Once there was a fish. He was a red fish. He was red because he ate red rubies. One day in the ocean he was bored. Then there came a blue fish. He was blue because he ate blue jems. He asked the red fish, "Hey! Why are you red?" and the red fish responded," NONE OF YOUR BEES WAX CAUSE YAH! LEAVE ME THE FISH ALONE meh."
The blue fish was shocked. But before it could leave a yellow fish came. He was yellow because he ate yellow jems. He asked the blue fish, "Hey! Why are you blue?" and the blue fish responded," I am so blue...I AM SO BLUE, WHY AINT YOU BLUE TOO?!" The yellow fish was just so confused.
Then an orange fish came. He was orange because he ate orange jems. He asked all the fish, " Hey! It seems to me that you guys are friends and having a colour party may I join?!" Then all three fish were like, "NO, YOU AINT KIDDING US! YOU ARE AN ORANGE FISH. ALSO YOU AREN'T A PRIMARY COLOUR SO THAT MEANS YOU AREN'T ALOUD TO BE ALIVE!"
But then the orange fish said," Hey! No! I am a primary colour because I am orange. The yellow fish isn't a primary colour! So get him not me!" Then the orange fish ran away.
While the blue and red fish were killing the yellow fish; the orange fish ran into another orange fish. The other orange fish asked," Hey! Why are we orange?" Since fish can't remember anything he told him," I don't know. I think we might have ate oranges that sailors through down into the water everyday because orange trees can't grow in the water. WAIT WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME GO ASK SOMEONE ELSE! meh." So the orange fish killed the other orange fish for asking a simple question.