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Kyra Taylor

A scream that echoed throughout the silent village made my skin crawl. I sucked in a breath and held onto my sister and brother's hands tightly. My mother's eyes fell onto me as she wringed her hands on the skirt of her dress, my father's hand on her shoulder. I untangled myself from the younger kids and went over to the shutters. I ignored my mother's gasp and my father whisper comforting words to her as I threw them open.

That's whenever I saw a man have his head cut off. It hadn't been a man who had killed that person, either, but a teenage boy. That was what happened whenever the government was overthrown. The Mutineers had overthrown the previous rulers, but the previous government had been a better system. All these people did was murder in cold blood. They ripped apart families by stealing husbands and sons for soldiers, women and children to become their own personal slaves.

I turned away from the window and I remembered that day I would not let them control me any longer. I'd only been eight at the time, but I was old enough to know what was happening. That was, especially after they took my father, mother, and sister from us.

"No, no!" I screamed to them. I struggled against the Mutineer holding my arms so I wasn't able to run after them. "You can't take them from us! What are you going to do, leave us here to starve?" I knew that was exactly what they were going to do. I kicked the guard, hard, in the gut and yanked my way free.

I ran out the front door after them. I ran as far as the wooden walls that surrounded our village, screaming at them and tears streaming down my face. It wasn't until after the Mutineers were gone that my neighbor came and took me to her home with my younger brother. My parents and sister were gone. I was the eldest, though, so I didn't see why they'd taken her and not me. It didn't make any sense to me. That was the new government, though. Nothing made sense.