One summers midnight, you are walking through the suburb to your girlfriends house, to settle a rather mundane argument you felt ashamed and stupid for starting. The humid night accompanied by the sequential streetlights illuminated pockets of thin fog, each section seemingly getting as transparent as the next. The houses you pass give off a deserted aura, devoid of life, yet teeming with life, you seldom see the warm glow of a lamp, or the dancing shadows of an open flame within the dark, empty windows. The very thought of seeing a figure staring back gave you the chills, you soon thanked the absence of light. Even a false sense of security was welcome on this barren night.

Each second that passed the fog got thicker, and you question your navigational skills, her house never appeared to be this far in the day time. Then again, your mind wasn't alive with horrid scenarios of malicious shadows coming alive and tormenting you. Another spike of shivers traced your spine, sending surges to your nerves and standing your arm hairs on end. The midnight stroll turned into jog in the moonlight. Your mind getting more stimulated you begin to sense danger, all around you, in the corners of your vision, hiding in the windows of the desolate houses. You spin a quick 180 degrees to check if any shady men or malevolent manifestations were tailing you.

Unfortunately, someone stood no more than 50 meters from you, under the beam of the streetlight, staring at you. Facial features hidden through the shadow and thick fog, but you knew they were staring, you could feel it, piercing straight into you. Animalistic instinct dictating whether one should fight or flight was withered down to just flight. But rigor mortis had gotten too excited and began it's effect, as if it knew it would have to do it's job anyway, so it started early. No matter how hard you willed yourself to turn around and run the ensnared muscles stayed put. You brought your attention back onto the figure, now moving towards you at brisk pace. Your heart pounding against your chest, sweat escaping your pores, only to be evaporating hastily in the hot air. You begin to hear the footsteps of oncoming danger, you divert your attention back to the stranger to see them more than a meter away, you begin to scream, but the stranger quickly moves forward and blocks your mouth, preventing any cry for help. As he brought his face closer to yours the fog gave way, and light revealed the mans face. Two milky, dead eyes stared back at your own. He opened his mouth, to show spiked teeth, with fresh blood dripping from his lips. The creatures mouth began to shiver and open, like a snake would when preparing to devour larger prey, only this ones was restricted from the cheek skin, but as seconds passed, even that didn't stand in the way as the skin began to tear all the way up to its ears. Your mouth was finally free of its clasp but the attempt to yell was cut short with the sudden tightness at your throat. Before you knew it, the manifestation of terror had ripped out your jugular, and reveled in the showering gore that erupted from your wound. The very last seconds of your life weren't spent pondering on how such a creature existed, or how anyone will notice you're gone, no, the last thought was spent on your girlfriend, and how you never got to say goodbye.