Format: Sonnet(First part) + Free Verse(Second part)

Ballad of Hopelessness

There is hate and darkness all around me

My sad soul is consumed by a death wish

This useless world is full of misery

Life is full of loneliness and anguish

I have no reason to live and suffer

No one here sees me a friend anymore

Every living moment builds up anger

In death people are forlorn nevermore

Why do so many others enjoy life?

Perhaps my despair is my own doing?

As I plan to cut my wrists with a knife

I perceive sounds of goodwill echoing

My few true friends tell me to stay alive

Survive, and my happiness may revive





-Survive, and my happiness will revive?
At least that's what I thought would happen
It's such nonsense now that I think of it
Life has only made my sufferings worsen

What meaning is there to staying alive?
All I go through are challenges and difficulties
Prolonging my life has only increased my hate
How else can I show such acrimonies?

My entire existence has been only sadness
From my youngest days to the present one
I can't remember the last time I was actually happy
This disconsolate life only drives me to madness

Inchoate, inane, inessential, inconsiderate
Those are the words that come to mind
When I think of the people of such distaste
To me, and think I'm a liability to them

My only true friends are either far away
Or too insignificant to have any impact on me
I don't need to live anymore
Death should just come and spirit me away