Author's Note

I hope you enjoy this short story. If you are new to my writing, go check out my other stories. I will update this story daily. It's really short but I'm hoping you enjoy it. I will be updating my other story, BIE, soon. Sorry that I haven't continued that. Love you guys. Take care and enjoy!

Copyright 2013 Samantha Reyes

This is my story, all of my original ideas, and I have the rights to this story that I came up with.

The clouds moved around in the sky slowly and looked ominous. The sky let loose all of its tears and they slowly fell on the ground beneath it. The wind took its course and rushed past everyone; leaving behind the absence of heat. The leaves crunched as people stepped on them as did the stairs creak as they were climbed which led to an average-sized house. The house looked tremendous on the outside but on the inside, it was vacant and torpid with many creaks and squeaks. On the inside, it looked like no one ever lived there. The house looked disconsolate although cared for. Slow and peaceful tunes filled the house. The music did not match the people which claimed to live inside. It seemed like the music was always playing but no one was ever home. The door was slammed shut and made loud echoes throughout the house. I took careful steps on the stairs which were bound to break.

"Mom? Dad?" I don't know why I bothered to call out their names. I knew they weren't home and wouldn't be for another few hours. The echo of my voice was the only thing to greet me and not even that was amiable. I arrived at my room and opened the door to be welcomed by my iPod in its dock; playing the sweet melody of "River Flows in You" by Yiruma. He knew how to play such delicate pieces which let serenity flow within one. My phone vibrated on my bed as I laid down, indicating that I've received a text. The text was one from a classmate which read: 'Party at my house today. All the cool juniors are going to be there. You're invited if you'd like.'

It was a gloomy Friday and my parents wouldn't be home for a few more hours. I thought to myself that I could go even if I didn't want to. I'm always alone and I really wanted a getaway from these 4 walls. I was honestly desperate for some companionship. Sometimes I get tired of being lonely for hours without end. Sometimes it's the thoughts that kill us most. I, for one, was tired of being with myself so I walked over to my closet to pick out an outfit. There weren't many selections to choose from. I ended up picking a bright red shirt with black skinny jeans. They were beginning to get worn down but there wasn't much that I could do.

My black cat rubbed herself against my leg. She was my only companion who also detested me. I slung my purse over my shoulder and grabbed my keys which jingled a tune. I closed my door, leaving behind the beautiful pieces of my favorite composers. I walked out of the house, not looking back to look at the disconsolate house. I was ready to go to this party although I'm sure I'd know no one. My classmate probably only invited me to get some homework done for her. When I arrived to the party, it was in full swing and I was surrounded by sweaty bodies. The vulgarity of the rapper was at full volume with a bass that shook the poor house to leave it without any force.

A guy with chestnut brown hair with locks that weaved into one another forming these perfect bouncy curls, approached me, and smiled a nice smile. It looked warm, inviting, and called out to me. He didn't have the best teeth in the world, but having someone acknowledge my presence with a smile, moved me. I then noticed his brown eyes which managed to glisten in the dim lighting of the house. They looked just like the warm hot chocolate on a cold, winter day. The deep beautiful brown kissed the black pupil which stood in the middle as they stared intently at me. He walked over to me gracefully, almost as if he was floating instead of walking.