This is the first time I've ever done an original story since 2010's 'Journey Through a Brother's Quest'. So...I think I would dip deeper back to the manga category. Ponpokopon...this is for you, bro! What you've been waiting for!

Aki's Quest

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: The Dream


A clear quiet night falls throughout the Japanese mountains and soon enough, the distant sound of war bursts right in and a certain shadowy figure took off running as fast as she could, holding a little baby cub in her arms to keep the little one safe and sound from the danger she was gonna face herself. The sound of those footsteps quickly came behind her and gained on her, but she quickly lost track of them by just swatting their faces with tree branches and that definitely did not sit well with the ones chasing her.

She panted heavily as she kept on running as fast as she could and she nearly trips on a tree branch and she still got her cub in her hands and kept going. She knew that that there was no possible way to keep running from these monsters to keep her baby alive. What she did not realize is that those people are surrounding her through those trees and she feared for her and the cub's life, but mainly the cub's life.

A pack of vicious tigers were coming after the child and one of them lets out a snarl and said, "We are here for one thing and one thing only...that kid."

She absoultely refused to do it and she took off running and that did not sit well with the tiger as he lets out a fierce roar and said, "YOU CAN'T RUN FOREVER!"

The pack of tigers ran after her and they ran as fast as they could to gain on her and once the mother realized this, she figured that there was nowhere else to go and she knew she was done for, but at the same time...she didn't want her baby to die. She ran out options and placed the little one down on a basket on the ground and she just looked back at him, shedding tears...really heartbroken that she has to let him go. With one last look at him, she came to him and kissed his forehead and hugged him one last time before she left him behind.

The baby woke up crying out loud before the basket fell down and nearly landed on a nearby cliff...

The light flashes and then...


The blue and white japanese panda bear woke up and realized that it was all just a fact, the very same dream he's been having for a long time now. The panda bear took a deep sigh and placed his hands on his face, just thinking about it and he asked, "Was it all a dream? Or...was it something from the past that I never knew?"


The blue and white japanese bear turned around and saw his older brother, a white wolf with black stripes on his fur, dark blue eyes, a little taller, wearing only shorts and has a japanese symbol above his forehead comes over a ltitle groggy and asked, "What's wrong? This is only the kajillionth time that you've woken me up with your screaming, knucklehead."

"Sorry, Tadashi. I just can't shake off this dream." Aki replied.

Tadashi looked at his panda brother in the eye and he asked, "The dream again? Did you figure it out yet?"

Aki lets out a deep sigh and just tried to think clearly, but so far...there were very few memories of his backstory and he said, "For some reason, it always comes to me when I'm asleep and when I wake up, I barely remember half of it. But I remembere most of my past and even that is a blur."

Tadashi continued to stare at his panda brother and he just felt like it was all barely making sense and he said, "'re such a dweeb."

"Dashi...I'm serious. Maybe it's something from my past that I never knew about." Aki added.

"When have you ever been serious?" asked Tadashi.

Aki blinked his eyes and he said, "If I was serious about something, you'd think you were in a dream and wouldn't believe it was real."

"You know, you're right. I wouldn't believe it. That's because you're barely serious...except when it comes to eating." Tadashi answered.

Aki laughed sarcastically and said, "Very funny."

"Now, can we go back to bed, please? This time, I'm gonna need something to cover my ears in...and not wake up with your butt in my face again." Tadashi replied, walking away.

"That was one time that happened." Aki said, in defense.

Aki sighed at this and laid his head back down to get back to sleep, but that dream of his kept wondering more about himself and whispered to himself, "Maybe it was all just a dream."

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