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Casey couldn't help but feel refreshed and impressed that going to sleep early on Friday night was well worth it. Waking up at 8, she had 8 hours to make sure everything was perfect for her date with Violet. She allowed herself to stretch luxuriously before swinging her legs off the bed and tying her hair in a messy ponytail.

8 hours is a lot of time for a simple walk, Casey mused to herself. Then again, I have to make sure everything is perfect... ooh, I wonder what mom made for breakfast.

While Casey got up at what some would consider an "ungodly" hour to get up at, Violet got up at 10. The whole night before had been tossing, turning and excitement at the prospect of today's date. Violet hadn't been on a date in a long time, her heart would start to beat very fast every time she thought of Casey and whatever the redhead had planned.

Casey said nothing on how to dress, Violet thought. I should probably go casual,

Violet's thought disappeared as she heard her phone buzz. She flopped back on her bed and reached for her phone. Her heart started skipping again, it was from Casey.

Hey Vi! Make sure to dress casually. While I would love to stare at you in a dress all day ;) it won't be necessary for our date today. See ya soon! xoxo Casey

Hugs and kisses; the last word sent a shiver through Violet's spine as she thought about the chaste yet electrifying kiss the day before.

"Violet!" A voice yelled. Violet groaned as she heard the yelling of her older sister Kimberly. "Are you up?" She didn't get a chance to answer the sight of an 18 year old came in. Kimberly looked exactly like Violet except she was a little taller and had green eyes taken from her father.

"You're up!" She cheered, clapping his hands excitedly. "Great, now we have to plan what you're going to wear for your date with Casey."

"Kim I have 6 hours!" The usually quiet girl exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. As usual, her older sister ignored her and went right to her closet.

The only things heard that morning in the Wu household were Kimberly's demands and the miserable moans coming from Violet.

3:30 PM

"Casey!" Mrs. Coleridge yelled. "Casey! Where, woah!" Mrs. Coleridge halted her calling as she took in the appearance of her daughter. Usually for dates Casey would either overdo it or not do it at all but this Violet girl, she must have been special.

Casey wore a semi formal white top with black vest, black jeans and her best pairs of Converse. To top it off she added a charcoal black beanie and let her red hair flow down past her shoulders.

"Yeah mom?" Casey asked, expectantly. Her mom was looking at her with wide eyes and Casey couldn't help but tilt her head slightly, wondering what was up with her mother.

"This Violet girl must really be special, to you," Her mother noted.

"What makes you say that?" The redhead asked confusedly.

"Nothing sweetie," Mrs. Coleridge grinned. "Now pick up Violet, we're Coleridge's, impeccable, never late."

"Yes mom," Casey said rolling her eyes but she kissed her mom's cheek before leaving.

3:45 PM

"Oh god Kimberly," Violet moaned, wringing her hands. "I'm so nervous."

"Listen sis," Kimberly said in a serious voice, her 'pep talk' voice. "You look great, you will blow Casey away, just get a bit out of your shell. Talk, and remember, breathe when you feel the butterflies, when you're blushing or both." The doorbell rang right as she finished and she grinned and got up, greeting Casey to fix Violet another moment.

"So Casey," Violet heard Kimberly greet. "What are your intentions with my baby sister?" Violet's eyes widened in horror and she quickly made her way to her sister's side, blushing like crazy. Casey had been smirking at Kimberly's question but it quickly converted to a soft grin when she saw Violet. Violet, like her, had opted for beanie, but this one was purple which went well with her purple top, white jeans and purple flats.

"I think you should ask Violet," Casey said, not shying away from Kimberly's intense gaze. "I'll go as far as she wants to go."

Violet was relieved when her older sister gave a nod and pushed Violet out the door next to Casey. "Good answer Coleridge." She threw out over her shoulder as she let the door close.

"Well that was.. interesting," Casey said with a big smile. "You look great Violet, and I see we both decided to cover our hair today."

"You look wow yourself Casey," Violet responded with a shy smile. "And yes, I guess today is.. "Wear a beanie" day." She followed Casey as they started to walk in the opposite direction. They were standing so close that their hands would brush against each other, igniting a spark.

" "Wear a beanie" day," Casey said thoughtfully. "I like that, I, Casey Coleridge, with Violet Wu as my witness, officially declare today, "Wear a beanie" day!" Casey was able to keep her voice straight through the first part but she was barely able to choke out the rest of the words as she and Violet cracked up.

Violet couldn't help but wonder where they were going. She was curious to ask but didn't want to seem whiny or rude. A minute later, her curiosity won out and she asked, "Casey, where exactly are we going?"

Casey gave a wide smile at Violet's question and looped her arm through Violet's. "We Violet are going tooooo," She dragged out the o and stopped, making Violet turn from her gaze on Casey to the spectacular street carnival in front of them. "A CARNIVAL!"

Violet laughed at Casey's excitement and could barely keep up as Casey grabbed her hand and dragged her to the entrance. After paying for their tickets, both juniors were thrust into a galore of colors, amazing sounds and the scents of mouthwatering food. The next two hours were full of laughter as the girls went through different attractions, as they ate cotton candy and went through a countless number of game booths. Both girls were walking toward the house of mirrors, hand in hand, both holding a stuffed animal they won for each other when Violet suddenly stopped and hid behind Casey, gripping her shoulders lightly.

Casey halted as she felt Violet duck behind her shoulders. "Vi," Her tone full of concern. "Are you alright?"

Violet shook her head and nervously replied, "Travis McDonald's right over there. He'll stop us and, he and his friends will tease me and mock me about something." Travis was with his usually jock friends but Casey recognized a couple of their girlfriends, including a lone Tina who was flirting with one of the single guys.

"What?" Casey exclaimed turning around to face Violet. "He, they do that?" Casey felt herself getting angry at Violet's meek nod. She thought Travis was a good guy. His friends on the other hand were a different story. "Vi, how long has this been going on?"

"Since last year," Violet responded quietly, taking more interest in the grass below here. "They stopped a bit this year because they knew we were friends but its, it still hurts."

"Violet why didn't you say anything?" Casey asked, her tone full of anguish. "I could have stopped them." She used her finger and gently tilted Violet's chin to look at her brown eyes, full of sadness and pain and not sparkling with happiness. "Look at me Violet."

"I didn't want to bother you Casey," Violet stated softly. "You had so much on your plate this year, I didn't want my problem to be another burden."

"Violet, we've been friends since the beginning of the year," Casey told her. "You're one of the few I trust so much, your problem wouldn't have been a burden. You don't deserve to be teased or mocked by those jerks." Casey looked over her shoulder and saw them approaching them. "Speaking of the devils."

"Casey!" Travis hollered. Casey gripped Violet's hand tightly as she came back to her side. "Woah!" Travis stopped looking at the girls, more specifically Violet as he undressed her with his eyes.

"Eyes off my date," Casey snapped. The boy took a step back, hands in the air.

"My bad Coleridge," He told her, not meaning it at all. "Didn't know quiet girl over here could be so smokin'!" The other jocks had joined and voiced their agreements. Casey stepped in front of Violet protectively.

"Shut up!" She snarled. "I actually feel bad that you guys had your heads up your asses for so long that you couldn't see the beauty in front of you. And to top it off, you've been teasing and mocking her?"

"It's nothin' serious," Tim, one of Travis' best friends spoke up. "We're just having fun."

"Teasing and mocking is fun?" Casey questioned angrily. "So calling you guys ugly every single fuckin' day for two years is fun!?"

Casey's eyes were blazing with anger while Violet's eyes held shock. The jocks had remained silent and seemed, regretful of their actions considering it was coming out of someone else's mouth.

"Casey?" Tina asked as she and the other girls came back with arms full of cotton candy. "This," She gestures to Violet. "Is the something you chose to spend your time with today? A quiet, ugly, shy geek?" Casey became angrier with each word but was shocked when she felt Violet's hand slip out of hers and she turned to see Violet's brilliant eyes full of tears, running away.

"You bitch!" Casey hollered at Tina. The hispanic and a couple others flinched, taking a step back. "You insult, tease, mock or even talk or look at Violet again, I swear to god you will pay, understand!?" She received frantic nods and ran in the direction she last saw Violet running in. "Violet!" could be heard as she looked for the quiet Asian girl.

"She went to the Ferris wheel," The guy running the cotton candy machine yelled out. "You might wanna hurry, line's starting to form."

Casey thanked the man and ran towards the ferris wheel, the centerpiece of the whole carnival. She Violet in the front of the short line and hurried. She bumped and excused people to get to the front and was able to get in the same cart as Violet. Violet looked stunned to Casey sitting next to her and tried to get off but couldn't as the man running the ferris wheel secured the security bar and activated the Ferris wheel. They slowly started to rise in the air.


Violet never finished. Casey grabbed her shoulders and kissed her. Kiss after kiss after kiss, Violet lost all train of thoughts at the wonderful sensation and then it got better. She felt Casey slide her tongue on her lower lip and she opened her mouth, battling for dominance as their tongues battled and danced. It was only after hearing the catcalls they stopped kissing. Both girls were out of breath, lips bruised, cheeks red and wide grins on their face.

"Violet," Casey looked her in the eye. "Don't listen to Tina. I only date beautiful , intelligent girls. You are a beautiful, intelligent girl."

"What about shy?" Violet questioned.

Casey smiled and shrugged, "Your shyness is a part of your charm, its one of the things that drew me into you in the first place. You're confident when you want to be and that, well, that's hot." Casey's blunt words caused Violet's cheeks to blush even more but she quickly dismissed it as she leaned in for a gentle kiss.

"Violet Wu, will you be my girlfriend?" She received a kiss and laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

They spent the whole ride kissing and Casey walked her back home, hand in hand, both couldn't help but think: Thank god the power of questions.

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