Alex Smith sat around the circular dining room table with Luke Weaver to his right and Jennifer Weaver to his left. Directly across from him sat the young Lucy Weaver. Alex couldn't help but smile, it has been too long since he has had a true friendship, and he felt invigorated. It was a wonderful change of pace. He was so used to faking relationships simply to make the target more trusting, easier to stab them in the back that way, in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

Those were days long passed; Alex had done enough murder for one lifetime. For now, he smiled and complimented Jennifer on her wonderful spaghetti.

"Thank you! This is an old family recipe that has been passed down since my great-grandmother. It makes me happy to know it is enjoyed by more than just my husband and daughter." Jennifer said as she plopped some spaghetti from the pot onto her own plate. She took her seat and began to make small talk with her husband; Alex smiled politely and tried half-heartedly to suppress the graphic images that flashed through his mind's eye.

Sharp images flashed through his mind. Here he was grinning like a mad man as he straddled the beautiful Jennifer; her long, blonde hair sprawled out behind her as her green eyes bulged with fear as his strong hands clamped around her throat. Now he was laughing as she struggled beneath his much larger frame, knowing that is was all in vain. He would just tighten his grip until the sparkle in her eyes died, laughing all the while.

Alex snapped back to reality when Luke began talking about his day at work. Alex tried to appear fascinated by the idle chatter, as he tried almost desperately to ascertain just where those images had come from. It had been nearly five years since he had last had the urge to kill, and even longer since he had a full blown vision. He took a deep breath and focused on Luke's story, trying to get the vision out of his mind.

It wasn't long until Luke finished his story and the young Lucy told her parents and "uncle" Alex all about a mathematics test she had done well one.

"Good work Lucy! I'm so proud of you!" Jennifer said as she gave her daughter a hug. Luke just smiled and ruffled her hair. Alex gave her a sincere smile, but the scene soon morphed before his eyes.

He was back with Jennifer's limp body below him. Lucy stood in the doorway, green eyes wide with horror. "Uncle Alex, what are you doing to mommy? What's going on?" Lucy asked as she clutched her brown teddy bear closer to her chest and hid behind a curtain of her long, dark hair. Alex rose to his feet and walked over to the terrified child.

"Your mother is very sick, I tried to help her, but I don't think there is anything I can do. We have to go get help, alright?" Alex kneeled down and ran hand through her hair encouragingly. On the outside Alex seemed calm and collected, which helped ease Lucy's fears, even if by a small margin. On the inside, though, Alex was grinning like a mad man. A child's innocence never failed to amaze and excite him.

"Is Mommy going to be okay? She'll get better, right?"

"Of course, but we have to move fast and go get help, so let's get to the car. That way I can drive us to the hospital and get help for your mother." Alex grabbed her hand and led her gently to the garage. "You should grab the car keys and wait in the car for me." Lucy nodded and grabbed the keys up from the table, but when she opened the garaged door, Alex made his move. He struck her quick and hard on the head and watched in glee as she collapsed to the floor. He picked her and the keys up and carried the young girl bridal style to the trunk of the family car. He unlocked and opened the trunk and placed her inside where he closed and locked it. He couldn't afford her getting in the way, but he wasn't completely immoral. He wouldn't kill a child.

"Alex, are you alright? Alex, can you hear me, buddy? You don't look too good." Luke asked, concerned for the health of his best friend.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine, just thinking is all." Alex said with a smile as he shook his head lightly. "Would you mind if I excused myself to the restroom?"

"Of course not, but hurry back, we wouldn't want this hungry, little piggy eating the rest of your spaghetti." Jennifer said as she laughed and poked Lucy in the stomach. Alex smiled at the sight as he pushed in his chair. Once inside the restroom, he closed the door and locked it behind him. He stared into the mirror running a hand through his curly, brown hair; he barely recognized the blue eyes that stared back at him, another flash and another vision.

He walked into the kitchen from the garage door after having Lucy dealt with. He grabbed a knife from the knife rack and stuck in his jeans where it couldn't be noticed. Then he called for Luke.

"Yeah?" Luke asked he came into the kitchen from the living room. "You need something Alex?"

"Actually, I heard something odd in your garage, I think you should go check it out. Make sure the dryer isn't over heating or something. Come on; I'll show you where it is." Alex said as he motioned towards the kitchen door that lead out to the garage.

"Sure, but have you seen Jennifer? I can't seem to find her anywhere." Luke said as he ran a hand through his dirty blond hair worriedly.

"Yeah, she told me something about going up to fix her hair and we both know how long that could take." Alex lied through his teeth with a small laugh.

"God, that woman could spend an eternity on her hair and still think it looks horrible. Well, come on, let's go check out the garage." Luke said as he rolled his eyes and walked into the garage.

Alex took the knife from his jean's pocket and followed after him. He clenched the handle of the knife so hard that his knuckles term white, he released a breath he didn't even know he was holding to steady his pounding heart, and he lunged. The knife ripped through the flesh of Luke's back. He collapsed to the floor and released a scream of agony, practically music to Alex's ears. Alex repeated the motion until the body below him screamed and shouted no more, until the body lied still and lifeless.

A knock on the door snapped Alex back to reality. "You alright in there?" Luke's voice echoed in Alex's head. Was he alright? He wasn't so sure.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, can you meet me in the garage? I have to talk to you about something." Alex asked, his voice shaky and hoarse.

"Yeah, sure dude, I'll meet you out there in a little bit." With those words Luke left and headed to tell his wife what happened. Alex sighed, he really didn't want to do this, but his urges can only be repressed for so long.

It seemed, he thought with a small smile, he had reached his limit

A/N: Well, this is my return to the horror genre; it has been far too long. Big thanks to Not Claire Gerdes for taking the time to edit this.