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Outcasts prologue

The wolf pack ran closer and closer to the raging battle, paws thumping the ground at an extremely fast pace. Toko's black fur blew in the wind from speed. His brown eyes reflected the moonlight. His pack was losing- Being crushed by the Roaring Lion Pack.

Toko roared and leapt from the steep, craggy ledge, and, forepaws outstretched, attacked one of the Roaring Lion warriors. He pulled the warrior off his comrade, then tossed him against the ledge.

Toko approached the warrior, head low and teeth bared. "Had enough yet, Itai?" he snarled.

Itai stood back up, lip curling up into a wicked smile. "You know me, Toko. I never have enough."

The two wolves leapt and collided. Toko was painfully shouldered aside by the larger wolf. Itai attacked, but Toko rolled out of the way, then stood up and attacked just as quickly. He got a grip on Itai's shoulder, but was thrown off.

Landing on his paws and in a rage, Toko rushed for Itai's throat. Itai ducked and grabbed Toko's chest in his jaws. He pulled him to the ground. His face mas met by the scrabbling of claws. Toko's eyes flashed angrily, teeth bared in an ugly snarl.

"Itai. I must defeat you. For Arii's sake..." Toko grabbed the side of Itai's face, his sharp teeth sinking into one of his eyes. Itai let out an angry snarl, letting go of Toko's chest. "And the Shadow Mountain Pack!" Toko threw himself up, letting go of Itai's face.

Itai dodged Toko's attack, his good eye gleaming amber. "You fool!" He called his pack for a retreat. "You may have won this time, Toko. But don't think I'll be easy on you next time." He growled and led his pack over the hill. Toko knew Itai would keep his word. His filthy word.

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