A Little Side Note Fact

WG: What if I told you this was my entry that my school was doing-write a story for 3rd graders for their reading.

Bob: Really? ...But...the story wasn't that... Okay, face it, the story shouldn't be for 3rd graders!

WG: I don't know...I read books like this or things similar when I was in 3rd grade...I think.

Bob: You don't count-you enjoyed a horror film when you were six.

WG: And I think that's what started it all. Besides! This guy who works with them said that the kids kept complaining how simple they were!

Bob: Let me guess, your story didn't get the vote?

WG:Some easy-peasy, kiddie kindergarten type book won. Besides...I'm not good at selling it as well as summarizing.

Bob: Sure, that's it. Glad you didn't win.

WG: Well, what do the people think?