I knew that today would be the last battle of our lives. We would either reign victorious, finally, or fall to the powers of darkness. I could feel the dark forces raging, their power capturing what little radiance we fallen had left and turning it into something demonic and twisted. We were falling, after centuries of fighting for our lost home.

This war of ours had been begun mere days after we woke from our fall. Lucifer wasted no time in gathering his forces against those left here, on earth that would stand against him. We would receive no help from our father in heaven during this fight for our lives. We were fighting with only hope on our side. Hope that our father would forgive us. Our radiance from so long ago has dimmed; we were falling to the darkness.

I could feel pieces of my long dark hair falling from its plait; the chosen style for battle. My armor was dented and dull. A few more attacks from the damned, and I would fall too. I could see Jegudiel ahead of me, his dark eyes flashing as he fought a double headed demon with all his strength. He had not seen its brother lurking behind him.

I hurried forward, holding my twin scimitars high and slicing quickly through the unsuspecting demon. The pure angel electrum burned brighter as the black blood seeped toward the hilt. Jegudiel nodded his thanks, having no name to call me by.

I was a lower angel. Not many knew my name and I had no status other than warrior; born and bred. I was not the messenger of heaven, the saving angel, nor the Morningstar. I was simply myself, a soldier in the fallen army of God.

I could see beast after beast pouring out before my brothers and I. A long split defaced the once beautiful hillside, a gateway to hell. This particular battleground, like all before it, was littered with body after body. My only worry came from the sheer number of pure wings lying among the black demons.

Suddenly, the ground shook beneath my booted feet. I drug my eyes from the blank face of the fallen Gabriel, messenger of God, up to where the sun was shadowed and felt my mouth fall agape in horror.

An abomination stood before me, towering into the sky like a sky scrapper of death and destruction. This creature was a myth, even among my kind. As it barreled toward me, chunks of charred skin falling at its feet, I realized this was no dream, no myth. The Titan of Hell; an abomination of Lucifer's creation, made specifically to kill angels. To kill me.

I felt cold black hatred ooze from this creature. The pure wrongness of this thing palpably dimmed the light of the angel blades near me. Their wings sagged as it drew closer, killing hope in its wake. If the mere presence of this creature could draw my brothers down, who was I to stand in its way?

I was no match for this creature. I was not an archangel; I did not have the power over demons as Michael did. With shaking hands, I slid my scimitars back into their scabbards and bowed my head. An eerie calmness soothed me as I waited death. I would die for my Father in heaven, if nothing else.

The Titan hit me with the force of ten thousand men. The very breathe was forced from my lungs as I feel to my back. Searing pain shot up from my spine to my very core as a sickening crack reverberated in my ears.

I opened my soft, almond shaped eyes in pain. The creature had me pinned beneath one decayed, burning hand. My wings, oh, my wings. They lay at angles unnatural, broken nearly beyond recognition and burning beneath the fire of this abomination. Tears pricked my eyes as it leaned down to me, stopping mere inches from my face. It stunk of sulfur and hellfire, the stench snapping my eyes closed.

As I waited for death for the second time in my long, long life, a thought seemed to skitter across my mind, like a memory forgotten.

'I will not abandon you, my children. You merely need to search for me in the light within yourselves.' The last words of my Father, our Father, before he cast us from paradise.

In my last moments, I began my search for the light inside me.

I am not pretty.

I had known this all my life. My hair was simply dark brown, my eyes a light amber color, and my features plain. My brothers and sisters had always over shadowed me.

I am not beautiful.

I knew this too. I always paled to the light of the others. I was quiet and soft-spoken. I did not lead the army of angels. I followed and fought among the ranks.

I felt a warmth spread through me. A warmth I had not known since before the fall. I felt truth flash before my closed eyes and I could see myself as I had once been.

I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.

A terrible anguished scream ripped forth from my throat as white hot pain seared through me. Every fiber of my being felt as if it had been lit on fire. I screamed until my lungs gave out and screaming seemed moot. Whimpering, I took the pain in silence, wondering if I had descended into hell in death.

After what seemed an eternity, the pain ceased and the burning faded. Fearfully, I opened my eyes. Before me stood gates that disappeared into the clouds above me, gleaming a gold unknown to man. The sparkled and through their luminous light I could not see what lay beyond them.

'Welcome home, my child.' A voice spoke from nowhere, sounding like a thousand crashing waves, yet it hit me with the gentleness of a butterfly's wing.

My lips pulled up into a smile. The radiance I had long forgotten lived inside me had been reignited. The pain of my angel blood, the blood of my Father, burning away my sins had brought me home. I was standing before the gates of heaven, ready to return home to my Father. Forever more would I be Ambriel, with radiance like the sun.