A/N: Hey! Although Some Day is not my first ever story it is the first story i am publishing here on fictionpress. I would greatly appreciate reviews and I would ask that you go easy. This story is some what about my life. Some of these events have taken place and most of the people are real..just with changed names. I would also like to add that I'm going to be writing some of the things as I am living them so I hope you Enjoy!

"Okay smile…perfect." I couldn't help but think all this was not necessary for the first day of school. I could already tell that this year was going to be a major drag just by the way the day started. I had woken up with a dull throbbing in my head and when I left the house it was scorching outside.

School had started earlier than usual because of the number of snow days the last school year had and now here I was getting my picture taken for an I.D. I did not want and would most likely lose after the first week. Did I mention it was hot?

The worst part was not the picture taking, no, it was the fact that half of the school was cramped into the gymnasium. Yes the gym was huge but come on. It's an incredibly hot day and you decide to stuff about 2000 teenagers into one room. I should probably talk to someone about this once I get settled in…hmmm.

"Um… excuse me hun but we are done here", the camera woman's assistance informs me. My mind must have wondered off again. Ha! I look over to my left and see that the line had gotten considerably longer. Must've been quite some time then. How does one" mind wander for such a long time and not be aware of what is going on?

"Are you okay hun", the camera woman's assistant asks me. I pull myself away from my thoughts long enough to see that she has come up to me and has her hand on my sholder.

" I'm fine", I answer her with an overly bright smile and get up off the chair. I continue to walk around the background screen they put up only to bump into someone falling to the floor.

"Oh.. I'm so sorry are you okay? My goodness tell me you're okay...", says a distinctely feminine voice and I look up to see a dark haired, light eyed girl looking down at me with concern clouding her eyes. I don't say anything and have not made a move to get up when she extends her hand out to me. " You did not get a concussion now did you?", she asks as I take her hand and allow her to help me to my feet.

I shake my head and regret it afterward as she breaths a sigh of relief. She then cracks a smile and offers me her hand again as she introduces herself," Hi i'm Evie Malone."

I shake her hand and reply" Alana Jones. Nice to meet you." She only laughs and says," You mean bump into me right?" A small smile graces my lips. " I'ma get going. I was on my way to getting my picture taken before...you know", she states as her hand gestures indicating the accident that took place earlier.

"Sorry about that by the way", I apologize to her and she just nods. " Yea.. it's okay. Well then see you around Alana Jones" I nod and she continues on on her way.

I stand there for a second pondering what had just happened and then make my way out of the gym to find my class.

Maybe this year wouldn't be as insufferable as I had originally thought.