The project that seems impossible, you still see means more

Even after words that tell you, reality has told,

You have a different door.

The map you found, in your heart,

That makes you believe, that in your destiny and life

You could find the X-mark.

But who shall stand to be the pirate against humility and money,

When that treasure you want to find, is empty even if every human owns Earth.

Your warrior is just fighting for peace, ending up in wounds.

Any leader becomes the leaves of trees that dry away,

In to the soil to grow new trees, but the tree takes the blame and name.

Should you sacrifice till your last penny and become dependent on your roots?

Or become the pirate and find keys to doors, for the innocent;

The innocent that die without love, money and humility

While you just ponder upon your society or the map.

Or is it just has reality just gave your home a different door,

A door without a lock, so the innocent or your X-marks, have a found a door to their door.

Black is there, but really its nothing, is that your X-mark?

Maybe, its madness, the world that is evolved in my Earth, so…

I will take pride in my name, power to my mind, and heart to my soul

I will burst like the flames to eliminate injustice

I want to change the impossible; my project is going to be immensely possible

And the key is those words, that fear, that pushes my eyes (I's) deeper into the maze

Of doors.