All I ever wanted was

For your sweet kiss

To be on my lips

All I ever dreamed of

Was for a love

You'd never think Good Enough

And even now

I catch myself thinking

Of all we could have been

I spent so many nights

Writing about Happiness and joy

Something you'd eventually

Learn how to destroy

You Broke Me completely

Sometimes I wonder If You Know how deeply

You tore my dreams apart

You Heartless person,

You broke my heart

Oh how I tried to Prove You Wrong

Yet I heard your name in every love song

Yes, I can still remember Dreaming Reality

And laughing at your voice,

Staying up late, thinking

You're my only choice

With you I felt Safe and secure

Something I feel now, but not of the same sort

You see, it wouldn't be fair to Think of You

When I know clear as day

We Are Never Ever Going to be Together

A truly Love Struck Girl

Is what this looks like

Now I really know what honest Hope feels like

To find something you know will last

In someone who makes you happy to say

There Goes My Past

The person I know now makes me want to Stay

Yes, He makes me glad that I chose to Walk Away

So even though I promised never to Give Up

I also Made You a Deal that you never took up

Nothing's Wrong, you see

I've just figured out Kissing Prince Charming Goodbye

Is Not For Me.