Remembering Sam

The winter closes in

Young Sam shivers in the cold

The others so big close around

Waiting for a move so bold

Old Sam is not really old,

Three grades ahead

She could watch with glee,

But she chose to move instead

Sweet old Sam moved

To defend poor young Sam

From the bullies

Who didn't give a damn

Old Sam was so smart

Others knew she was kind

It didn't take too long

For young Sam to make up her mind

To become friends

With the other Sam

Was something deeply thought

Of by young Sam

On a windy day, cold on the street

Did old Sam go to drive.

Young Sam was happy

Protected and alive.

Then one day, a cold wind blew

Old Sam was hit on the side

Metal crunched and glass shattered

No longer did old Sam ride

Young Sam was shaken

The soul of her friend was free

Poor old Sam,

Slept for eternity.