Eliza couldn't play

Because Eliza couldn't walk

But she sat and knit things

So the kids began to talk

They liked to call her strange

They said she was impaired

They liked to call her many things

But Eliza never cared

Then one day the news came

From Roosevelt himself

He called on the people for their help

"What can I do?" Eliza asked herself

Fathers and brothers and sons

Were all sent very far away

What could be done to help was done

By those who had to stay

But Eliza was too young to work

And couldn't plant or weed

But when she looked down at her busy hands

She knew what they would need

She got strange looks from passerby

On the blanket she work on day and night

When she was done she sent it away

To where her father had gone to fight

The kids began to change their minds

About the girl they thought they knew

And started to gather around her

To see what she could do

The children began to knit that day

For their fathers and their brothers

Knitting needles were in every hand,

Even the grandmama's and mothers

Pretty soon the whole town was knitting

The word spread from coast to coast

Everyone wanted to make a blanket

To remind the soldiers of what they loved most