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Chapter 1


The jail cell had an unnatural clean feel. The glossy wooden floors nearly reflected the high-up white ceiling. This particular room only contained one jail cell, for Dawn City's most dangerous criminal.

Annie sat within the cell against the wall, her legs stretched out in front of her, flipping through a magazine. She stopped on the page dedicated to Sir Darko and Lady Darko, Dawn City's most dangerous super-villains nearly twenty years ago. This day, however, Annie herself filled that role as Madame Vicious. She used the former duo as inspiration.

"Madame Vicious," the guard said from the desk, peering at the door. "It looks like you have a visitor."

As Annie turned her head, she flipped her dark brunette hair with a single red streak behind her shoulder and saw her arch-nemesis walk through the door.

Annie huffed and turned her head back to the wall. "Come to gloat, Jetman?"

Bradley, who was more commonly known by his superhero identity, Jetman, sighed and replied, "No, I just came to check and make sure everything was going smoothly."

"It is for now," Annie said, stretching her hands out in front of her chest. "That is until I break free. You know I always do."

"Yep," Bradley agreed with another sigh, "and I'll be right there ready to through you back in prison, just like I always do."

"One day, I will win," Annie gritted darkly. "You just wait and see."

"Sure you will," Bradley muttered in a vague unconvinced tone. He briefly fingered his blonde goatee, and then pulled a bag from behind his back. "I'm brought you some food. You know, since this is probably the tenth time this year I put you here, I figured this time I could do something a little nice."

"I don't want your pity food!" Annie snapped.

"Come on," Bradley insisted waving the bag. "It's your favorite, warm cheese sticks from Dawn City's Café. They'll melt right in your mouth."

Annie just snorted and ignored him, trying to block out the warm scent of the freshly cooked mozzarella sticks.

"Well, I'll just leave them here in case you change your mind," Bradley said, pushing the bag through the bars and setting it on the ground. He then nodded towards the guard still sitting at his desk.

After Dawn City's hero left, the guard shot a puzzled look between the door and the super-villainess and commented, "That was rather odd. How does he even know what your favorite food is?"

"Just shut up," Annie groaned, returning to her magazine.

The truth was she had known Jetman long before he became known by his superhero name, or she became recognized by her villain name. The two went to the same schools, starting from grade school all the way throughout high school. Annie remembered Bradley was the most popular kid in school. All the attention he got annoyed her. In her mind, he didn't even deserve it.

The door opened and another guard entered. This man was more elderly with his short graying hair brushed back sleekly. In his arms, he carried a blue fleece blanket topped with a dark pink feather pillow.

"What are those for?" the guard at the desk demanded.

"Accommodations for the prisoner, Sir," the man answered, promptly.

"She's already got those," the guard retorted, pointing at the black and white layout on the prison bed.

The other man stood up stiffly and continued, "Well, perhaps if we were to provide a warmer more caring environment, she might not be so quick to try and escape."

The guard gawked at the older man. "That's got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

"We don't know until it is tested," the older man said.

The guard at the desk merely rolled his eyes, as the other man stuffed the blanket and pillow through the bars. They plopped on the ground next to the bag of cheese sticks.

"Don't you have a key," the main guard demanded.

"I seemed to have misplaced it, but worry not, I'm sure it will turn up soon."

Something about his tone made Annie look up at him curiously. Her eyes then fell to the blanket and noticed a tiny silver object wedged within, a key. Her plan to escape was put in motion.

Annie used her main superpower, telekinesis, to summon the key to her hand. She then stood up and commented, "You know, you always seem to think you can hold me permanently, officer."

"You may be cocky from your recent escape, but let me tell you, since your last visit, we have doubled our security," the guard informed, smugly.

"I see that," Annie remarked, rising to her feet. "But you still seem to forget the same thing every time."

The guard groaned and looked her directly in the eye, and asked, "Oh really, and what might that be?"

Annie raised her hand and uttered, proudly, "I'm Madame Vicious."

She then used her power to slide the desk back, trapping the guard against the wall. Annie then darted over to the door and unlocked it. Before exiting, she grabbed the bag of mozzarella sticks and then headed towards the door.

The elder man bowed, motioning towards the exit. "Madame."

Annie looked at him curiously for a split second, wanting to ask him who he was, but she did not have the time. The pinned guard did not hesitate to shout, 'prisoner escaping!'

As she ran out to the main prison hall, she found several officers attempting to have her surrounded. All guns pointed in her direction. Annie lifted her hand, causing one officer to lose balance and caught his gun as it flew in her direction.

She caught and pointed it at all the men. "I'd step out of my way if I were you."

"You're outnumbered, Madame Vicious," a guard said. "You can only shoot one of us, while the rest fire you down."

Annie looked at him and smirked. "Who says I have to shoot anyone?"

As he tilted his head confused, Annie fired at a tall cylinder can on the ground, causing it to explode. With the hall now covered in thick black smoke, she leaped up to one of the upper windows. She used her gun to smash through the glass and made her escape.

Annie ran through the field and climbed over the electric fence around the side of the prison. She could feel the electricity but as she had more tolerance than the average human, she only struggled a little to get over it.

"Jake, where are you?" Annie muttered, gazing onto the vacant rode.

Jacob was her number-one sidekick and partner in crime as well as lifetime best friend. He was actually the only friend she ever really had. Annie knew he must have someone assisted in the plan for her escape as usual, but every other time he was ready with his truck.

As the sirens began to sound, Annie turned her head and saw a number of police cars light up. Fortunately, she didn't think any of them saw which side of the fence she climbed.

Annie heard an engine sound nearby and turned her head to see Jacob's narrow silver beat up truck emerge, breaking right beside her. She jumped in and he stepped on the gas.

"You're late," Annie accused, as she rested her legs above the glove compartment, and took a bite of one of her deep-fried mozzarella sticks.

Jacob repositioned his golden-rimmed wiry glasses and grinned. "How do you know that? No one even told you of the plan."

"I know usually, when you have an escape plan, you're always there the second I get out, or before," Annie said, ripping off another bite. "What could you have possibly been doing?"

"I stopped by the library on the way. I guess I got a little to caught up there," Jacob explained, and then glanced at her snack. "Where did you get those?"

"Never mind that," Annie grumbled, not wanting to admit who the gesture was from.

"Did Bob give them to you?" Jacob asked.

Still slouched in her seat, Annie turned her head and demanded, "Who the hell is Bob?"

"The minion I sent with the key," he explained, looking at her with a raised brow. "He is the reason you escaped, right?"

"Oh yeah, I guess so," Annie muttered, as she turned her head to gaze out the window.

"Come on Annie," Jacob said with a sigh, "Bob has been working with you for years now. He knows your favorite food and you don't even know his name."

"You can't expect me to know the name of every single minion," Annie retorted.

"Yeah, but you don't even try," Jacob informed, keeping his car steady down the Kansas dirt road. "You might want to show a little more appreciation if you want them to remain loyal to…"

At that moment, Annie noticed a small animal run into the road in front of them, followed by a small boy chasing after it.

"Jake, stop!" Annie yelled as he immediately slammed the breaks.

Seeing that the truck could not stop fast enough, Annie used her power to force it to halt. The boy jumped back, breathing heavily.

"That was close," Jacob muttered, his own breaths heavy.

The boy continued to stand, gawking at the truck. Annie grew impatient and waved hand, causing him to fly over landing bottom first on the glass.


She just looked at her best friend and rolled her eyes. "Well, that's better than running him over, right? No go! What are you waiting for?"

Jacob lifted his head up and looked down at the ground in front of them. "His dog."

Annie huffed and swung her legs over to the car floor and peered out the front window until she spotted the little yellow dog. She waved her hand again, causing the pup to fly into the boy's arms. The little child called out 'thank you,' as they drove away.

"Well, Madame Vicious, it looks like you just saved an innocent life," Jacob commented, shooting her a grin. "Imagine if the media got footage of that, they would have a field day."

"No one is going to find out," Annie said, shooting him a look. "Got it?"

The rest of the minions awaited the return of Madame Vicious in the lair, the place where the evil plans formulated. The halls were wide but the building overall had a small feel from the dark colored walls.

"Daniel," Annie said, motioning towards a young dark-haired man. "Prepare the cameras. I have an announcement for Dawn City."

"Um, that would be Deimos, Annie," Jacob whispered in her ear.

"Not now, Jake!" Annie snapped, as she sat down at her black stone desk, eating her last cheese stick.

"You're on," Deimos uttered, holding up the camera.

"What?" Annie quickly through the cheese stick under the desk and glared at him. "You're supposed to give me a warning."

Deimos merely shrugged and mumbled an apology. Annie almost stood up to yell at him more, but then remembered she was on camera.

"Right," she muttered, quickly gathering her thoughts, before glaring right into the camera with a smirk. "Well, citizens of Dawn city." She looked up pretending to think. "What was it… I think an hour that I spent in prison today? I hope you enjoyed that hour knowing that your city is safe because that is all about to change. I have a plan that will make the city and everything inside belong to me. Not even your precious Jetman will be able to save you." Annie could feel her blood boil at the sound of that name. "Do you hear that, Jetman? You may think you're better like you always have, but in the end, I will win!"

At the finish Deimos cut off the camera and put it away.

Jacob nodded, approvingly. "That was pretty good. You probably got them pretty scared. So what are we going to do now?"

Annie looked up at her miniature Sir Darko and Lady Darko figured, placed in the mantle, and sighed. "Now, we just need a plan."