A/N: this is a story where Eliza is stuck in a Loony Bin, waiting for her prince to save her

Eliza sat in her room, staring at her red, angry arms. They'd been scratched and bandages and cut with anything she could find. Finally, nurses had cut and dulled her nails daily and kept her on constant surveillance. Of course she found other ways. Teeth. Chewing pens to a point. Removing the eraser from a pencil and using the metal end. Anything to make the pain stop and to piss off the nurses. Most days she refused to take her meds, throwing fits and shoving them at the nurse distributing them. Eliza rarely ate. She didn't trust the food or drinks the nurses brought her. When she was allowed, she got her own food and drink. Granted, she was being paranoid, but like hell she was becoming a mush brain like everyone else. Eliza had been there for almost a year and had made no progress. After her boyfriend, Lee, was discharged, she got worse. She moped around, was easily angered and was not at all easy to get along with this. The nurses pretty much gave her a permanent residence in solitary.

"Lizzeh?" Eliza heard a familiar voice and looked up slowly, still angry.

"Leslee." She turned away.

"Come on, love. Don't be like tha'."

"Be like what? Angry that you left? Angry that I'm still here. I hate it here. I like being angry and drinking and drugs and fucking. I haven't had sex since you left 8 months ago!" Eliza kicked the table, causing a nurse to glare at her. Of course she just growled back at the little nurse, who simply stared.

Lee pulled his angry girl into his arms, petting her hair gently. A frown skated across his face as he noticed her hair was choppy and short.

"I cut it with glass," she said shortly, noticing his staring.


"Because I wanted to and I just- Ugh!" She screamed and the nurse ushered them out into the courtyard before she could stir up the other patients. There, Lee took the beating he knew he would get, mental and physical.

"YOU LEFT ME! Alone! Do you not realize how scary this place is alone?! I can't- I barely make it through the day!" Eliza let another scream be torn from her throat, hitting the metal picnic table with her fists. Now Lee wrapped his arms around her, her anger turned physical now as she punched him and shoved out of his grip.

"You BETRAYED ME!" Whack. His head snapped right with a blow to his jaw. "You got to go free while I suffered!" Crunch. His nose cracked and started bleeding. "I have pills forced into my throat daily!" Thwap. She underhanded his stomach, making him double over. "I HATE YOU!" She screamed again, falling to the ground, broken as she cried and sobbed. Lee sat next to her, pulling her into my lap.

"I don't want to be broken..." her voice cracked as tears streamed down her face.

"I'll get you out today. That's why I'm here, Lizzeh. I can't stand being without you."

"Really?" She sniffed and rubbed her nose, looking up at him.

"Of course love." He pushed hair from her face, kissing her forehead.

"I want a drink."

"We'll head to a bar first."


"My place."


"Once you've had enough coke." They grinned and he kissed her gently. Lee relaxed as he felt her soft mouth on his again. He'd missed her so much.

They pulled away, soft sighs leaving both of them.


"Since the first day." Together, hand in hand, they walked in to discharge Eliza. The nurses noticed how relaxed and happy she was and let her leave.

Eliza took a deep breath as they walked out of the gates and immediately broke down.


"I just- I never thought I'd get to leave..." Lee relaxed and held her close as they headed to his black and blue motorcycle and climbed out. First things first. Vodka. Then several lines of coke and some very needed intense sex and they'd be on the right track. Finally.

"Love ya' Lizzeh."

"I love you too Lee."

"Always?" he asked, starting the back. Eliza leaned forward to whisper gently in his ear, relaxing against his back.

"Forever." They both smiled and shot off into the bright daylight.