Chapter 4: The Last Time

We went to our favorite spot for camping - right beside the beach, about three miles from our house.

As Luke and Silver went to gather sticks and build a fire, I cleaned out two rabbits to roast. I always do the cleaning - Silver's too little (or so she claims, considering she can already do some of the 10 years old school stuff) and Luke is just too lazy to do this hard work. I don't blame them though; having to clean out intestines and hearts of the kills isn't very appetizing. Well, I guess I'm more used to it now, and that's why I'm stuck to this work.

When I had finally finished the gross work, and the other two had successfully made a fire, we roasted the rabbits and just talked about random things.

"So, Silver, how's your knife handling skill going? Getting better?" I asked, none too suspicious.

"Oh, you know, sis, not much better really. Got better at gutting though." Immediately, she covered her mouth, realizing what I was getting at.

"Hm... gutting, huh? Maybe tomorrow you can clean out the intestine instead. I need to look for more greens while you and Luke set up the fire and lunch. Gotta be healthy!" I said, even though we all knew that it was just an excuse: Luke and I hate vegetables, and Silver just naturally dislikes them from lack of eating them.

"But! But! But -" Silver stuttered, trying to think of an excuse.

"No but's. You are doing it tomorrow and that's final." I said firmly.

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Good girl," said Luke, teasingly.

"But Luke is doing it the next day," she added quickly, sealing his fate.

"No I'm not, cooking is for girls."

"Excuse me, Luke, but cooking is not just for girls. Thank you very much. Some of the greatest chefs are male." I put in.

Luke did some grumbling, like every other time he was told to do something he did not enjoy.

"Luke, Silver agreed to do it tomorrow, so you should do it the day after that." I tried to reason with him. "You are doing it and no excuses. You too, Silver, no pathetic excuses." Little did we know, this was the last time any of us would be by a campfire, roasting rabbits.

"Yes, bossy sister," they both replied.

"Oh, so I'm bossy? Think about yourselves," I said sarcastically.

"Oh, no, you are, Raven. Admit it!" Then they started chanting: Admit it! Admit it! Admit it!

Finally, I had enough of the noise and admitted I was bossy. Not going to hurt if I admit it anyway! I thought.

After that chaos, we packed everything up and walked back to our house to wash off the dirt and sweat from the morning. You have no idea how much sweat one can generate in one morning while hunting. Can't blame you though, you've probably never hunted before, have you?

"Rae -" Silver started whining later that evening. I was reading a book I've read many times before. "May we please go out to the beach and swim? Please? Pretty please with chocolate chips on top? Pretty please?"

"Hm... But we already had a hunt this morning. We are all really tired," I said gently. "Maybe tomorrow?"

"NO!" She yelled, about to break into a fit. I immediately knew something was about to go wrong: Silver never throws a fit unless she knows something; she has a sixth sense about whether something bad might happen. "TODAY! NOW!"

"Okay, okay. We'll go. The sun might not come up tomorrow anyways. Why don't you go and ask Luke if he wants to come as well?" I said, trying to calm Silver down. Rarely does she ever throws a fit. And just as well, seeing how things get destroyed every time she does.

"I already asked brother, he said he want to come too!" She smiled a fake smile that only I could tell was fake. Luke must've known something was wrong, too. He almost never goes out to the beach; he hates the sand and will only go when fishing is involved. But he must have had heard the urgency and the unusual childish-anger in the words.

"Alright then, let's go. Hey, you up for a sandcastle contest, Princess?" I requested, knowing how much she loves sandcastles, just to take her mind off... whatever that was bugging her. "I'm sure Luke would love to join too!"

"Wait! But what about the book you were reading, Raven?" Luke said, suddenly appearing at my door frame. "I thought I would take Silver to the beach and you can finish the book. You wanted to finish the book today, didn't you? So that you can write the review." He was lying. Only later did I realize he was trying to protect me.

"It's okay. It's not like I was paid for it or anything. Let's go to the beach," I said, not wanting to let Silver out of my sight while something wrong was going to happen. "I can always finish the book tomorrow."

Little did we know, we wouldn't be back here in the house again tomorrow. Nor this night.

I really enjoyed righting this bit. All the hinting and clues and foreboding and foreshadowing is really fun. Well, hope you like this one. so please review or something. and as Silver said "Please? Pretty please with chocolate chips on top?"