Dear Brayden,

This is a love letter. Yeah, an actual love letter. To you: Brayden Hayes. I am your secret admirer. I have been since our freshman year of high school. Since this is a love letter, I cannot reveal my real name to you. Why? Well, one, that's against the rules in a love letter. Second, I already know we could never be together. There are several people in our society who would believe us to be wrong or disgusting, but just to get my feelings out there, I'm writing this letter to you. I doubt I will ever have the courage to give you this. This letter is more to myself than you; to prove to myself that what I feel for you is undoubtedly real. Its hard to keep these feelings locked up inside when you're just within my reach, but yet you're so far away from me. I can't find any other way to express my feelings to you but through this letter... a letter that you'll never even see. So, I'll start from the very beginning; from the very first moment I laid my eyes on you, Brayden Hayes.

It was the first day of our freshman year when I physically met you. We came from two different middle schools, but I'd already heard the millions of rumors about you before I physically met you. Such as how hot and gorgeous you were, how sweet you were, and how you seemed to be perfect at everything you did. You were the kind of person who could be friends with absolutely anyone. I will admit though, whenever I heard the spiraling tales of how perfect and happy you always were, I thought it was utter crap. That was until I met you and you proved me wrong. You were the most gorgeous boy I had ever laid my fourteen year old eyes on. Since then, you have always been etched on some level of my mind. I'd see you in the hallways and my depressing days would become so much better. Your eyes though...those eye were the very first thing I noticed about you when you held the door open for me to the cafeteria. I didn't know you and you could have been a jerk or arrogant, or both for god's sake, but it didn't matter. I fell for you the moment our eyes met. I was hooked.

You've never failed to impress me with your actions. Like last year, for example. In the science wing, there was a freshman girl being bullied by a group of junior boys and it seemed like it was hopeless to step in and help her. The girl was on the verge of tears and I was actually about to step in to take action...when you beat to it. You were walking out of Mr. Brodsky's room when you noticed what was happening and immediately took action. You stood right up to them and defended the girl without fear. I remember you looking completely livid; so livid that it kind of frightened me. But I couldn't stop the grin that graced upon my face. I was so proud of you, for standing up for what you believed was right with fierce. It could have ended badly, with you getting hurt, but you didn't back down. If anything did happen anyway, those boys would have faced major consequences. By me, in particular.

I learned something else about you, Brayden. Back in January, when you auditioned for the main male role for the school play, you were completely psyched about it. I remember you putting so much effort into your audition and to me, it looked as if you were made for the stage. I was smiling at you from somewhere in that auditorium as you performed your audition. I was excited for you. In the end though, you, shockingly, didn't make the role. You looked like you weren't bothered by it, brushing it off, saying you'd try next time. You even gave a huge congrats to the guy who did get the role. But, somehow, I just knew you were hiding your real emotions deep inside; sadness and disappointment. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw you walking to your car after school that day. Instead of a smiling face, it was replaced by the saddest expression I've ever seen on you. I believe you tried to deny that you weren't jealous or disappointed, but those feelings are just part of being human, you know? Especially after being as excited as you were for the role. I realized, then, that you were a truly strong person, more so than I expected. I, also, realized that you always try to be the most selfless person in the world, because you don't want to be the selfish kind of guy. And that's just one of the things I love about you.

I feel like I know so much about you, but at the same time I know absolutely nothing. I don't know the simple things such as your favorite color, or your favorite movie, or your favorite food, whether you have any siblings, or whether you have any pets. I only know the Brayden Hayes at school. I have just recently came to this revelation and it has left me even more heartbroken than I have before. It's not easy hiding all these feelings. I want to get to know you. You make me want to become a better person. You have made such an impact on me and you only have heard of my name.

If you ever do read this, you'd probably are wondering why I haven't stepped forward and confessed anything to you yet. The answer to that would be... that I can't. We can't ever happen. We would never happen. Do you want to know why I can't admit these feelings to you in person?

It's because I'm a guy.

I'm a guy that has fallen for another guy. That other guy is you, Brayden Hayes. I have fallen for you hard to the point of no return. And truthfully, that scares me, because I have never felt anything like this before towards another person.

It hurts to already know you could never return these feelings to me. And I want you to feel the things I feel about you. I want to have you and keep you by my side forever.

Because I love you and I believe that will never change.

Your secret admirer

Thank you so much for reading this! A Love Letter was only supposed to be a one-shot, but I've been considering making it into an actual story. Tell me what you guys think! Reviews are always appreciated. :)


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