One morning I got a text saying, $5000 to the next person living in the Wreck House. I went to my mom and said, "I found a way to get a car". My dad was sipping coffee and was quiet. I asked him where is mom, no answer. So I went to my neighbor Elaine, she was probably my mom's best friend. I asked her have you seen my mom, she first was confused then a pint of depression came across her face.

She sat down and told me last night, my mom died in a car accident because she got drunk. Her dad asks a divorce and that upset her mom the most. Elaine said, "That night your mom came and told me the only thing I wish well for my daughter is her bravery, that's her virtue, and wherever she lives, I will be there". For one moment my heart stopped and the next thing I knew, I was in an ICU.

Elaine was there with her baby I could hear her clearly reading the bible, whispering but I could hear her. I tried to call her but I realized my throat felt like it got clogged by a stone. She then looked at me really teary eyed, her brown hair and that ribbon was all I remembered. I forget everything else. She told me I fell from my chair and my brain got hit so I got a temporary memory loss plus my oral nerve got impaired so I can't speak for a week.

"Your name is Cathy Olin, and I am your neighbor. Your mom recently evacuated from this area so you won't be able to see her for a while. Your dad was busy in errands so I will take care of you for a while" Elaine said. I knew she was Elaine, my mom's best friend and neighbor but I thought I talked to my mom this morning? But I realized a sharp pain in my arm.