"Mom, I'm home", I yell out as I walk through the door and throw my backpack on the floor next to the door. I then proceed to the kitchen in search of something to eat.

" How was school, honey?", my mother asks as she walks into the kitchen. I shrug and reply with a "not bad" before I leave the kitchen with an apple completely missing the smile that graces my fairly young mother's face. I go back to the front door and pick up my bag and head to my room upstairs.

Once I enter, I empty my bag on the bed that is safely tucked in the far corner of my room. Sighing at all the loose papers that have to be signed and returned, I collapse on the couch that sits next to my bed. I also can't help but think of the school day and feel like a failure because besides Evie, the girl I had literally bumped into, I had not uttered a single word to anybody and nobody had bothered to talk to me.

I mean there is nothing wrong with me appearance wise. I get up and stand in front of my full length mirror. With short light brown hair, hazel eyes, a full set of lips, and a slightly curvaceous body that was pretty much always hidden behind loose clothing, I figured I was fine in the looks department.

It just made me wonder what I was doing wrong. Abandoning my spot in front of the mirror I head on over to my bed and get started on the paper work that needed to be returned tomorrow. When I'm finished filling out and signing what I can, I take the rest and place them into my mom's bedroom and go back to my room. I lie back on the bed and find myself staring at the ceiling until I feel my eyelids getting heavy until I finally succumb to the darkness that welcomes me.

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