I wanted so bad

to hold your hand

to pull you close to my body

to let everybody know

we were like family

or just in my mind

I had you in my grip

I had you in my grasp

but you changed my presence

you changed my past

my life was better without you

I was so blinded by beauty

I ignored the bad words

the yelling the cuts

all you did to me was hurt me

but I did not leave your side

I connected myself to your being

it isn't your fault you can't see

the true meaning of love

I cannot show you

I can only help you feel

you have to use your imagination

but that can be hard

but if you play the right card

you will see the hearts light

and how it shines bright,

close your eyes and dream

I the queen

you the king

we can be together

all you have to do

is dream,