From time to time,

You clear my history.

The places we've been

Become a mystery./

A simple click,

That's all it'll take

And at the confirmation,

My insides shake./

I'm unarmed against you,

It's not a shared goal,

My intelligence is worthless,

I'm a slave to my role./

I hope I can remember.

I'm sure it's saved somewhere.

But my access is limited.

This just can't be fair./

I'm thinking of yesterday

When you laughed so hard,

That it surely could be heard,

From right across the yard./

Soon enough, you'll

Steal that from me too

And we'll start again,

Afresh, anew./

Give me back my past.

I don't want to forget.

I can keep your secrets.

You won't be in my debt./

You don't know how I'm feeling,

So I guess the fault's not in you,

But always keep this in mind:

Computers want memories too.