Challenge #23: "So Many Songs, But I'm Feeling So Lonely!" (By Megs). General Idea: Write a one-shot based on a song even remotely related to love. The story must follow the plot of the song; the title of the song must be the title of the story (or at least a part of it); You must use at least three lines from the song as narration or dialogue (be sure to bold, italicize or underline them); identify what song you're using at the beginning of the chapter; must be at least 6000 words. This is not a "songfic" so no free-hanging verses in the middle of the story (all song lines added in must make sense and flow with the rest of the story).

My Song: (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher, Rita Coolidge 1977

(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher

Kathy Gallant and her sisters Marcy and Kelly pulled off a wonderfully lovely and successful 25th Wedding Anniversary party for their parents in the backyard of the house they grew up in.

The gathering was low key and laid back as their parents didn't want any hullabaloo. Family and friends enjoyed a catered meal from Mr. Gallant's favorite BBQ place, a local band Mrs. Gallant liked played music, the original wedding party made speeches, plenty of photos were on display, and the entire event was enjoyable, friendly, and lovingly fun.

Despite the stress of organizing the event, Kathy had a wonderful afternoon. She was getting along with her two older sisters in the spirit of the occasion, her parents were contently happy, and Kathy's long time friend Walker Coolidge was there to keep her company. Kathy enjoyed his familiar and trusting companionship and she was happy that she didn't have to attend the event stag in front of her sisters given that her last relationship ended suddenly and traumatically a month earlier.

Kathy was all smiles when she stepped into the kitchen where her oldest sister Marcy was cutting more cheese for the snack trays.

"Having fun? Marcy asked.

"This is great, isn't it?" Kathy said happily.

"Yep," Marcy agreed.

"Walker says this is the best party he's ever been too," Kathy remarked.

"Walker would have a good time at a funeral as long as he was with you," Marcy replied, rolling her eyes.

Kathy laughed in agreement. "He is easy to please!"

"How long are you going to string that guy along?" Marcy asked with interest as she found another box of crackers to put out on the tray.

"What do you mean?" Kathy asked, feeling slightly offended.

"Come on, Kath, get serious," Marcy laughed. "You've been using him since you were fourteen."

"I have not," Kathy said defensively, sensing another argument coming on. Could they not debate on their parents' anniversary?

"So, how long has it been since Michael cheated on you and ran off?" Marcy wondered, sounding unfairly superior with the question.

"Shut up," Kathy mumbled, the hurt painfully returning.

"And Walker has been by your side the whole time since, as usual," Marcy observed. "Are you going to stand there and tell me that if Michael walked through that door right now begging for forgiveness and professing his love for you that you wouldn't dump out on Walker just like you always do?"

"I…I….I….." Kathy stuttered, feeling the uplifting warmth of the day quickly deflating.

"Hasn't it always been like that?" Marcy accused with a burrowed brow. "Remember how you uninvited Walker to that Stones concert when Bill Dickhead got the hots for you and you decided to take him instead?"

"It wasn't like that…exactly," Kathy mumbled.

"And how 'bout the time Walker was going to pinch hit for you when you and Zach had that big fight right before the prom?" Marcy asked. "God, I'll never forget the look on Walker's face when he showed up to pick you up and Zack was standing there, ready to do take you instead."

"How was I supposed to know Zack was going to change his mind?" Kathy asked.

"You owed it to Walker to go with him and not Zack," Marcy scolded. "Walker is the biggest doormat I've ever known. You could take a shit on him and he wouldn't say anything bad."

"Don't be disgusting," Kathy protested.

"Hell, the first time I met him he was doing your chores for you," Marcy recalled. "Standing right there washing the dishes for you." She pointed toward the kitchen sink.

"Easy for you to say," Kathy grumbled. "You and Kelly are married. You don't have to worry about finding the right guy anymore."

"Did it ever occur to you that Walker is your right guy?" Marcy challenged. "Hell, you were always miserable with those other losers. Bill. Peter. Ray. Zack. Michael. The other nameless saps I've forgotten about. Drama. Conflict. Fights. I know all that crap made you a great poet, always writing and drawing in those annoying journals of yours, but the only time I ever see you smiling and happy is when you're hanging out with Walker!"

"We're just friends," Kathy reported, glancing out the window and watching Walker chat with their sister Kelly.

"Yeah, right," Marcy nodded. "Do you want to know something, sis?" She asked. "I married my best friend."

Marcy left the kitchen and a perplexed Kathy drifted to the glass sliding door off the dining room, still watching Walker chatting with Kelly. He moved in down the street in junior high and started hanging out with Chris Boone who was good friends with Kathy. But Chris soon went off to boarding school and Walker ended up with Kathy as his friend almost by default. He was a shy kid and the outgoing, outspoken, confident Kathleen Gallant – "The Gallant One" as Walker soon dubbed her – took him under her wing and helped him survive junior high and the transition to high school.

Kathy was the artistic one – getting her poetry published in various school and local publications, drawing cartoons for the student newspaper, acting and doing set design work for the theatre department, and showing up at the coffee houses near the Green College campus to recite her poetry on Amateur Nights, while Walker's only claim to fame was winning a chess title sophomore year.

But now that she thought about what Marcy said, Kathy realized it was really the other way around. Sure, shy Walker quietly lived in the shadows of the high school world while Kathy played her rabble rouser, non-conformist trouble making temperamental artist role but in truth it was Walker who had rescued, saved, care-taken, watched over and helped her through her troubles and he was still standing by her side even today, just a month after they both graduated from Blue County Community College.

Kathy watched as Kelly smiled her goodbye to Walker and headed toward the house.

"Do you think I use Walker?" Kathy asked as soon as Kelly came through the door.

"I gotta pee," Kelly answered, heading for the downstairs bathroom.

"Seriously," Kathy said, following her sister into the bathroom. "Do you think I take advantage of him?"

Kelly hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and took a seat on the commode. "Well, let's think about this," she said as Kathy leaned up against the vanity with her arms folded across her chest. "Um, yes," Kelly answered.

"Really?" Kathy asked, feeling found out.

"Remember that time when Steve took me to Summer Beach for the day?" Kelly asked. "You invited Walker to come too but then you found out that Steve's dreamboat friend Rocky wanted to go so you lied to Walker telling him that Steve's sister was going too so there was no room for him just so you could sit in the backseat with The Rock without Walker around?"

"I forgot that one," Kathy admitted.

"Let me ask you something," Kelly said as she stood and wiped her front with a piece of toilet paper before tossing it in the bowl, flushing, pulling up her panties and dropping her skirt.

"What?" Kathy asked nervously.

"What's Walker even doing here today?" Kelly asked as she stepped to the vanity and washed her hands.

"Come on, Mom and Dad practically treat him like a son," Kathy said.

"And why is that?" Kelly wondered, examining her face in the mirror.

"Because they like him."

"And why is that?" Kelly wanted to know.

"Because he's a nice guy," Kathy said with a shrug.

"Who showed up here every day when you had the flu, mono, broke your leg, and even got suspended from school that time?" Kelly asked. "Who helped you paint the mural on the side of the garage? Who visited Nana in the nursing home every day with you those last few months? Who went to every rehearsal and show when you were in that god awful Babes in Arms? Who volunteered to work for free at the day care center when you had the job there? Who was there before your first boyfriend and after your last boyfriend? Who let you drive his car after you smashed up yours? Who listened to every godforsaken poem you ever wrote or recited? Who….."

"Okay, okay, you made your point," Kathy sighed.

"Look, I know you've always been the radical one in the family," Kelly said as she touched up her make up. "You liked to test the limits, push the envelope, and do the artsy thing just to stir the pot. I know half the guys you dated were meant to give Dad a heart attack. Sure, Walker is plain and boring and normal and a bit of a stick in the mud, but are you ever going to find another guy that adores you the way he does?"

"We're just friends," Kathy insisted.

"Oh yeah?" Kelly laughed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kathy asked with annoyance.

Kelly stared at her sister as they both looked into the wide mirror above the sink. Kelly was the pretty one (Marcy was attractive too but she was known as 'the smart one') while Kathy was the beatnik one, purposely altering her looks, bleaching and dying her hair, and wearing Goodwill clothes to alter her look.

"Look, you're twenty-years old now, Kat," Kelly said. "It's time to grow up a little and decide what you want out of life. If you want to continue breaking all the rules and going out with guys that are head cases, be my guest. Go ahead and hang out at the coffee shops reading poetry, smoking cigarettes and looking cool. All I know is that guys keep disappearing on you. The only guy I still see around is Walker Coolidge."

"Yeah, I could take a shit on him and he'd still stay," Kathy replied, remembering what Marcy had said.

"Probably," Kelly agreed. "But I don't think he's into perverted sex!"

"Ew…." Kathy groaned. "That's just so gross."

"You two haven't had sex, right?" Kelly asked suspiciously.

"No, of course not," Kathy replied. "We're….."

"Just friends, I know," Kelly remarked. "I'm beginning to think he's your only friend."

"I have plenty of friends!" Kathy argued.

"I only see one of them here today," Kelly replied. "Gee, I wonder why that is."

Kathy frowned as Kelly left the bathroom and she stared at herself in the mirror long and hard. Had she been denying the obvious all this time? Was Walker the one for her? Was he her one and only (friend)? Did she really want to have sex with him?

She really did use the poor guy, there was no denying that. She remembered the time he took her out to Denny's for a special time together and she bummed into some friends there. She actually left Walker sitting there in the booth while she took off with her other friends. Same thing happened when Walker took her to the movies one Saturday night. She went to use the bathroom in the middle of the film, ran into an old boyfriend in the lobby, and left the theater with the guy without ever telling Walker where she was going.

Walker took her to the annual Hillsboro-Greenville rivalry Thanksgiving Day game senior year and she disappeared with some of the poetry crowd gang she ran into at the refreshment stand. There were times when Kathy had invited Walker to her house for dinner and she'd either never show up or arrive late, leaving Walker to dine with her folks (and sometimes sisters) without her.

Kathy sighed with guilt and splashed water on her face before returning to the back yard. Walker was sitting at a table alone listening to the band that was still playing as the afternoon began to wane. She wondered if he thought she had taken off on him this time too! Kathy took a seat in the chair next to him.

"Have I ever thanked you for being my friend?" She asked.

Walker turned and smiled at her. "No thanks necessary," he grinned.

He wasn't that bad looking really. His hair would look better if he styled it and he had a crooked nose from that time when she accidentally slammed the door in his face when they were skylarking around the house one day, but his acne had cleared and his wardrobe choices had improved in recent years. She liked the color of his sandy hair and his nervous quirks and glances had grown on her. She knew what he was thinking just by the look on his face sometimes.

"You know, once I was downhearted," she said. "Disappointment was my closest friend. But you came – just like you always do – he soon departed and he never showed his face again."

"Are you reciting poetry again?" Walker asked.

"So keep it up, quench my desire and I'll be at your side forever more."

"Did you get into the champagne?" Walker grinned.

"I've been thinking," Kathy replied.

"About what?" He asked with interest.

"How miserable I was when Michael left me," she sighed. "I really thought he was the one."

"Yeah, you were more obsessed with him than the others," Walker agreed.

"I just can't seem to keep a guy, can I?" She sighed. "I must be a screw up."

"Not at all," he said, surprised by the remark.

"I want to apologize for every bad thing I ever did to you," she said.

Walker stared at her for a long moment. "Listen, Gallant One, you don't need to apologize to me for anything," he said. "We're friends."

She thought about it for a moment. "Why are we friends, Walk?" she wanted to know.

He seemed confused by the question. "What do you mean?"

"I'm just wondering why we're still friends after all the times I shit all over you," she said.

"You never shit all over me," Walker insisted.

"You don't have to be nice like you always are with me, Walk," she sighed. "I know I've used you like a doormat over the years. I'm really sorry that I hurt you."

"You haven't hurt me," he insisted.

"Prom night?" She challenged. "Summer Beach? The Stones Concert?"

Walker swallowed and glanced away. "It's okay," he said softly.

"No it's not," she replied knowingly. "Why did you stay my friend all this time when I was such a thoughtless self-absorbed jerk?"

"That's what friends do," Walker replied quietly. "They overlook faults and see the best parts."

"Do I even have any best parts?" Kathy asked.

Some of her ex-boyfriends would have laughed perversely and said her tits and ass but Walker wasn't like that.

"You're the best poet and artist I've ever met," he said knowingly. "You're bright and funny, you see the world through a different lens, and you've stuck by me all these years."

"No, you've stuck by me," she insisted.

"Listen, I know I'm not exactly a great catch and all that but you've always seen the best in me and you've never doubted me, even once."

"But I've held you to a different standard," she told him. "Treated you differently. Taken you for granted. Used you. Hurt you. Betrayed you. Time and time again."

"It's okay."

"I don't get you," Kathy admitted. "If you had treated me that badly, I don't think I would have stuck by you."

"No one makes me feel the way you do," Walker said.

"How exactly do you feel about me, Walk?" Kathy asked with interest.

He blushed, realizing he may have revealed too much.

"You're my friend," he said.

"We're more than friends, Walk," Kathy told him. "We've been thick as thieves for a long time now. You've gotten me through more breakups, depressions and crisis's than I can count. I don't know where I'd be without you in my life. You're my constant. I've been so stupid in the way I've treated you but you've accepted me with all my ugly faults, making me feel comfortable and safe, and who cares….." Her voice broke, she got choked up, and she had to stop to collect herself.

"It's okay," Walker told her one more time.

"What did you mean when you said nobody else makes you feel the way I do?" Kathy asked, staring into his eyes.

"Nothing," he said nervously.

"Is this your crazy way of telling me you like me?"

"No," he was quick to claim.

"Well, how do you feel then?"

"You make me feel special," Walker mumbled.

"How?" Kathy asked.

He shrugged. "We talk about stuff," he said. "We poke fun at each other but we also know each other better than anybody else."

"I've never been there for you when you needed me like you've been there for me," she said sadly.

"Sure you have."

"I was having sex with Zack when your father died," she sighed. "I didn't even bother checking my messages."

"You've been there for me other times," Walker said.

"Like when?"

He squinted for a moment and gave it some thought. "You gave good advice when I went out with Ellie."

"Anybody could have done that!"

"It helped."

"I have this feeling that you treat me differently then the girls you've gone out with..."

"I haven't gone out with that many," he pointed out.

"How come?"

"I…" He stopped what he was going to say.

"Because of me?" Kathy wanted to know.

"No, because of me," Walker said. "I told you I'm not exactly a great catch."

"You should have more confidence in yourself," she said.

"You give me that," he replied.

"You were never very close with those girls," Kathy said. "But it seems different when you're with me. You're different."

"I feel more comfortable with you," Walker explained. "Because we've been friends for so long," he added as a way of explanation.

"How come you're always such a gentlemen who refuses to let me pay for anything when we go out together?"

"That's what guys are supposed to do," he said.

"On dates," Kathy clarified. "Not with friends."

"Oh, I didn't know that," he said sarcastically.

"You're more interested in what I have to say and write than anybody else," Kathy observed.

He stared at her blankly. "I don't know what you're talking about."

She rested her chin in her hand with her elbow on the table and she studied him. "My gut tells me you're lying."

"I don't want to wreck things between us," Walker told her. "I would miss you too much if I didn't have you in my life."

"Aren't we always going to be friends?" She asked.

"Of course."

"Even after we marry other people and have kids and raise families and have careers and maybe move away?"

"Yes," he said with uncertainty.

"Do you think your wife would let you hang out with somebody you were once in love with?" Kathy tested.

"I…." Again, he didn't say what he was going to say.

"Ah-ha!" She shouted.

"Nothing happened between us," he pointed out.

"Yet," she smirked.

"Why would you want to ruin a perfect friendship?" Walker asked.

"Maybe it would make it better!" She giggled, sliding over from her chair and taking a seat in his lap.

"I would be jealous of every guy you were with," he admitted.

"You're already jealous of every guy I've already been with," Kathy told him.

"Not jealous," he replied. "Envious."

"You're so cute!" She laughed, rubbing his nose with hers.

"You're making me uncomfortable," Walker said.

"Oh?" She asked innocently. "Why's that?"

"Because I'm always confused about what I'm supposed to be with you," he said honestly with a touch of an edge in his voice. "Am I your friend? Your brother? Your sidekick? Your patsy? Your fill in?"

Kathy sat back and looked at him. "Do you think I use you too?" She asked, all hurt even though she knew it was true.

"We've been friends for a long time but we're also closer than that, at least when there's not another guy around," Walker said. "I avoid the drama with you because it's easier to just wait until you need me. You don't understand how I really feel about you and that's okay because I'm just happy to have you whenever I can, however it is."

"How do you really feel about me, Walk?" She asked cautiously.

"You already know the answer to that," he replied with embarrassment, looking away. "I've just never had the balls to tell you the truth."

"What is the truth?" She whispered, moving closer to him.

"I'm too scared to tell you," He confessed.


"Because I don't want you to reject me or to lose our friendship over the truth," he said. "This is the best friendship I'll ever have but I know I'll never be the one you want so I need to keep it my own little secret."

"Jesus, Walker," Kathy replied. "You really are in love with me, aren't you?"

They were interrupted by Marcy, saving Walker from the humiliation of having to confess that it was true and risking the chance that she might freak out in response.

"Mom and Dad are getting ready to go," Marcy told them.

Kathy jumped off of Walker's lap and he stood too, following Kathy across the yard. He had been so absorbed in their conversation that he hadn't realized that most of the guests had left and it was time for the Gallants to head for Boston. The couple had been given a cruise for their big anniversary present and they were staying in a swank Boston hotel overnight before heading out on the cruise liner in the morning.

There was plenty of hugging and laughing and commiserating as the three daughters and few remaining guests sent the couple on their way, although it took nearly a half hour before the two were actually in the car and driving away. Marcy, Kelly and Kathy were proud of their achievements and accomplishments and the general consensus was that it had been a great anniversary celebration.

Walker stuck around helping Kathy and her two sisters clean up. Marcy's husband Mark and Kelly's husband Frank were both nice guys who treated Walker like he was the third brother (in-law) of the group. There were folding chairs to stack and tables to pile for the rental company to pick up in the morning. They collected five huge trash bags full of junk, washed plenty of dishes, and picked up around the house, all the while joking around and having fun sharing in the afterglow of the party.

The three Gallant sisters were full of humorous family stories and happy childhood memories although Kathy, as usual, took the more sarcastic and biting route as she always seemed to have a chip on her shoulder being the youngest one (in Walker's eyes anyway). Walker liked Marcy and Kelly and he thought Kathy was unnecessarily competitive, argumentative, and snotty toward them when she wanted to be.

Marcy, the oldest, was the brainy one who could recite passages from the Constitution and name every country in the world but she didn't flaunt her intelligence and she struck Walker as a down to earth and friendly person who was welcoming of Walker whenever he was around. Marcy was a bit heavier (and taller) than her two sisters and she wore her hair in braids most of the time. Her husband Mark was railroad thin so the couple stood out when they were together.

Kelly was the popular beauty queen sister with long blonde hair and a killer body. She had guys lined up at the door before she met and married Frank, a guy ten years older than her which caused some family concern before everybody realized that Frank was the perfect match for Kelly. Kelly had been slightly flighty growing up (which drove Kathy crazy) but Walker liked her because she never looked down her nose at him and she always invited him along, even when Kathy was seeing some other guy.

Kathy, the youngest of the trio, seemed to resent her two older sisters which Walker never understood. The few fights he had with Kathy usually happened when he defended one of her sisters when Kathy was ranting and raving against them (usually for some stupid reason).

But on this day, at least, the three sisters seemed to have reached a peace accord and there were no real scenes even as the party waned into clean up mode. Walker felt like he was part of the gang as he helped with the clean up and he was happy that Kathy was paying extra attention to - and interest in - him despite their earlier conversation, almost as if she was trying to show off in front of Marcy and Kelly for some reason.

It suddenly occurred to Walker that maybe one of the reasons Kathy went through guys like socks was because she didn't want to not have a boyfriend in front of her sisters. Marcy had been dating Mark forever and despite Kelly's popularity she only had a couple of serious boyfriends before meeting Frank at Green College. Kathy seemed to jump from relationship to relationship one after another as if she didn't want to be – or couldn't stand to be – alone, not because she couldn't take it but perhaps because she didn't want her sisters to think she couldn't get a guy.

Walker decided that he should leave the Gallant house before the others so he wouldn't be left alone with Kathy in case she wanted to continue their earlier conversation or, worse, she stopped acting so friendly and chummy once her sisters weren't around, but every time Walker tried to make an excuse to leave, Kathy would come up with some reason for him to stay.

Finally, when every last task conceivable was completed, Marcy, Kelly and their husbands gladly went home, leaving Walker behind to interact with Kathy on his own.

"Well," Walker concluded nervously as they stood in the front entrance hall of the large home. "I should probably get going. It's been a long day."

Kathy stood on the bottom step of the stairway that ran up along a wall. She was barefooted but still wearing the nice black slacks and fancy white blouse she had worn for the occasion. She had colored her previously pink hair to a more acceptable brown shade and although it had been pulled back earlier it was now hanging down in her face, half covering her eyes that were penetrating Walker as he stood near the door.

"I have secrets too, you know, Walk," Kathy told him. "I know your secret now but maybe you don't know mine."

"I know everything about you," Walker replied knowingly.

"Oh yeah?" She asked, her eyebrows lifted. "Did you know I want to fuck you?"

He turned red for a moment. "I…" But he didn't know what else to say in reply.

"What are you going to do about that, Walk?" Kathy demanded.

"I'm going to go home," he answered.

"Oh, so you're right," she replied with disappointment. "You really don't have any balls."

"Don't be mean," he frowned.

"Well?" She challenged. "Are you just going to walk out on me?"

"Don't dare me with something unless you're really ready to accept it," he warned.

"Show me what you got," she replied.

Walker stared at her for a long moment and for the first time in their long friendship Kathy couldn't read what he was thinking by the look on his face. She wasn't sure if he was going to laugh, cry, get angry, turn and leave, tell her off, or collapse on the floor like a baby. That's why she was caught totally off guard when Walker suddenly bolted across the entryway and nearly plowed her into the wall.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her with such force that Kathy thought her head was going to crash through the plaster of the wall. His hands were all over her and Kathy responded with equal passion and desperation, returning his kisses and allowing her hands to explore his chest, neck, back, and thighs as they continued to make out with mutual moans and shared spit.

Kathy was an experienced lover with multiple partners so she was pretty sure of herself in the lovemaking department. She assumed because Walker was shy and timid that he would be hesitant and unsure in his techniques so she didn't expect him to be so aggressive, assertive and even animalistic in his passion as he ravaged her with his mouth and hands, causing her to moan with unexpected surprise and excitement.

Kathy didn't care when Walker ripped open her fancy expensive new blouse. She could hear the buttons rolling across the hardwood floor and she didn't resist when he pulled away her bra to expose her pert but small breasts (Kathy always envied her sisters and their larger busts). She couldn't believe how soaked between the legs she had become almost instantaneously and she welcomed Walker's hands all over her exposed breasts.

Walker suddenly dropped to his knees and he pulled down Kathy's slacks and her panties before she even had time to react. Her pubic hair was original blond but it was easy to forget what her natural hair color was because she changed it every few months. Walker buried his face into her soft spot and he began licking and sucking, using his tongue to explore within.

"Oh, God, Walker," Kathy moaned with excited pleasure. "I…..I…"

Now she was the speechless one, making sounds Walker had never heard before as she put her hands on the back of his head and pushed his face deeper into her. Walker worked his magic until he pulled his face away and inserted two fingers inside her, causing her to squirm and squeal with added delight as he moved his digits around inside of her and rubbed all the appropriate areas. He brought his other hand up and played with her breasts as she rocked back and forth, moaning and purring until she experienced an unbelievable orgasm, amazed that it was Walker of all people who had brought her to the edge.

"More," she pleaded, helping Walker to his feet and trying to unfasten the belt of the designer jeans she had bought him for his birthday.

Walker helped her get them undone and she pushed his pants and underwear down, staring at his member with fascinated approval.

"Walker," she whispered with anticipation.

Walker wasted little time inserting himself hard into her entrance. Kathy shuddered and screamed at the same time as he pounded her against the wall, placing his hands on her ass to help cushion her blows as a couple of photographs higher up on the staircase wall fell from the vibrations.

Kathy took one step up on the stairs as Walker literally lifted her off her feet with the power and might of his member inside of her.

"Your love is liftin' me higher than I've ever been lifted before," Kathy wailed happily. "So keep it up, quench my desire!"

Walker kept pounding her as they stood against the wall, Kathy literally off the floor as Walker lifted her by her ass and fucked her at an angle that had her physically above him even though they were mated.

She screamed and yelled in ecstasy as Walker continued to pound into her while sucking on her navel. Kathy grunted as she pushed back trying to meet his thrusts but he was in control, as unlikely and unbelievable as that was and she submitted herself to his physical dominance. She came with a loud scream that echoed up the stairwell and down the hallway and she opened her eyes wide when Walker released himself inside of her and he didn't pull out until he couldn't hold her up any longer and they both fell to the floor gasping for breath.
They were both soaked in sweat, Kathy lying against the wall like a rag doll, her blouse open but her bra long gone, her slacks and panties kicked off across the room. Walker still had his shirt on and his pants and underwear were down around his ankles as he lay almost in her lap, his face resting on her stomach.

Kathy caressed his hair while Walker's hand came to rest on her right breast. His other hand worked its way down to find her clit and he started rubbing it. She moaned in pleasure, surprised that he could still give her more.


"Did you ever see Revenge of the Nerds?" He whispered quietly.

"I never thought you were a nerd," she assured him.

"You never thought this would happen either," he replied. "That I could satisfy you like this."

"You're right," she admitted. "And for once in my life I don't mind admitting that I was wrong!"

He leaned up and kissed her and then he lifted her up and placed her three stairs above him.

"My god! Again?" Kathy asked with amazement, spreading her legs to welcome him.

Walker kicked off his jeans and underwear before he moved up the stairs and positioned himself so he could easily enter her and he rammed her until another orgasm waved through her. Then he reached down to her clit and rubbed it as he continued to thrust into her and she cummed again as he unloaded again inside of her and then he collapsed on top of her.

"That was…the best," she whimpered as she held him tight, wrapping her legs and arms around him. "God, thank you. I'm glad we finally figured this out."

She kissed him and hugged him and squeezed him tight. "All this time, I never knew," she admitted. "I was such a fool."

"It's okay," he assured her.

"Please don't leave me," she sobbed suddenly. "Never leave me, Walker."

"I won't," he promised.

"How do you know?" She worried.

"Because once I was downhearted, disappointment was my closest friend, but you came and he soon departed and he never showed his face again," Walker told her.

"Now who's reciting poetry?" Kathy giggled.

"So keep it up, quench my desire and I'll be at your side forever more," he whispered.

"Forever more," she sang, taking his hand and leading him up the stairs toward her bedroom.

Author's Note: When I saw this challenge in somebody else's story, the first song that popped into my head was Rita Coolidge's 1977 "(Your Love) Has Lifted Me Higher and Higher". I have a specific memory of being with a girl I was sweet on when this song came on the car radio and I boldly told her that the song made me thing of sex (the guy actually physically lifting the girl 'higher'!). My passenger laughed but I never did get the chance to 'lift her higher' so I wrote this story as an homage. The Kathy here is loosely based on the character and personality of that person I once knew.