End of the Line

"The next stop will be the end of the line. I repeat; it is the end of the line." a voice echoed through the subway car.

Though I have no inkling of an idea of where this trolley is headed, I am not afraid. A little girl with raven black locks and beautiful green eyes sits across from me.

"This ride is always so boring cuz you guys never ever talk to me…" she spoke with a slightly grouchy tone. She began to whistle to herself while swinging her legs back and for in her seat. I did not know how to respond but just to listen to her soothing whistle. I can hardly remember how I ended up here, on this dark and endless subway, like a dream that you forget moments after awakening.

"You want to go back now, don't you?" the girl politely asked.

"Nah…not really. How long does this ride usually take?" I ask awkwardly.

"Depends, are you really in a hurry to get where we're going mister?" she continued our mutual questioning.

"I just imagined it would be different…" I gazed at the dreary neon lights of the train, they made our skin seem sickly pale.

"Yeah, I can tell you're the type that cannot just sit back and enjoy the ride…hehe."

"If there's no point to the ride, then why ride?" I rudely asked the child.

"Enjoying the ride IS the point silly! Soooo many of you guys just don't get that." She replied playfully. The seats on this car were warm, as if they have never been vacant.

"Seems like a stupid point to me. There has to be something more…" I solemnly replied to her childlike giddiness.

"Hehe why is it always about how complicated you can make things."

"Life is COMPLICATED." I firmly stated, trying not to yell.

"What's so complicated about being born, eating, sleeping, and dying?"

"You're too young to understand…" I halfheartedly replied to the simple and…pretty good point she made.

"You got it backwards mister. You're not young enough to understand." She said as she blew her hair in boredom.

"…You said you've been on this ride before? How many times?"

"Enough to know how you think, mister. Do you want to go back yet?" She repeated her question.

"There's nothing for me back there.."

"You didn't look long enough!" the girl said, her eyebrows scrunching together.

"So you're saying, if I look a little longer, I'll find what I'm looking for?" I asked in a slightly hopeful and childish way myself.

"Yeah silly everyone does! But if you really wanna keep going…" She stopped as if waiting for me to cut her off. When I didn't, she huffed in exasperation.

"I suppose, just to humor you, I will go back." I said, almost laughing.

"Hehe I knew you didn't really want to leave in the first place, nobody does."

"Yeah…what will happen to you?"

"I think I'll just stay on the train. I always have interesting company hehe!"

"Will I ever see you again?"

"Of course! Maybe next time our talk will be less boring. You can tell me about all your adventures and the people you meet!"

A tremendously powerful beam of light shot into my eyes from the front of the train. The girl smiled.

"You better get going! I'll see ya soon!" I looked into the light, and heard voices…my momma, daddy….wife and kids…so many people that love me and that I love. There are still things to be done, to be seen, to be heard. Nah….I won't miss out on all that…not for one moment of weakness. I'm going back home.

"Yeah…thanks kid."