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Casey Coleridge was popular. She had have many friends or lackeys for a better word, she was very social. She was extremely well rounded; She had a 4.0 GPA, was athletic enough to participate in three sports, was a whiz at the piano and was considered to be one of the best artists among the juniors. Casey had a great sense of style that was always noticed, earning her a reputation of being a well followed trendsetter. Casey was just popular.

It didn't hurt to mention that Casey was one of the best looking girls at Jefferson High School. Her slightly oval shaped face was framed by fiery red hair, and highlighted by her piercing emerald green eyes and her shy smile. She wasn't pale but she wasn't tan, she was just, in between. She stood at 5'9, making her among the tallest in her "posse". She was lean and muscular thanks to weekly workouts. Whether her muscles were flexed on purpose or involuntarily, there were always googly eyes ready to ogle.

Casey also happened to be one of the most charming people anyone could meet. While it wasn't exhibited often, she was a natural flirt. Even the great Josh Templeton admired her flirting skills. Josh was one of the hottest, even if not the hottest guy and senior at Jefferson High. Girls had been known to stare after him as he walked the hallways, their jaws would slacken as he walked out of their line of sight. Casey could easily flirt with him without knowing she was flirting with him.

So yes, Casey was good at many things and well rounded. She was beautiful and had an attractable personality. The thing that really set her apart however was the fact that she was bisexual. Now that set off fireworks.

Both guys and girls would surround her and her "friends", either trying to be buddy-buddy or trying to gain her affections by doing things from asking her out to giving her flowers and then asking her out. They would surround her, competing for her attention from the start of the day, which was homeroom to even after the school day, through Facebook or texting. This included even the most untouchable and best looking juniors and seniors.

It was unfortunate for everyone however that Casey already had her eyes on someone else. The person who had the most popular junior's eye would surprise most. She was probably the last person that anyone would think of when it came to Casey Coleridge's potential crushes. She only saw Casey once a day, during AP English where they were usually partners. She was extremely quiet, effectively blending in the background. She, was Violet Wu, and Casey Elizabeth Coleridge was absolutely smitten with her.

"Casey, Casey," A soft voice muttered. "Casey, did you hear what I said?" Casey found herself shaking out of her stupor to see the amusing smile of Violet Wu looking back at her. She once again been caught spacing out while staring at Violet.

Violet was a beauty, a hidden beauty. She had beautiful raven black hair that hung past her shoulders, framing her beautiful face. She had thick eyelashes, a small but cute nose, and the best feature, her eyes. Her never ending pools of chocolate brown never failed to hypnotize Casey, taking her breath away as soon as she saw Violet when the last period would start. She found herself slipping into space but pinched her arm to pay attention.

"I'm so sorry Vi," Casey said with a frown. "What did you say?"

"It doesn't matter," Violet said, dismissing the matter with her hand. She looked down to her lap and muttered, "Your mind seems very occupied today."

Casey saw Violet's averted eyes and blushing, it was so cute. Casey sighed and told her, "Trust me, its occupied and there's no vacancy available for anything else."

Violet made sure their teacher and the other students weren't nearby when she whispered, blush present and eyes still averted, "Is this about the girl? The one you said haunts your dreams and blesses your nightmares?"

Casey grinned at her friend's intentional mix up but then again, it did make sense. She shook her head with a smile and said, "Yeah, I just can't get her off my mind."

Violet frowned, slightly biting her lower lip as she thought of some advice. She seemed oblivious to Casey's dreamy look as she stared at her. Violet saw Casey's dreamy look again and she smiled, shaking her head. She shook her friend's elbow, immediately grasping her attention.

"Tell her Casey," Violet stated. At the redhead's confused look she added, "Tell the girl you like her."

"I can't," Casey moaned. "I care about her so much, telling her would ruin our friendship." She buried her head in her hand frustrated.

"Come on Casey," Violet said quietly. "If you like her so much, chances are that she'll like you back. You're Casey Coleridge, you're smart, kind, honest, beautiful..." Violet blushed at the last word but slowly added her main point, "This girl would be crazy to not like you."

Casey sat there, stunned at Violet's words. The raven haired beauty thought she was smart, kind, honest and beautiful. Did she have a chance?

"Tell me about who you like Violet," Casey suddenly said. She had no idea of where that came from but naturally she was no curious to see Violet looking everywhere except at her.

"Well, I, I don't know what to say," The poor girl stuttered. She suddenly looked up and asked, "What about the girl you like? What's she like?"

"Oh no, no, no, no, no," Casey told her firmly. "I"m not saying anything unless you agree to say something too. How about we say a certain trait or something and both describe who we like. Like, hair." Violet refused to budge so Casey sighed and said, "Black hair."

"Red hair for mine," Violet muttered. Casey's heart started to beat just a little faster. There weren't too many red heads at her school. "Eye color?"

"A luxurious chocolate brown," Casey answered with a lazy grin. "I can stare at them all day."

Violet stifled a laugh at Casey's lovey dovey face and said with an emotion Casey would identify as proud, "Magnificent sparkling green eyes. Just like emeralds." Casey's heart beat even faster, she was one of few red heads with green eyes. "Favorite book?"

"Pride and Prejudice," Casey stated after some thinking. She was proud to remember Violet's favorite book considering Violet had only told her this fact once. She looked at Violet nervously. She had never told Violet her favorite book. She held in a sigh and several tears threatening to show.

"The Murder on the Orient Express Casey," Violet said, looking into Casey's eyes. Brown met green and subconsciously, they started to lean but jumped as soon as the bell rang. Violet packed her things quickly and had the head start and left before Casey could even blink.

Casey however, had the widest grin that was humanly possible to grin. Violet Wu, the girl of her dreams, had a crush on her. With that, Casey widened her eyes in horror when she realized she was alone in the classroom. She sprinted out the door with her stuff and hurried to her locker. The hallways were dispersing quickly due to the oncoming weekend.

Casey threw everything she needed in her bag and grabbed her jacket, trying to get it on as fast as she could. She saw Violet at her locker, slowly putting her things away. She walked up to her but was stopped when Tina Rodriguez stopped in front of her.

"Hey Casey," Tina greeted with a flirty tone. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow?"

Casey grit her teeth in frustration as she saw Violet start to leave and quickly replied, "Sorry, I can't, got something I have to do, see ya!" She left the Hispanic girl confused as she raced down the stairs and grabbed Violet's shoulder, stopping her.

"Casey please let go of me," Violet sniffled, tears waiting to spill. "I don't want this to be more embarrassing then it already is."

"Please Violet," Casey begged. "I know you were talking about me but I was talking about you. You're the raven haired beauty with beautiful brown eyes who likes Pride and Prejudice. You're the one who's been on my mind for so long. You're the one who blesses my nightmares and my dreams. Don't you see? Its always been you!"

Violet stood still. Casey could see the internal conflict in her eyes. "Violet, please, please agree to go on one date with me. Please!"

"You're asking me on a date?" Violet asked uncertainly. Casey nodded frantically, anything to persuade the girl that she liked her. Violet bobbed her head, thinking but she nodded and gave a small smile. "Yes, I'll go on a date with you."

"YES!" Casey exclaimed in victory. She was so happy, she grabbed Violet's shoulders and kissed her. She pulled back in shock, Violet's shock matching hers. Immediately they both looked at their shoes with Casey stealing a glance at Violet.

"So tomorrow?" Casey pressed. "I'll pick you up at 4?" She only received a shy nod but she grinned anyways and practically skipped all the way home, planning the perfect date for Violet.

Violet in the meanwhile, looked up and smiled a tentative smile. Casey Coleridge just asked her out on a date! With that thought, Violet ran to her ride and spent the rest of Friday wondering what she should wear to her date with the attractive red head the next day.

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