I'm alive.


{Will stands on a seemingly deserted street. Upon closer inspection is a small group of people huddled outside an abandoned building. Mr. Farrows, a bald, middle-aged man with a scar above his left eye, and silver stud earrings stands at the head of the group. Kyle, a tanned boy with blonde hair fashioned over one eye welcomes Will over}

[Enter Will and Kyle]

Kyle: (Gestures Will over) Hey man, are you going to fight today? (Makes a fist)

Will: Why else would I be here? Of course I'm going to fight, genius. Who's the unlucky guy today anyway?

Kyle: (Points to Derek, a dark skinned boy) New kid. Name's Derek. Be an easy match for you, huh Narco? (Playfully punches arm)

Will: (Confidently smiles) Sure. (Walks towards Mr. Farrows)

[Enter Mr. Farrows. Exit Kyle]

Will: (Cracks knuckles) I'm ready to fight.

Mr. Farrows: (Smiles) Are ya now? Well we're ready for ya. Hey, Derek!

[Enter Derek]

Derek: Yeah?

Mr. Farrows: (Gestures towards Will) This is who you'll be fighting. You ready?

Derek: (Smiles and looks at Will) Of course I'm ready.

Mr. Farrows: Then it's time for a fight. (Grins wickedly, turns towards crowd, and shouts) WHO'S READY FOR A FIGHT!?

(Crowd yells)

Mr. Farrows: (Turns towards Derek and Will) That's it then. Time for a fight. You know the rules. Winner gets £45 plus any bets made on their opponent. If anyone sees the cops coming, fight's off. (Grins) Any moves are fair play, fight's not over until the other is K.O'd. Let the fight, BEGIN!

(Will and Derek start fighting. Will gains the upper hand. Derek lies on the floor)

Derek: (Bloody and crying) Please! Let me go!

Will: (Tired, but in fairly good shape minor a few cuts and bruises) I'm sorry. Some of us have something to fight for. (Gives a swift kick to the head, knocking Derek out)

Mr. Farrows: The Winner is, Narco! (Lifts hand in air) Here's the £40, as promised

Will: (Mutters and walks away) The things I do for money...

[Exit Derek, Mr. Farrows, and Will]