melissa, will hand the leader of each team a piece of paper." said Ayaka as her partner, Melissa, went towards each leader and handed them a paper. "The paper has a picture and the information on the herb you'll need to find in order to get the patch."

The paper Jenny received had a picture of the Calendula officialis, A.K.A the Pot Marigold.

"You have 3 hours to get the herb." added Melany.

"Hey just to know, for what will the herbs be used?" asked Jenny. "Medicine? Perfume?"

"Decoration." answered Melany, with Jenny reacting with a confused look on her face. "Nah, I was just kidding, you'll give the herb to Ayaka."

"So, go to the Herb Woods, and return with it." said Ayaka. "The time starts right now."

Inside the Herb Woods, Zone One

The trio arrived at the first zone of the Herbs Woods. Samantha and Radar looked at all the plants they saw while Jenny payed attention to the paper she was given. When they noticed Jenny was still going, Samantha and Radar went running to her.

"So, what type of herb are we looking for anyway?" asked Samantha as she and Radar catched up with Jenny.

"Some sort of sunflower-like plant I guess, I haven't seen this plant in my life." answered Jenny, looking at the picture of the Pot Marigold before seeing the name. "The name's Calendula officialis."

"What?" asked Samantha confused.

"The Pot Marigold." answered Jenny, looking at the description a bit more. "It says here that it can be found in all zones of the Herb Woods."

"Good news!" said Radar in a happy tone.

"But it also says here that it's very rare." added Jenny.

"Bad news." said Radar in a worried tone.

"Anything else in that paper?" asked Samantha.

"Outside of a bunch of information we don't need at all, that's all it says." answered Jenny, putting the paper in her pocket. "So, we might as well go to one of the zones and see if we can find it."

Stopping and looking at each other, Radar and Samantha turned around and started to search among the herbs they could find. Jenny turned around and was confused when she saw them doing that.

"Girls, what are you doing?" asked Jenny, walking to Samantha.

"Well, we're already in one of the zones, you said it can be found on all zones, the most logical thing to do right now is to search here." answered Samantha, her vision fixed on the many herbs around her.

"But I was thinking we could go deeper and-" said Jenny before being interrupted.

"Look we know you want to go deeper just to be sure, but if we look around here it might be done faster."

"Well, I guess you're right." said Jenny, joining Samantha. "But I do have the feeling we're only going to be wasting time."

"We would have wasted it no matter what." said Samantha.

The trio started to search for the Pot Marigold. They wasted at least an hour trying to get it among the masses of herbs, with no success, until...

"I think I found it!" called Radar.

Hearing Radar's call, Jenny and Samantha left what they were doing and went to Radar, who showed them... A sunflower. Jenny and Samantha had deadpan looks on their faces after seeing it.

"Let's go back to the camp and get the patch." said Radar.

"Radar, that's a sunflower." said Samantha in a deadpan tone. She then took out the paper from Jenny's pocket and showed it to Radar. "This is what a Pot Marigold looks like."

"Oh... This is useless then." said Radar before throwing away the sunflower.

The sunflower landed close to another Drakaina Girls team, who grinned when they saw it before they grabbed it and went running back to the camp.

"How more time do we have left?" asked Radar.

"2 hours." answered Samantha, looking at her clock. "If we keep looking we might find it, what do you think Jenny?"

However, Jenny wasn't paying attention, she was instead looking closely at something very small at the end of the paper. She could recognize it was a sentence.

"Hello! Earth to Jenny!" called Samantha, waving her hand in front of Jenny.

"Radar, you're goggles actually do something right?" asked Jenny.

"Well, I can see better with them." answered Radar.

"Try to read this small sentence at the end of the paper." requested Jenny, handing over the paper to Radar.

Radar did just that, and then read the sentence out loud.

"The Marigold Garden is the most common place, founded at the seventh zone?" read Radar in a confused tone.

"Who would write something so important in small letters?" asked Samantha. "Don't answer me, let's just go over there."

Seventh Zone, The Marigold Garden

When the trio arrived at the Marigold Garden, they were shocked by the sight of the garden... Which was filled with pretty much every species of Marigolds everywhere.

"We're gonna take forever to find the Pot Marigold!" complained Jenny.

"Not if we do it quickly!" said Samantha.

The trio separated and started to look everywhere for the Pot Marigold. And once again, they wasted a lot of time trying to get it. By the time they got what they were looking for they had 45 minutes left.

"Eureka!" shouted Jenny, raising the Pot Marigold. "We finally got it!"

"And we still have 45 minutes left!" added Samantha, looking at her clock.

"Better not waste any time anymore and go back to the camp." said Radar.

Back at the Camp

Ayaka and Melissa were still waiting for the trio to arrive. Ayaka was the more impatient, looking at her clock every few minutes, while Melissa was the bored one. Finally, the trio got out of the Herb Woods entrance and went running to the duo.

"We got it!" shouted Jenny.

"What took you so long?" asked Ayaka. "The other teams were already here 2 hours and 30 minutes ago."

"Sorry we didn't arrived earlier, Its just that we didn't knew the Marigold Garden existed." answered Jenny.

"How?" asked Ayaka dumbfounded.

"The information about that garden was on tiny letters." answered Radar.

"Geez, wonder how it happened?" asked the japanese-american girl, glaring at Melissa before returning to the trio. "Hand me the marigold."

The trio did that and Ayaka took her time to nalyze the herb. After a while, she finished.

"Yep, its the herb you needed." said Ayaka, taking out the "Herb Retrieval" Patch and giving it to the trio. "Congratulations, you earned it."

"We did it girls! We got our first patch!" shouted Jenny in excitement.

The trio jumped into the air and froze, with Ayaka smiling while Melissa looked confused.

"How do they do that, Ayaka?" asked Melissa.

"I don't know, Melissa, I don't know." answered Ayaka.

The End