The Dare Game

It was a humid day at the Evans household, Jack and Johl were bored. So Johl came up with the idea of having a dare game. So they flicked a coin to decide who would go first and Johl won. The first dare was to eat mud, so they went outside and reluctantly Jack picked up the mud and popped it in his mouth. He started coughing as he tried to swallow the disgusting mess. Then he showed Johl his mouth, to his amazement he had swallowed it. So 1.0 to Jack and it was his dare. He said, "lick the floor."

So they stood outside, Johl knelt down and slowly lowered his head towards the concrete. Quickly he licked the ground then grabbed a drink. 'Ha ha ha' he said to Jack! One all, All tied. The next dare was Jack's. He said:

"We will do the salt and ice challenge." so Jack got the salt and ice. The dare was who could hold the ice on their skin, with a layer of salt, for the longest time

So I stated that that if he wanted to play those games, my dare would be to spend the night at a cemetery. So at 7 o'clock I drove him up there then shoved him out with a pillow. Jack slowly but surely crept through the cemetery searching everywhere to find a place to sleep. He went deeper and deeper into the cemetery until he was confronted by a zombie. So he asked if the zombie to sit down. Then he started to talk about Jonathan Presley. He said that he needed to listen to 'Come home' as his final number before he went to sleep. As time ticked away, Jack told him: that he was born in 1935; all of his songs; which studios they were recorded in; all the session singers and where he played his concerts. Eventually, the zombie ripped off his own head because he was that bored.

So he found a tree put his final number on and went to sleep. At six o'clock the next morning he woke up, then Johl picked him up.

Johl asked him about his night among the graves:

"It wasn't the best bed I've ever slept in but I did get rid of a zombie!"