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Outcasts chapter 2- Darkness

"I want you out of my territory, now." Toko's whole body trembled in anger. "If I catch you here again, I will have no mercy. You can have my word." The thunder of an approaching storm boomed with his anger, and the lightning lit up his frightening sillhouette.


Moon turned and slinked away. He heard Toko's growls behind him. "Get out now! Run! I don't even want to smell you again!"

Moon ran, tears streaming down his blue-furred cheeks. The memories were coming back now, as clear as when they had first happened. His mother's death... his struggle to survive... the orange she-wolf... Moon felt rain slap his face as he ran faster. He knew he was innocent... it was that wicked brown wolf!

Rain pelted harder, and Moon ran faster. "I'll have to find a hiding place now, so I can have shelter from the rain," he thought, his sharp eyes scanning the terrain. He spotted an abandoned looking den and scrambled over the slippery, rock-covered path up the hill to reach it.

Moon curled up in a warm corner of the den, and watched the swiftly pounding rain outside. It had been a long day, and the blue furred wolf was shaken. His eyelids slowly slipped over his eyes, as he let the blackness of sleep take over.


Toko and his hunting party dragged Starr's body over rocks and grass, her limp limbs dragging behind her. Her green eyes no longer held the bright, lively look they once had. Her fur, once long and beautiful, was dirty and matted with blood around her neck, and was being quickly sodden with the stinging rain.

Toko clenched his eyes shut and cooled down from the heated rage he had just felt. He was surprised at how snappy he was, considering he had no close relationship with this wolf, Starr. He had just had to control himself to keep from attacking the lone wolf. All he wanted to do now was get back to camp and fall asleep next to Zurri.


"Wolf! Wake up!" Moon opened up his eyes to be met by a dreamy sunlight outside. He lifted his head to see a beautiful brown and white wolf looking at him. There was something odd about her- everything about her seemed to shimmer, even her purple eyes sparkled with what looked like tiny diamonds.

"Get up, young wolf. I'll take you for a walk." The wolf flicked her tail. She had a friendly, yet authorative tone in her voice. Moon believed she must be an alpha. But he just knew he had seen this wolf before...

Moon stood and came a step closer to the she-wolf. She smiled. "I won't bite," she said, tilting her head.

"Who are you?" Moon asked. He couldn't shake the feeling he knew this wolf!


Toko held the death ceremony for Starr, then squeezed under the roots of the hollow tree the Alphas called their den. Toko sighed and rested his head on his paws. It was then Zurri made her way into the den. She sat down next to Toko.

"Something's bothering you, Toko. Don't think I can't tell."

Toko closed his eyes. "It's just so much has happened today... I guess I'm just tired."

"I see..." Zurri looked thoughtful.

"Mommy! Daddy! Come play with me!" Arii, the fluffy black pup, trotted inside the den and jumped on Zurri's head.

"I would love to, Arii, but your father and I would also like some rest."

Toko pulled his head up. "Come here, you little monster," he called. Toko was Arii's new target, and he pounced on the apha's back.

"When I'm older, I'm gonna be just like you!" Arii squeaked. It was in these moments that Toko wished he could be a pup again- young and carefree, no responsibilities as the Alpha of a wolf pack. But those times were gone now.

The black wolf licked the pup's ear. "You're just like me already," Toko said, as Arii slid off his back.

Zurri shooed Arii towards the den's opening. "Go play with Lani now, Arii. We've both had a long day today."

Arii looked disappointed at first, but then perked up his ears and wagged his tail. "Okay!" He squeaked. Then the little black furball disappeared outside the den.

Toko then curled up and fell asleep.


"Follow me, now," the wolf said. Moon followed her out of the den. His paws felt surprisingly light as he trotted out on the rocks. The she-wolf broke into a run. Moon ran, too, and it seemed he could run as fast as he wanted to without tiring. The two ran on and on. Moon then realized they were heading deeper into the Shadow Mountain Pack's territory!

"Hey, you," Moon spoke aloud, "Aren't we supposed to be going away from this pack?"

The she-wolf stopped and turned around. "Moon, just trust me on this."

Moon took a step back with a start. How did this wolf know his name? He shook it off as the wolf dashed off again. When Moon caught up with her again, she was looking across the same stream Moon had gotten a drink from earlier. The she-wolf and Moon trotted along the edge of the stream.

Finally, they reached what looked like a civilization... the heart of Shadow Mountain Territory... the camp. But the camp was dead...


Toko was dreaming. He was running across a burned, black forest ground, his paws becoming scratched by the scorched grass. He somehow knew he was running toward his camp. He came to the stream, but an unpleasant surprise awaited him. Across the stream, he could see his pack. They were fighting with The Roaring Lion Pack, judging by the scent. They were holding their ground for the most part.

Toko tried to move, but it was if his feet were frozen to the ground. His nostrils picked up a new scent- loners. Their fur was spiked and black, and their eyes glowing red. They took on both packs at once, and the wolves fell, Roaring Lion and Shadow Mountain, one after the other, to the ground, staining the ground dark crimson.

Toko felt the heat rising. The sky became redder than the blood on the ground. Toko snarled at his paws for not moving. A tiny voice calling out his name caused him to look back up. It was Arii, fear on his face, surrounded by the huge loners.

"Arii, No!" Toko found his feet could move again. He leapt across the stream to stop the wolves...


Moon looked up when the sky became red. He heard the cry of the small pup. Moon tried to move, but the she-wolf appeared in front of him. "Why can't we help them?" the loner cried.

That was when a new wolf jumped in.


Toko dug his teeth into the neck of one of the loners and dragged him to the ground. Despite his strength, the loner burst up from the ground, and Toko went flying in the air, landing in the fast-moving stream. Toko came back up and gasped breath in. The last thing he heard before going back under was the scream of his son. Then the rushing water pulled him under.


Moon saw the alpha go down. He should have been frightened, but he wasn't. It only made him want to protect that pup...

"Move! I don't know who you are, but you can't stop me from saving an innocent life!" Moon dodged the she-wolf, but she abstructed his view once again.

"What is wrong with you? I have to help him!"

The she-wolf's face was written over with sadness. "There's nothing you or I can do. You saw what they can do. Those wolves who lie there, dead, were some of the most savage wolves alive. You saw what those darkness wolves did to them."

Moon moved away from her yet again, but she jumped back in front of him. Her eyes shimmered sadly as she disappeared. "I thought I taught you to be careful, my son..." she said, her voice just barely a whisper. It was then Moon recognized her. "Iris! Mother! Don't go!" But Iris was already gone.


Toko awoke with a snarl. He was trembling with some strange mixture of fear and anger. He looked to his side and saw Zurri sleeping there, peacefully. Toko sighed shakily and tried to get back to sleep. But he couldn't. He just couldn't.

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