8th Grade

"-and that's how you put zombies to rest." Ren ended, a big smile plastered on our faces. Ms. Winry studied our presentation and nodded approvingly. I could feel the weight on my shoulders lifting. Sure, Ms. Winry is weird and zombie-crazed but she's just fabulous like that. And plus, her subject is THE MOST important one.

Ren and I looked at each other and nodded. That big smile still plastered on our faces, we said "Thank you." and bowed. A wave of polite applause filled the air. But even so, I could hear Ren sighing in relief. What an adorable characteristic! Uh, I mean, WTH is wrong with that gay kid?!

I took my seat next to Penny and turned to her. The said brunette had her gaze focused on the glass-board. Even so, Penny didn't look serious. At all. Her long caramel pigtails definitely wasn't helping. Somehow, the image of a Gasai Yuno* with brown hair came into my mind and I had to hold the urdge to laugh.

Brunette. Gasai Yuno. Pffft-AHAHAHA!

"Ms. Pillows, would you mind explain to the whole class why are you smiling with a creepy smirk on your face and slightly pink cheeks?"

"I was... Um... Imagining girl zombies? Uh, yeah! I was imagining girl zombies and it turned out to be funny. Ms. Winry, are there such things called girl zombies?" I asked. Ms. Winry brightened and began explaining. I could hear the class groaning at Ms. Winry's extra explanation.



I should feel guilty.



WELL, F*CK YOU, CLASS! I GOT OUT OF TROUBLE! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Margaret's The Boss~! Margaret's The Boss~! *cough* Class, it's an extra explanation! Be grateful!

"Margaret, what the heck? You just gave us an extra 10 minutes! You and I both know you aren't interested in stupid female walking dead!" Penny whisper-shouted. I rolled my eyes. Stupid Penny, thinks she knows everything!

That's how I'd react usually, but that time... WHO CARES?! I got out of trouble! Why? Coz' I'm da BOSS! The BEST!

You might think I'm overreacting, but really, I'm not. Ms. Winry is very serious with punishments. Her punishment tools look like they're made to kill. And you know what? They might.

Once, there was a kid whose name I forgot that said zombies are stupid. Ms. Winry dragged him out of the room and the kid got hurt so bad that he had to go the hospital. He missed school for a few days, but no one was mad at Ms. Winry.

Apparently, the kid's parents lived in another country, so the kid lived with his grandma, who forgot a lot of stuff-including her grandson. And the teachers and the principal hated the kid, too. So no one complained.

The scary thing was, that they said they found teeth marks on the kid. Some people think Ms. Winry actually had real zombies for her punishment. Just add a halo on top of her head, and Ms. Winry would be an angel. But hey, you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover.

After a few more kids did their presentation, the class was over. The kids took their bags and left the class. I, too, took my bag and headed for the door. But before I could go outside, Ms. Winry called out to me. "Ms. Pillows~!"

I let out a gasp and turned to Ms. Winry. She was smiling, a giant smile. Her blond hair literally floating, she smiled like an angel. "Y-yes, Ms. Winry?"

"Margaret, go visit Principal Brandon after school today, he has something to tell you." Ms. Winry told me. After she was done, that too-wide, too-bright smile was still there. I shivered, Ms. Winry looked scary. Not vampire-scary, but creepy-scary. "Ah... Y-Yes? Sure!"

"Oh, and Margaret..."


"Do you want to meet a girl zombie?"

Oh shoot, the rumors are true aren't they? Shoot! I think we all know who can we rely on at times like this. Conscience!

[What should I do?]

[Why are you askin meh? This is my first appearance! My time to shiine!]

[Exactly! Shine by telling me what to do~!]


[Conscience? Conscience?!]

"-and! Oh? Margaret~! Hello~?" Ms. Winry very rudely interrupted me from my conversation with my self. Wait. That sounds weird. Let meh repeat. Ms. Winry didn't let me finish "thinking".

"Y-Yes, Ms. Winry!" I said. Then I blinked until I realized Ms. Winry was expecting me to answer her question. "I'd love to see girl zombies, but I'm too scared and my parents might not let me so, uh... Bye~!"

I took a breath before knocking the principal's door. I tidied my clothes, and hearing the principal's "yes", I came in.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Pillows." He greeted warmly. I nodded. Wow, looking up close, Principal Brandon really is fat. He was sitting there, all nice and comfy, without anything suspicious. Except for Ren being there. Wait... WHAAAT?!

"G-Good afternoon, Principal Brandon." I stammered. What the heck is that boy doing there! AAAAAH! AKDJEMSOXJSNDIS! Principal Brandon gestured to the seat beside Ren and I unwillingly sat there.

Ren and I looked at each other, and I telepathically accused him that he set this all up. Ren answered telepathically, saying he didn't know anything and that he only came here since Ms. Winry told him to.

"Kids, listen! Don't have a glaring contest while I'm here!" Ren and I both jolted in surprise. Ren huffed in annoyance and turned to the principal, while I sighed and decided to listen to what Principal Brandon had to say.

"So Ms. Winry told me you guys gave an excellent presentation about zombies." Principal Brandon started. "So... Do you guys know Benica Hills?" He suddenly asked.

"Unn..." I mumbled. I never heard of it. It sounded awkward. Weird. Whatever. Seriously. Benica?! That's like, the weirdest name ever. I looked at Ren, and he was zoning off to space. "Sure. It's that hill that has lots of rainbows, right?"

The principal face-palmed and slammed the table. "From all of the landscapes you can choose, you choose rainbows?" And the mood dropped instantly.

Ren looked defeated for a second, but then a sly smile formed up in his face. Geez, I wonder if that kid got bad grades. He always challenged teachers. Baka. "W-Well, Principal Brandon, then can you tell me what kind of landscapes are there?" It was more of a challenge than a question, but Principal Brandon didn't seem to notice.

"Uh... Uhm." He fake coughed. He averted his eyes nervously, and stared at the ceiling. Why was the principal being such an idiot? He could have just tell Ren he didn't know, or whatever. Oh, but I forgot he's a man, too. And to guys, dignity surpasses all. How stupid.

"Anyway," Principal Brandon changed the subject.

"So you don't know!" I blurted out. Everybody turned to me. I gasped and covered my mouth, realizing what I said out loud. Sure, I wasn't a goody-two-shoes like Cassidy, but I wasn't someone like Ren either. I would just appear somewhat quiet.

Well, fudge, my cover's blown.

"I-I mean!" Darn. At times like those, I just wished I was a smooth-talker like Penny. But I wasn't. So I ended up smiling all embarrassed like an idiot a d try to appear as polite as possible even though it ain't happening. I knew right away what would the reason be if, just if, my scores suddenly drop.

"Ms. Pillows, I'm pretty sure you mean what you mean. Now anyway, about Benica Hills," Principal Brandon started. I didn't bother to listen to the next stuff he said. I was too busy realizing that I somewhat helped Principal Brandon-I think I'll call him Fatty. So I somewhat helped Fatty changed the subject. Oh ho, Fatty definitely owed me one.

I didn't realize Fatty was done talking, so Ren had to drag me out of there. So he yelled at me for staring off to space. I turned to him and blinked innocently. So suddenly I got a feeling he got the urge to punch me right then and there.

Thank God I punched him before.

"What was Fat-I mean, Principal Brandon talking about earlier anyway?" I curiously asked.

"Unn... We were supposed to go to Benica Hills to camp or something. It's only for the weekends." Ren explained shortly.

"Oh." I replied. I didn't think much of it, until I realized something. Camping. Ren and I. Just the two of us. AAAAAH! Ajsfhkfmsma! Ren turned to leave but I quickly grabbed his hand and he turned to face me. "J-Just the two of us?" I stammered, face flushed.

"NO! What are you thinking?! Us, Nate, and Penny!" Ren growled. He accused me of having dirty thoughts and I declined each and every one of them. I would never imagine Ren and I! That guy is... Horrible!

"Well, whatever!" I crossed my arms across my chest and pouted.

"Well, see ya at rehearsal." Ren said and waved.

"Ah, that reminds me."


"I work on a part-time job so I can't come later. Please remember all the lines and practice tomorrow with me!" I asked.

"Sure. Wait... N-!"

"Noo! Too late!" I stucked my tongue out. "You said yes! I'm counting on you, Ren! Arigatou~!" I screamed as I ran.

If you guys are wondering, Yes. This story has a plot. Not just some random stuff I put on internet. It might be a long story, though. Oh well.