The woman walked calmly through the wood, the snow still covered the ground and was cold and wet through her socks. She walked with her head down as she neared her destination, until a sweet scent caught her nose, making her head snap up. A cherry blossom tree was before her and a lump formed in her throat at the sight. Silky petals floated gently down on a light breeze that made her long orange hair fall into her intense green eyes. So it had been a year...she couldn't believe that it was already spring. She fell to her knees in front of the flowering tree, the snow melting through the fabric of her jeans.

Her first instinct was to run; leave the place that had caused her so much pain, she didn't want to hurt anymore...she felt as if she would just crack under the pressure on her heart. She couldn't breathe, her lungs refused to draw in oxygen, her stomach did flips and she blinked away at the tears that threatened to fall down her pale cheeks. She shook her head and stood, brushing off the snow that clung to her clothes. She continued her trek through the trees, her face void of any emotion.

She came to a clearing and the pain stopped.

A ring of large redwood trees surrounded her as she neared the lone, rounded stone in the center. Light trills of laughter echoed in her ears as she continued towards it. Her eyes slowly turned a light gold and her hair lengthened out to an auburn waterfall of flames. She shut her eyes as she let the warm power consume her; it was safe, it felt like home. The laughter increased in sound and she felt a familiar pull of energy. Yellowing flames appeared as her eyelids fluttered open.

She screamed as the fire spread, melting the snow until there was a brown, dirt ring, five feet in diameter, surrounding her. Just like her master had taught her since she was a young girl, 'Once you release that inner fire and can control it, you can do anything.' She let loose a strong ring of energy in her excitement, being in that state, she felt so relaxed.

Then she felt the spike of energy nearby.

The woman fell to the ground in a crouch as her body reappeared, her flaming hair providing the only light in the creeping darkness. Flickering yellow eyes scanned the treeline, her hands going for the sword on her belt, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Rosalina," A deep voice echoed through the clearing, "Wouldn't want a fight in the resting place of our brother, would we?" Rosa turned and snarled at the man entering the sanctuary, "Johnathan was no brother of yours, you traitor!" The man's white brows rose as he scoffed, "He was more my brother than yours, Ignis." He sneered her name like it was the dirt on his boots, "Besides, I came to talk not argue." His cerulean eyes looked her up and down, "You can descend, I've come unarmed, unlike you, I have respect for the dead." Rosa sighed and released the energy, her eyes returning to their original burning emerald and her hair dimming to a calm orange.

"Jacob Anemoi, to what do I owe the pleasure?" She said lighting the candles around her brother's grave with a flick of her wrist, illuminating the features of the man standing on the edge of the clearing. His scruffy white hair was just grazing the nape of his neck, he wore jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt, his striking blue eyes locked with hers as he neared her, "Rosalina, I came to negotiate a truce-" The woman scoffed, "You must be insane, Anemoi! As if I would ever agree to anything you say! The Avila and the Dragonia clans have been at war for centuries-" Jacob growled in irritation, a soft breeze picking up the dirt around them, "I realize this Rosa, but I think I have some information you might find...interesting." Rosa tilted her head, curiously, "And that would be..."

The white haired man grinned, "How much do you know about Queen Lila and the Elemental Staffs?" Orange brows shot up to her hairline, "The Axion? What do you know about that?" She asked, crossing her arms across her chest, "Answer the question, Rosalina." The woman frowned, "When King Aeris was found murdered, Queen Lila broke his Elemental Staff into seven different staffs, each a different element. But that was centuries ago, no one has ever been able to find them...What do you know, Jacob?" Rosa hissed.

The man merely pulled out a yellowing scroll, "This is a map made by the Air Queen once our great grandfathers were cursed, it holds the location to each staff." Rosa quirked a brow, "Where did you find that?" He shrugged, "In an old Avila ruin, but there's a problem with it." Jacob tossed the scroll to her. She caught it deftly, turning it over in her hands; it was clear that it was old, the crackling paper was evidence enough, there was also a roaring dragon in wax that glittered in the candlelight sealing the contents. She smirked at the golden seal at the opening, "A Draconic seal, strictly a Dragonia tradition...Lila knew that eventually her sons' clans would have to call a truce in order to find the staffs." Green eyes glinted gold, "You want me to release the seal?" He nodded, "Yes-" Rosa scoffed at him, "So you can kill me as soon as you have the map?!" Jacob shook his head, " I want to find them with you, together we can unite the two clans and rule the Air kingdom together once more." The Dragonian woman growled, her eyes flashing green to gold and back again, "It doesn't take a seer to know that you're lying, Jacob. I am not about to be betrayed twice in one lifetime." She tossed the scroll back to him, "I came here to talk to my brother not betray my clan, and if you had any respect for the dead, you would leave me alone so I can say my final farewells to the brother that you ripped away from me!" She had ascended without realizing it and the fire in the candles had turned into raging flames, "You don't know what you're turning down, Rosa, this could be the end of the war." His words made the flames return to normal but the Dragonia was otherwise unmoved, "Jacob Anemoi, I will not repeat myself." She turned to face the rounded stone, a scowl marring her angelic features. "You will regret this one day, Rosalina. That daughter of yours will pay for your ignorance." And with that the Avilan man was gone, a powerful wind in his wake.

The Dragonian Queen allowed the candles to be blown out, no longer needing the light. She shut her eyes in irritation, 'The nerve of that man! How dare he!' She growled, her eyes flashing gold again. Looking at her brother's grave, Rosa forced herself to take a deep breath, fire escaping her nostrils as she exhaled.

"Johnathan, if you're there, I need your guidance."


Rosalina looked down at the sleeping infant in her arms, taking in the beauty of her daughter; her jade eyes memorizing the contours of the babe's nose and cheeks. Gently, she caressed the delicate crescent birthmark on her daughter's left cheek. She was a red head like her mother and, hopefully, just as fiery, she'll have to be to survive this feud, Rosa thought idly.

Once the Queen had discovered that she was pregnant, she hadn't told anyone other than her husband and son. But she hadn't even told them that it was a girl, how Jacob Anemoi knew was beyond her. She was cautious, not taking his threat lightly. She glanced back at the newborn, who was sleeping softly. Rosa gently placed her in the bassinet.

Myrina Ignis, Dragonian Princess. Has a nice ring to it, Rosalina smiled.