Alright so, I know I kind of forgot about this site a long time ago and it's been MONTHS since I've logged in. And I have to say. 20 private messages WITH external opportunity offers, and 4,000 views overall? Wow, I've convinced myself I've written a very good story so far that has great potential.

BUT the reason I've decided to log back in is because I've been revamping this story to be EVEN bigger and better. I've been working here and there on new plot ideas, new characters (including a new, and better Amber), environment brainstorming, and other small specs that really matter in this kind of story. (Smells, sounds, etc)

I've also been working on a release chapter lately for everyone. You will have to give me quite a bit of time to get this story back up and running.

The release chapter follows a scene with James and Amber. Separated from their small group in the dangerous and bandit filled city of Philadelphia, they find themselves running for their lives in the heart of downtown after ascending from the maze of flooded subway networks. As they push through the street pedways and corridors of a city full of undead, they find themselves cutting through a dinosaur museum that is still standing even after 1 year of neglect.